The Mentalist Review: High Times

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"Panama Red"  had a few high moments but this episode of The Mentalist left me shaking my head more than once.

Investigating Medical Marijuana

The most shocking moment was having Cho run into a very pregnant Summer during a raid with the Rapid Response Team.

I'd always liked Summer's quirkiness although I never believed she was a good long term match for show.  Bringing her back eight months pregnant with another man's baby just felt odd.

If her fiance Marshal had been a really great guy, maybe I would have felt differently but in the ten seconds that we had to meet him he came off as a bit of a jerk.  Then to find out he's the jealous type and that he doesn't know anything about Summer's past…well, let's just say I had been hoping for better for Summer.

I suppose they were looking for closure for Cho by bringing her back but in this instance, her return left me asking why they bothered.

Was the point to get Cho in trouble with the Rapid Response Team he's only been involved with for an episode or two?  When Agent Wade said she couldn't trust Cho all I could think was that she obviously didn't trust his judgement either.  He came to her first and told her Summer was his former CI and that he believed she wasn't involved yet Wade insisted on charging her anyway.  In my opinion, she didn't leave Cho a lot of choices but to go around her.

Rigsby was funny this week, even if he came off a little meaner than usual.  Apparently he's not a fan of any of the women in Cho's life.

I couldn't say he was wrong when he told Cho he dodged a bullet when he let Summer go but it came off more than a little snarky.  He also commented to Agent Wade in this The Mentalist quote

If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes? | permalink

Ouch!  Maybe he felt threatened that Wade was stealing his partner but he certainly made it clear he didn't want her hanging around.

The death of the botanist was mildly interesting. I found it amusing that Jeremy was so naive about his moonlighting work for big pharma.  When you cash their check (or in this case, several checks) they own your property and can do with it what they want. 

I enjoyed Jane's fascination with the puzzle box but I wished it had gone somewhere more interesting. 

My favorite part of the entire episode was Jane hiding Lisbon's keys in the box with the hope of watching her struggle to open it only to have her pull out a hammer and obliterate the thing in under ten seconds.

Jane: You keep a hammer in your desk?
Lisbon: You only think you know everything about me. | permalink

So very, very true.


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Something about Jane and his memory palace has really been bugging me. It occurred to me that if we had been give clues, could the word memory palace have a dual meaning. Now, the series has made references to books and poems. So I looked up the memory palace and guess WHAT! There is a book called the Memory Palace! It's about sisters leaving home and changing their names because their mother has schizophernia and is very dangerous. They are gone for some time when one of the sister's has a brain injury and begins puting her life back together. She looks her mother up again only to find out her mother is dying. One of the reviews for this book was the following; The Memory Palace is a breathtaking literary memoir about the complex meaning of love, truth, and the capacity for forgiveness amoung family. INTERESTING HUH?


Continuing my probably ridiculous psycho analysis of The Mentalist: In the Paley Center video Bruno Heller said the story was about the reality of death in all our lives. So, is Red John basically the personification of Death? Evil but necessary, mindlessly random, uncaring of human emotions? That's RJ for sure. Now consider the "handshake" thing: Lorelei said Jane had met RJ and shook hands with him and she thought they would become friends. Take that figuratively instead of literally and we have Jane shaking hands with Death (when he almost drowned)but he lived so did not become "friends" with Death. RJ/Death wants Jane as a friend - one who accepts Death willingly - one who will inflict Death on others (or himself) at Death's command. Death totally controls Life in the end. RJ totally controls his minions. Just something to think about - RJ thinks of himself as Death and acts accordingly.


I am fine with the Red John storyline, but they need to show some real progress in the next RJ episode. I enjoyed Red Sails In The Sunset. It actually received very good reviews from neutral critics. It's the lowest rated because it started with amost 1-hour delay. I don't think it's Simon Baker who said it, but Bruno Heller & Co. always say finding Red John is the end of the series. I disagree. I do like to see Jane after Red John. I very much look forward to it. The motivation for him to continue working for CBI could be soomeone from CBI died while catching Red John.


