The Vampire Diaries Review: To Sire, With Love

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Put aside your shipper preferences for a hot second and tell me that was not a damn fine way to wake up! In "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street," we were treated to another erotic Damon and Elena scene, successfully picking up where we left off at the end of last week.

Unfortunately, that includes having a sexy scene completely marred with Caroline Forbes intensity and whining. Jeez, if Elena's ex boyfriend is telling you to calm down about it, then take a damn breather girl! You are clearly flirting with Klaus and somewhat attracted to him, so let's not get into a hypocritical best friend judgment situation until we know all the facts.

Thanks to Tyler's hard bodied wisdom and Nandi the New Orleans witch, True Blood's Adina Porter, we are now enlightened on what it means for one vampire to be sired to another.

Lexie, Stefan and Damon

Oh hey Lex! Gosh I wish she was still on this show instead of 90210. Anyway, what exactly did we find out?

The bond affects how you act, not how you feel. | permalink

There you have it from straight from Tyler, abs of steel, Lockwood. If our favorite teenage hybrid's explanation wasn't convincing enough, Nandi down in New Orleans had plenty to say as well. A vampire only bonds to her sire when she has feelings before she turns. He or she had to have genuine human feelings, plain and simple. The vampire transition only heightens those emotions. There you have it, clear as day. Elena has love for Damon. But didn't we already know that? She's always had feelings for both Salvatores because they each offer something different.

Rose's ghost explained it best on that car ride back from the motel with Jeremy. The real problem here is that Elena is doing everything Damon says. However, Damon isn't saying "love me." Surely there is a way he can release her without shunning her. If Elena always had these desires of her own free will then what's the problem? I might be thinking too simply considering Mystic Falls is a complicated little place, but can't Damon just order her to make her own decisions? You know, pull a True Blood and say "As your maker, I release you?" 

I realize these are two different shows, but vampire folklore tends to be in the same vein, no pun intended. I realize a lot of people are still going to think Elena is brainwashed and blah blah blah, but they spelled it out pretty clearly tonight. I always liked Stefan. Truly I don't ship one brother over the other. The one thing I will say is that this is the first episode in I don't even know how many that Elena seemed to actually smile.

She was happy, she was carefree, she was dancing, and she was laughing. Damon has pretty much been the only one who hasn't been trying to change her back. She didn't ask to become a vampire so everyone's gotta lay off trying to make her feel like crap! Especially when she rescued your behind tonight Miss Forbes! 

The friend I'm worried about at this point is Bonnie. Professor Creepy has her practicing expression and thanks to the wise witch Nandi, that means dipping into magic so dark it exists entirely on another plane. If Val, the original witch Damon worked with, only needed 12 humans for her sacrifice, then why does Shane need 12 hybrids? Obviously he is trying to do something much stronger here.

And speaking of this whole sire thing, how exactly are these hybrids free after Tyler's whole Alpha speech tonight? They all got on bended knee after! If you're not a slave to one leader, you're a slave to another it seems. 

I'm interested to see if Damon is able to relocate his selfless side again. We saw him do it with Lexie and Stefan in 1942 when he accepted his loneliness and didn't go with Stefan to Egypt, knowing it would only cause Stefan more temptation for his Ripper side. He also used it to actually set Charlotte free after all these years when it was clear that the sire bond had never been broken. Damn, that Madeline Zima does an awesome job at playing Fatal Attraction type bitches. Watch Californication if you have yet to be acquainted with her with the wonderful Miss Zima.

Despite the fact that we were missing a few characters this week, this episode did offer a lot of answers.

So were you all satisfied with Tyler and Nandi's explanation of the vampire sire bond? Do you think Damon will set Elena free? What are you anticipating for the Vampire Diaries mid-season finale? Hit the comments!


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408 was by far the best episode of season 4. I loved everything in it. The last scene was amazing. I am happy for Delena. I waited 3 long seasons for them and finally I am getting what I want with Sire bond but I already knew tat fr bond one needs human feelings so this will make Delena even more stronger. My fav episode frm season 4.


