The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "O Come, All Ye Faithful"

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A Winter Wonderland turned into a Christmas catastrophe on The Vampire Diaries last night, as least for the Lockwood family.

What did you think of "O Come, All Ye Faithful?" In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Steve Marsi and Leigh Raines weigh in on the best scenes, an especially evil Klaus and Jeremy's ridiculous biceps. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: One character, one word, oodles of chills down my spin: Klaus' reminding Stefan of the days when he was the Rippppah.

Miranda: I don't know that any one scene stands out to me above any other, but there are a couple of moments that were great. The first is when Jeremy tries to sneak-kill Elena and she, in all her newfound vampire glory, put him in a choke hold. The second was when Jeremy was advancing toward Elena to test the detour and Damon stepped in his path as if to say "over my dead, sexy body."

Steve: Klaus drowning Tyler's mom. Slaying the hybrids who plotted his demise was one thing, but Mayor Lockwood? What a horrific finishing touch to his massacre. BURNING QUESTION, though: Who is Deputy Mayor of Mystic Falls!?

Leigh: Honestly, it was Klaus finally killing that pain in the ass hybrid girl, I wanna say her name was Adrian or something. But a less morbid answer would be Tyler and his mother's brief bonding scene.


Did Damon make the right decision in letting Elena go?
Matt: Let's see... he can be with the woman he loves and force her to do his bidding?!? I'm gonna go with a big fat NO on this one. Damon's decision was almost as dumb as Julie Plec's to include this contrived storyline in the first place.

Miranda: No. Not at all. For starters, it's complete garbage to drag this triangle out more, if that's what they're even doing. Second, she's still sired. She's just been sired to stay away. The whole "every part of my body is telling me to get in that car" bit? Hello!! Still sired. No free will. So use that sire bond to get back between Damon's sheets, please.

Steve: Hard to call that a decision at all, as the writers basically invented a new way to ramp up the Damon and Elena tension that makes absolutely no sense.

Leigh: Damon shouldn't of sired her to stay away. He should have sired her to have free will. This bond is so stupid, not digging it.

Caroline ratting out the red hot Delena sex to Stefan: The right move or none of her beeswax?
Matt: I'll forgive my dream gal because she only has the best of intentions. It's easy to forget how abusive Damon was to Caroline on The Vampire Diaries Season 1. All the snark in the world and even that smile can't make up for how she was treated by the man now going to bed with her BFF. I can't hold Caroline's reaction against her.

Miranda: I generally love Caroline and find the Caroline/Stefan friendship great. I mean, he needs a friend. But she needs to back out of this. She crossed a line last night, twice. She betrayed Tyler's plan to Stefan, too. I'm not so much loving what Caroline's doing this season.

Steve: Honestly, I have no idea what Caroline's deal is with Damon. Sure, she's entitled to her opinion, but her words and actions over the past few weeks have felt a little forced and out of character.

Leigh: This is a hard one. They are both Caroline's very close friends. She should've told Elena either you tell him or I will, but he has to know. I don't know that Caroline should've just blurted it. She does have the tendency to have loose lips, we all know that. Elena will be pissed but Stefan deserved to know, so it's a wash.

Pen a eulogy for Mayor Lockwood.
Matt: You birthed a hybrid and you led a town. Your death will leave Tyler's world upside down. Klaus will get his someday, and now you're free. To chill in heaven with Anna, Alaric and, of course, Vicki. God bless.

Miranda: Carol Lockwood, Boozy mayor of Mystic Falls. We knew you...not very well at all. May the afterlife hold all the martinis, bourbon and champagne you can drink. Give our love to Alaric.

Steve: Be sure to give the Council a full report.

Leigh: Mayor Lockwood... ummm... Rest in Peace. You birthed a hot son and held down the fort in Mystic Falls for as long as you could. May you pop up on another CW show.

More surprising: April freeing Rebekah, Klaus ripping out the hearts of every hybrid of Jeremy's physique?
Matt: I continue to be surprised by my continual interest in Jeremy, so I'll go with him again here. The only thing stronger than his body was the drink in my hand immediately after this episode last night, in an attempt to forget it ever existed.

Miranda: Klaus was finally, legitimately terrifying last night, so I'm definitely going with that. Seriously. And he liked Stefan's style? His was so...orchestral? Brutal? Bad ass? I didn't at all see it coming that he was working with Hayley and Professor Shady Pants, so this definitely has my curiosity piqued for the return.

Steve: Klaus' return to murderous glory didn't shock me too much, given what Joseph Morgan told TV Fanatic this week. Not to mention the fact that Hayley had been playing Tyler for so long and his plan was bound to unravel in spectacular fashion. April waking up Beks? How did she know where to go or how to process any of what just happened? Total (random) surprise!

Leigh: Gonna go with April on this. If you found a statue-esque dead body with a dagger in the heart sitting in a tomb, wouldn't you run screaming for your life? She's in for a rude awakening. That was definitely not something I expected.

Give the first half of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 a grade.
Matt: The last three episodes have been brutal enough to knock this all the way down to a C. It started out with Best Season Ever potential - the Elena storyline was playing out perfectly - but this sire bond angle simply doesn't make any sense. It's destroyed the show's momentum, it's brought unwanted focus back on to the love triangle and I don't see any way it contributes to Rebekah getting topless any time soon.

Miranda: A-/B+. The scales are tipped toward the A- because of the hot sex between Damon and Elena. Toward the B+ because of all the whiny Caroline and sire bond nonsense. So far season 4 is miles ahead of season 3. Miles and miles.

