Supernatural Spoilers: A Choice for Sam

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On January 16, Supernatural Season 8 will resume with "Torn and Frayed."

What can fans look forward to on the opening installment of 2013? The CW has released an official episode synopsis that teases trouble for one angel and a major decision that must be made by one hunter.

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Read the description below and then check out our Supernatural Report Card. What grade would you give the first nine episodes?

Naomi (guest star Amanda Tapping) tells Castiel that Crowley is holding an angel captive and Castiel must rescue him before Crowley finds out their secrets. Castiel turns to Dean for help. 

Meanwhile, Sam meets with Amelia who asks him to make a choice: stay with her or leave and never contact her again.

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OMG there's something good that came from all this wank, a new member of our ship!
@Hannah, welcome! (though I'm affraid she won't hear me, she's probably scrolling down the destiel tag right now ;))


I'm so glad there's no wank right now. I really love you guys, just as much as I love Cas.


"Castiel turns to Dean for help" :") CAN'T. WAIT.


@Lora thank you so much. I always thought there was something...special about their relationship.


@Polly I agree with you. Season gr8 :)


I'm so excited for this episode. I think it's great that both Sam and Dean are getting developing relationships with people outside of each other, even though I really hope they go back to their old brotherly love soon! I especially can't wait to see what happens to Cas!


Is "destiel" Dean and Castiel together? I'm a fandom newbie but I think I kinda like the idea of Dean and Cas being together. My sister had mentioned something about them, but as I said I'm new to this whole fandom thing. Where can I find out more about "destiel"? I'm intrigued.


You know what? I am so excited about this episode. I want Sam to stay with Amelia because believe it or not, Sam is happy when he was with Amelia. And Dean and Castiel? It's good to see Cas asks for Dean's help and I would love to see their relationship grows, platonic or romantic, whatever, cause again, they are happy when they are together. Sam and Dean? They love, love each other, they always are and what I want from them is that, they have to solve their problems like two adults, they are not kids anymore, it's time to untangle everything once and for all. I just want the team free will to be happy. Is that too much to ask for? I don't know if anyone of you notice, taking out Cas makes Dean miserable, taking out Dean makes Cas and Sam miserable, taking out Sam makes Dean and Cas miserable, they are practically going to stick together. So deal with it, if you can't, the exit is always open for you.


Amelia girl.... I am an Amelia fan too. I think populating the "boys" world with interesting characters is a great thing. Poor Sammy needs a love interest.


I love Dean and Castiel's relationship but I started shipping them when I watched 4x16. Of course I didn't know there was such thing as "fandom" back then. I still love them. I didn't watch the first half of season seven, the Becky episode pissed me off but I love the new season. I'm just so happy right now. I want to give Amelia a chance, she makes Sam so happy. I don't know I just love everything about season 8. Also, I don't care if people ship wincest, as long as they realize that it's completely fictional. It disturbs me but as Riley said it's just a fandom thing. So I don't care.

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