This was such a boring episode. The only thing I liked was the girl hangout thing, which was eventually ruined by Caroline and Elena.
The writing is bland now.
If you're just going to give Delena by means of an excuse (sire bond) then just don't write them together at all. I truly could care less if they end up together anymore. They both suck.
Every character sucks now. All of them have just become plot devices. Many many MANY characters are OOC. The only thing that is remotely interesting is the whole Shane thing. And even that is becoming yaaaawn.


Compelling someone to have sex with you IS rape cause you KNOW she wouldn't be sleeping with him if she is a living blood bad, but OH WAIT he compelled her to forget. Its against your will. Also like someone said, why wasn't Stefan and Damon sired? Heck, why doesn't Katherine have a whole cult of men worshipping her?


I want to add that I want Damon to hold on to Elena and never let go even if every one will see it a selfish act (they always saw him that way ). I want him to be selfish and fight for his chance to be happy with Elana he did everything to deserve that chance and I want him to take it.


I don't like the whole sire bond excuse: it just creates too much useless drama (I'm neither team delena nor stelena). @Mariah: Now I really think about it... you are very very very right!
This episode revealed too much, including weak explanations, and thereby caused a break in the suspense, making me even long more for Prof. Shane's secrets.


6/ The most heartbreaking moment other than when Damon find out that Elena is sired to him was the moment when he came home and wanted to free Elena like he did with Charlotte. It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same level, I loved how Damon has pointed that he can't be selfish with her no matter how bad he can be (how people see him) and that he need to be sure if she loves him for real or it has something to do with the sire bond and how Elena was for the 1st time sure and confident that her feelings toward him are real and asked him to believe in her/it Damon and not to let go. It was a magnificent scene.


5/ It felt awkward and funny to see Damon stepping away from Charlotte it felt like he was all :" I have a girlfriend and I love her so please..." but it was so sad to see her having no life for 70 years waiting for him literally as he told her so and how guilty he felt to be the reason even that he didn't knew that the sire bond didn't broke. And I loved how he tried to free her even that I don't think that it would work cause you can expect someone to obey you when you tell him to do or not to do something and but you can't expect him to obey you when you tell him to love or to stop loving someone, he won't do it even if he wants to.


3/ I loved this Elena: the fun, strong and confident Elena. She enjoyed herself with her friend until Caroline started with her judgemental attitude and I loved how Elena stood up for Damon and defended him against her friend not by portraying him as a perfect guy but as the men who always stood by her whenever she needed him and who she's aware of his bad track record with them still falling in love with him as she said and who she trust.
4/I loved watching Damon & Elena it was so beautiful and it was the 1st time to see these two so happy unfortunately for us viewers we got distracted by Caroline and Stefan's conversation for the 2nd time and for them that they couldn't stay happy for longer than a day (couple of hours for Damon) 'cause of the sire bond news. I hope that she would keep her promise and stop judging.


2/ It felt good to see Stefan regretting and apologizing to Damon for being rude to him and loved their flashback when they get along with each other and I couldn't stop my self from crying at the moment when Damon let go of his little brother that he needed so he will have a better chance being a functional vampire and not turn into a ripper all over again. 1st it's not the first time that I witness a selfless act by Damon still it made me love him more and more that I thought I reached the peak of loving him ( I adore him!!!). 2nd I don't see Lexi's plan working out greatly for 2 reasons: reason 1, she's sending Stefan into a war where he will see dozens of wounded and dead people when he panicked the moment he saw a wounded woman ? reason 2: we all saw how her bunnie diet didn't cause anything but imprisoning the ripper inside Stefan that snaps out every couple of decades.


That was a brilliant episode. I loved how the writers made it clear that the sire bond does affect acts and not feelings and that the sire bond won't take place unless the sired had human feelings toward his sire befor turning into a vampire.
1/ I love the scene where Tylor took the leadership of the unsired werewolves wich is a natural matter for them as werewolves (they travel in a pack and they need a leader) and I don't see see him doing what Klaus used to do to his hybrids that we saw how far can Klaus go with the use of the sire bond. This Shaine guy is getting creepier every episode and I hope that Bonnie realise that before getting too deep into the dark magic without noticing.

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