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We all need to remember that Damon tried to kill Caroline not once but twice. She has every right to hate him and try to stop her friend from making a mistake. She clearly thinks Elena is acting out out of character and did not fully understand the sirebond. Anyone who has Stefan's back gets hated on which is completely ridiculous. I love Stefan!!!


@ Nina, I agree. I am so tired of everyone hatred being directed towards Damon, how he handled being rejected by both Katherine and Elena at some point, the man has been unloved and rejected for yrs --no wonder he acts out! -- I want to see him happy and Elena does him a whole lot of good :)


Plz. Damon did NOT rape Caroline. He made her forget things that happend. He made her forget the pain and all those things but he never forced her to have sex with him. He used her. He was stupid but it does not mean he forced her.
You say that Stefan can't be blamed because of his drinking problem. So , plz, let's look at Damon's history too. He also has a problem, a different problem, but one that afects him just as much as Stefan's problem. He has never been loved. That is a big problem that changes his actions.


I am not a shipper and I'm the type who just enjoys the story as it goes. Just FYI.

I noticed Joseph Morgan was credited yet Klaus didn't appear. That was a little disappointing but I only noticed once the episode had ended. And that's a good sign. Klaus not missed = me impressed with the episode. 5 star.

On the Elena... thing. (((I am strange (I know, no sweat) in my own way as I do not judge people by their actions but by their souls. I don't believe in evil; our past just shapes us.))) Damon may be very in the wrong most times but he means well, especially when it comes to Elena, and what shocked me (like most) is Elena's happiness. She was really undeniably happy. So I say scr*w the sire bond. He can be careful (...) and she can be happy. For now Delena all the way.

Caroline is justified and the etc of all previous comments..

I have the feeling Tyler is WAY over his head here and.. well.. something to do with tvfanatic's post for the promo...



Phoebe Tonkin needs more screen time . . .

ASAP !!!


@DreaXOXO, I said Caroline was being hypocritical. She doesn't care that Stefan murdered hundreds of people.


I just like Damon and Elena together. Stefan doesn't bring out the 'joy' she finds in Damon. So why not let her be with him?


@fortyseven rape is harsh! she did want it at the beginning and fair enough he compelled her but we aren't taking away the way he treated her. please stop bringing that up if we can't talk about the ripper


Non shipper related-- Anyone else wondering why Professor Shady needs 12 HYBRID sacrifices on top of the 12 Human sacrifices he apparently already did? (Killing the Council). And just food for thought, what if the Hunter's mark requires 12 vampires to be killed to be completed? Something with that many souls sacrificed has to be messing with some seriously dark magic.

@Heidi i know right!!! and i totally forgot about the 12 members!!! 36 souls + bennett magic + expression (plec more info and why the sacrifice more flashbacks) i need to rewatch that episode explaining his purpose on the show


DreaXOXO, Damon raped Caroline several times. It doesn't matter if she wanted to have sex one time.

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