Steve: B-minus. The last three weeks have felt uneven, rushed and confounding at times, stalling the strong momentum Season 4 started out with.

Leigh: B. I'm still semi confused about this whole sacrifice situation and the whole sire bond is total BS. April hasn't been an enthralling addition but I'm loving Phoebe Tonkin. All in all I'm still excited to tune in every week and that's what really matters.


1. Klaus killing Mayor Lockwood, it was so hauntingly sad and beautiful at the same time, with the music and everything.. ='(
2. Heck no! Stupid cheap way to prolong the retarded triangle!
3. She shouldnt have. But we still love her!
4. Here's to Mayor Lockwood! Loving mom/incessant woman and Infinitely better than her douche husband!
5. I wanna say Jeremy's muscles cuz those were just so yummm! Lol but it was April discovering Bex that was surprising, we all knew the hybrid massacre was coming!
6. C... Major potential lost.. The sire bond killed it!! Wth were the writers thinking? Rest was going smoothly!


Easy D's


1) klaus going all psychotic on his beloved hybrids... And the last scene too!! It was haunting
2)don't really care.....
3)Caroline was right to tell Stefan !!! It was majorly effed up of his bro and the "honest to tell him she feelings for his brother" Elena to keep him in the dark!!
4) sad that she had to go.... Maybe now we might realize her importance
5)B+ only because of Klaus ,Caroline and Stefan and their dynamics plus their involvement in the intriguing "cure storyline "!!!!!!no brownie points for the rubbish sire bond!!!


So I wonder who's a Delena fan on the
Anyways I'm sick of this sire bond regardless of what team your on it's just pissing everybody off, I mean I love you Julie Plec but come on! So anyways even though I've been a Stelena fan since season 1, I sincerely hope in episode 10 that Stefan says "Go fuck yourself you just slept with my brother!" and just is done with her. I honestly think any man on the planet deserves better than that, I mean it's his brother! That's just wrong, if someone ever slept with both me and my sister I would do bad things to them like Klaus style bad.


I loved the music in the episode! Especially the sad melodramatic christmas song as klaus tore out hearts... an irony because christmas is supposed to be family and bonding...and yet klaus is left all alone, killing all his hybrids after reminding stefan of his rippah days..


1) Klaus. Just mark him down as anything favorite for me.
2) No. Bad storytelling, just like this whole plot line is. Also, she still has zero free will, and the writers have found a way to lock us FOREVER in thins stupid situation. I love Damon, I do, it pains me to disagree with the way he is written.
3) Caroline, my love for you is running thin. This was a effed up move. This has nothing to do with you. All this STELENA FOREVER bs is really out of character and needs to stop. Nothing she's done in the past few weeks has bought her any brownie points with me. She can do better.
4) Say hey to hunk uncle Mason for us
5) April. No matter what they do with Klaus, I'm never surprised when he loses it. He was always brilliantly evil and murderous, so April wins the surprise card.
6) It was a strong A, then 3 weeks ago brought it to a C. BAD STORYTELLING!!!!


1. JoMo was THE BEST badass in this episode - he actually the ONLY reason I continued watching this crap anyway so yeah the return of the Rippah and drowning Carol. 2. Don't care. Those two are dull and boring. 3. Excuse me but she did not rattle it out. If she told him that LAST episode then yes, but this episode Damon had every chance to come clean to his BROTHER which he didn't and as Caroline and Stefan were saying trust is the most NB thing - so yeah, call Caroline a bitch for being a GOOD and HONEST friend....also how can anyone claim they don't know why Caroline doe snot like Damon? Did you miss most of season 1? 4. Sorry it ended this way. 5. April, definitively - how did she know the exact location of that dungeon place? 6. C minus namely because a) stupid and useless cure, b) ridiculous sire bond, c) Elena being lame and d) lack of Elijah


1. Stefan & Klaus scene.
2. Damon had no business being with Elena in the first place so doing the 'right thing' by her & not his brother (by letting her go) earns him no points unless this is really the Ian & Nina show.
3. Did Caroline rat out Elena? A person has to be involved in some underhand dealings to be ratted out no? Last I checked the mantra in this forum especially from the biased Delena staff members has been how great and hot the slutty, unconscionable pairing of Damon & Elena has been.
4. RIP
5. April freeing Rebekah.
6. F


1. Stefan & Klaus scene.
2. Damon had no business being with Elena in the first place unless this is really the Ian & Nina show.
3. Did Caroline rat out Elena? A person has to be involved in some underhand dealings to be ratted out no? Last I checked the mantra in this forum especially from the biased Delena staff members has been how great and hot the slutty, unconscionable pairing of Damon & Elena has been.
4. April freeing Rebekah.
5. F


The writers of this series know that once you remove the tension between the Salvatores and Elena - the most powerful centre of the show disappears. Its just the way "charge" works - it needs a distance and an obstruction. You may argue that the sire bond was a cheap shot way of getting the tension, but the tension is necessary. I think Damon did the right thing in sending Elena on her way. When two people dont have autonomy in a relationship it does not work. Ever. Stefan kind of has a right to feel upset about finding out Damon and Elena slept together and kind of doesnt. Their feelings have been growing for three seasons. If he cant see that, problem. He finally could see that and let her go. So maybe they could have waited a bit longer to be nice to him, but 3 seasons is a long time. Elena had a grateful I feel protected and safe feeling with Stefan. Its not bad, its more than a lot of people get. But that love is not going to match the power of true chemistry.

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