The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Morning After

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The CW has unveiled a new clip from this Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries, and it answers the eternal question:

What does a girl look like the morning after hot sex with Damon Salvatore?

Indeed, the following sneak peek (first posted by Zap2It), gives us a look at a frazzled Elena actually attending school for once and running into her pals in the process. Caroline is concerned. Bonnie is oblivious (and defensive when it comes to "Shane") and Elena? She just wants to have a slumber party.

But what is Damon doing in the hallway? And what does he want with Elena? Based on another Vampire Diaries clip from the installment, he'll set out to discover whether she's truly sired to him or not. What might he have in mind?

Enjoy the latest sneak peek now:

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@fayeolivia: I just watch it and like you said they look so beautiful together. I loved what Elena said about Damon :“He kind of just changed my life.� Can't wait!!! :)


@Tymbrimi She has only know Damon for a year according to the tvd timeline so not much resistance on her part.


You guys seen the Australian promo? Damon and Elena look so cute!


I disagree with people who think Elena is a whore/skank for many reasons. First, the moral context among E , Damon and Stefan accepts their love for each other. Stefan has never insisted Damon leave even though he was in love with E (even after E expressed feelings for D); in fact, S has repeatedly used D's love for E when he wanted D to protect her. S and D want their brother bond to remain in spite of a situation normal people wouldn't accept. Second, they're vampires, their morality - given their immortality and urges- is different. Third, even human 18 year olds who give in to someone they've been resisting for years aren't whores. Four, most of us are rooting for characters who have murdered innocent people so WTF!!!


mg I hear ya! I couldn't agree more.
As for Elena, people think she is Skanky for sleeping with both Salvatore Brothers, I say it's kinda makes Damon and Elena's relationship poetic. Their even more perfect for each other. Elena goes from one brother to the other, while Damon goes down the Petrova women bloodline. First Damon slept with Katerina/Katherine then Isobel and now Elena. It's actually a good thing Elena is a vampire now, she wont be having any daughters for Damon to sleep with several years down the road. Damon can stop and stay with Elena.


Damon and Elena are pretty perfect 4 each other. They have an understand, which Elena mentions in season 1. In season 2 episode 3 we see them going back & forth getting inside each others heads. The only reason Caroline thought that there was something wrong with Elena was because Caroline knows Elena the leased. Caroline thought Elena was acting like a completely different person, but the truth is this sire bond is really actually taping into Elena's compressed feelings she has for Damon. Caroline doesn't know Elena has true feelings for Damon, which how would she know, Elena hides who she is from everyone, even herself.


The Damon-Katherine-Stefan thing is different because Stefan for majority of the time was compelled, so pre-compulsion, he was not aware that Katherine was screwing Damon. The only male that was fully alert and for some reason thought Katherine loved him even though she did everything opposite of that and favor Stefan was Damon which once again proves he is not right in his head. I am still of the opinion had Stefan had not been compelled he would have not continue his relationship with Katherine.
BTW it was gross and skanky when Katherine was sleeping with both of them to the point Pearl even called her out and it skanky that Elena is did that too.


I think the only thing this being sired is going to resolve is to make elena admit to what she wants insteads of taking the safe route and doing what she thinks she should want, which is why she had picked stefan.


Honestly I dont get this whole sire bond thing because the whole time they have been going on about how those hybrids are "grateful" to klaus and thats why they are sired to him. So why would elena be sired to damon? she never wanted to be a vampire right?
I wathched all the episode of season 4 again and I am very sure that elena is not sired to damon. Caroline's (writer's) logic doesn make any sense at all! Elena picked the red dress after Damon liked it because he remembered what she wore last year. Elena went along with Damon when he told her to relax because she knew he would look into it and she didn really relax because as soon as she saw jeremy she went after him.
After she turned its been very clear that the only person who accepts her for who she is and doesn want to change her in some way or the other is Damon. As far as the sleeping with him a day after the breakup is concerned, they would have done it in that motel in 3x19 if jeremy hadn interrupted. LOL
I think the only thing this being sired is going to resolve is to make elena admit to what she wants insteads of taking the safe route and doing what she thinks she should want, which is why she had picked stefan.


this promo makes me think- will there ever come a time when caroline with agree with klaus... she will stand by his side against all her friends. ??? i'm intrigued by the idea.

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