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It's not Jonnie it's Beremy and i want them back together because i i've always liked them as a couple but not before they resolve their issues.


Looking forward to new episodes!




I will bet Shane and Klaus have met before.


I'm wondering what Tyler will do concerning Hayley and Shane - they're the reason his 12 hybrids AND mother are dead, Klaus was nothing but an instrument there. So will Tyler make a move against the creepy professor?
On the other hand I don't see Klaus teaming up with his first hybrid...


Shane is the "best friend" that put Silas underground. Shane mourns the loss of his wife and son (the murdered girl on Jeremy's tattoo) but Shane himself killed her for falling in love with Silas.

But for some reason Shane now wants Silas back on Earth.

Its always hard to guess what Plec thinks but Im gonna bet this is it.

As for Jonnie, they need to make me care.


He's into that 'expression' magic and needs it to unleash Silas. He's evil.

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