Supernatural Spoilers: A Choice for Sam

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On January 16, Supernatural Season 8 will resume with "Torn and Frayed."

What can fans look forward to on the opening installment of 2013? The CW has released an official episode synopsis that teases trouble for one angel and a major decision that must be made by one hunter.

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Read the description below and then check out our Supernatural Report Card. What grade would you give the first nine episodes?

Naomi (guest star Amanda Tapping) tells Castiel that Crowley is holding an angel captive and Castiel must rescue him before Crowley finds out their secrets. Castiel turns to Dean for help. 

Meanwhile, Sam meets with Amelia who asks him to make a choice: stay with her or leave and never contact her again.

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@Nathalie Also that 17 year old girl is not just stating her opinion, she is causing more wank by bringing in things about SPN_gossip and shit and lying about a discussion that is not going on there. Besides if she say tinhats J2 tinhats, I am sure she saw cockles tinhats who ship cockles. Yea, there are cockles tinhats don't even pretend. Make a mockery of J2 fans, when you are also being hypocritical when you guys have become just as aggressive with all the shipping and tinhatting.


Please, I've never seen Destiel shippers sending death threats to actors' wives, wishing Daneel cancer, believe they are having secret affair, follow their every move and then write it on the boards, give them book full of porn (like some Wincest shippers did) and most of all -- they don't HATE as you do. It doesn't matter what will be canon or not, what matters is that they enjoy it and rarely fixate on hating, whereas all you do is start hateful arguments. You know the one, "opinions are like assholes..", so please stop. Agree to disagree and gtfo


@Nathalie Nobody cares if you like Misha collins and Dean and Cas. I know many SANE shippers honey. I am saying the way you guys go about everything is wrong. I have seen your leader (well she probably isn't your leader I just call tumblr with many followers that because they think they are the shit) and when she links the arictle she doesn't just link it, she adds fake words there to stir the pot by saying there is hate going on when there really isn't. So this whole article gets over taken by shippers and other fans name calling. It's not rihgt. Post your comment about your enjoyment, your disappointment, and your concerns rather then be baited by somebody who just wants to cause wank.


*being older


Being young is also no excuse to treat that person as if her voice doesn't matter. If she noticed tinhats at conventions and was annoyed by that, then she has a right to express that. Age doesn't make people superior. Life does. And go ahead, sweetheart. Create a list of all the shameful things Destiel shippers have done. I will have a good laugh. Since we're supposedly the abominations of this fandom for liking Misha Collins and Dean/Cas. *laughs*


Woah, this article's comments are out of control.
SPN is not about ships, and ships have nothing to do with these spoilers. I don't like how this episode spoilers sound, but I can't see why fans need to turn everything into shiping shit. Let the fandom stuff be fandom only and stop fighting about things that don't even exist.


Well Natlie I am a year young then you. Only 22 young chap. Anyway, you don't want me to start mentioning what you Destiel fans have done that seriously is why you guys are laughed at and people are weary to come near you. You guys have become very scary latley. I can name tons of stuff you guys have done online that you would be ashamed of me to say. Being young is also no excuse to insult others. Like also does tumblr take away the respect one should give to others? Naa, it just takes away ones life span because they spend all their time online doing nothing.


40 year old J2 tinhats wanking on 17 year old girls.
Yeah tell me who's more mature.
If you have nothing better to do than bullying young people, then something is seriously wrong with your life.
And I'm saying this as a 23 year old Destiel fan, thank you very much.


@Ale Actually it was around season 6 at a convention when Jensne said the show is not about Destiel not season 4 when fans had the maturity not to shove their ship in Jensen's face. Tumblr obscured that where they encourage shippers to ask even though they make fools of themselves. I hold out Destiel will not happen going by what Jensen continues to say about Destiel. He might like Dean and Cas's friendship. He has said that. So I watch their scenes and enjoy what is being brought to the table. But that is all Jensen enjoys. The comrade of their relationship. Not Destiel where it is about porn, HELLO I see the fic and art porn. Destiel is about romance and porn and sexual relationship which is not what Jensen promotes. Enjoy it, again you keep mentioning that I somehow say don't enjoy it. Enjoy it, but going by what is happening. It's not going to happen


It's easy to navigate SPN_Gossip when you visit there everyday. The fact that you keep denying it only makes you look like a pathetic liar. Honestly, is it so hard to admit that you are a member of a site that trolls the fandom, that sends out death threats, that hates on everyone who doesn't want to believe that J2 are loves? lol guess so.

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