Jane will face the reality that his family is dead and will never come back, and that evil (represented by RJ) can never be defeated entirely. He will wake to this and his dreadful night of pain and loss will end. It's all about the reality of death (seen by most people as the ultimate evil) and the need to deal with it as a part of life. Some find solace in imagining an ongoing connection with lost loved ones. Even Jane, though no believer in any kind of afterlife, found solace in throwing that flower into the ocean as a way to emotionally connect with his family. The last shot of that episode had the camera panning out to take in nothing but the ocean. In Jungian terms, perhaps that ocean symbolized the "univeral conscience" said to connect all humanity, and it made Jane feel better just to do that little connecting ritual. I LOVE shows that give me something to think about and this does it!


Is RJ evil? Not in his view? Is Jane good? Not in his view, since he brought on the death of his family through his arrogance. So what exactly is good and what exactly is evil? Now consider the Blake poem Cradle Song, the last two lines recided by Bertram and identified by LaRoche: "When thy little heart doth wake, Then the dreadful night shall break." It's about the appearance of innocence underlain by "wiles." All this means something to the plot!! Perhaps when one wakes to face reality, the darkness (of tragedy?) will end. Given all this, I see RJ as a symbol of evil that always exists mixed with good. He is always a shadowy figure representing the banality of evil in human existence. He may never be shown to us as a real person, but will be defeated (for Jane but not for the world) in a dramatic showdown (because this is TV) and disappear forever, leaving only his voice in a farewell message similar to what Timothy Carter said in the shopping mall (speaking RJ's thoughts for him).


I love this show for its philosophical depth, great writing, superb acting, and exceptional cast interactions. I worry that it will be canceled before the RJ mystery can be solved, and I worry that the plot is being stretched out because the producers expect the series to go at least one more season. I do wish the RJ arc would wind up so we can see Jane build a new happy life. There are so many aspects to the character that the show could continue indefinitely. Here's what I think of the basic theme and how it might play out (to earn my RJ plot resolution): The William Blake poems are critical to understanding the plot. Tiger Tiger means this is about the interplay of good and evil and how it's not always clear which is which. Jane watches PFS nature shows of predators attacking prey. Is the lion evil for attacking the gazelle? No, it's part of nature, neither right nor wrong (as Jane said), it just happens. "Did he who made the lamb also make thee? {the tiger}" Is RJ evil? Not in his view? Is Jane good? Not in his view, since he brought on the death of his family through his arrogance. (to be continued)


The Mentalist is the only show I watch on a regular basis. I like it that much. Some episodes are better than others, but that happens with any long term show. I remember that when Simon Baker got his multimillion dollar deal, he was signed for 7 seasons. What I like abouyt the show is the interaction between members of the team. Another fun thing is watching the DVDs of the show and spotting things I missed. Did anyone else notice that Lisbon's new best friend (I forgot his name) had the same facial hair pattern that Rigsby did in Red Dawn?


Eli and Take a Breath you are right. I will refrain from this silly mess. It is what it is! I never really cared about the business end of the show anyway. I think we need another Red John episode and some more clues!


@anitraward1....You are right. This is business, and I think that is why some are worried about the ratings. If you don't have ratings....which translates into how much CBS can get for a 30 sec commerical that can only impact on if the show is renewed or not. I don't think the Mentalist is in danger this year. Next year, maybe, but since CBS dosen't get money from the syndication and does from it's other low rated shows, I am afraid that the mentalist (even higher in viewers) would get the ax before some of the other shows. Let me say again....I don't think it is in any danger this year, so lets all enjoy the show while we have it.


Anitaward, I stand by what I said. Saying that some fans don't know the meaning of the word loyalty is an attack. Being a fan of a show does not mean you forfeit the right to criticize it if you think it is going in the wrong direction. But again, we just have different opinions on this. No harm, no foul. You do really need to relax. Maybe you should watch some Mentalist reruns and find your happy place.

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If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes?


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