Supernatural Spoilers: A Choice for Sam

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On January 16, Supernatural Season 8 will resume with "Torn and Frayed."

What can fans look forward to on the opening installment of 2013? The CW has released an official episode synopsis that teases trouble for one angel and a major decision that must be made by one hunter.

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Read the description below and then check out our Supernatural Report Card. What grade would you give the first nine episodes?

Naomi (guest star Amanda Tapping) tells Castiel that Crowley is holding an angel captive and Castiel must rescue him before Crowley finds out their secrets. Castiel turns to Dean for help. 

Meanwhile, Sam meets with Amelia who asks him to make a choice: stay with her or leave and never contact her again.

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Normally I dont comment on fan sights but after reading some of the comments I had to throw my two cents in.
First dont be afraid of throwing a completely new player into the game a wild card someone not in the civil war...were neutral lave us alone Dont be afraid of throwing a female into the scene or actually letting Dean and/or Sam have a girl friend that doesnt die or turn out to be some self righteous equal a partner for one or both a kind of Buffy meets Capt Janeway who can cook
They are getting a little old foe the James Dean eternal road trip act....Im a little behind on the current season so forgive if this sounds out of line but the whole heavenly civil war thing is done and dead ....The boys need new allies and new enemies ...Maybe someone negotiates a peace treaty between the two sides or a new threat emerges that overshadows the old conflicts....or maybe in the aftermath of the war ending the universe reorients itself ...Why do all the good guys have to be humans or angels...good witches bad witches good creatures bad creatures ...If you want Sam to get a haircut okay...but who cares..


I would like to see an epic battle where Lucifer and Michael pound away at each other, with Lucifer ultimately winning. While he celebrates, down comes Jesus who smacks him back to hell!


S8 failing. Mid-season cliffhanger awful. S5 cliffhanger awful too, with Sam peering in window when Dean moved in with one night stand he had years ago. Stop pointless romance. Need female characters, but perhaps get female hunter with strong personality (not a bitch, and not romance). The only "romance" which could work is Cas and Meg as "secret, forbidden" love. Sam boring these days, needs haircut. He looks half asleep. Writers half asleep - lame story him not looking for Dean or protecting Kevin, or getting rest of Leviathan. He suddenly wants "normal life", when this wasn't since early seasons.


@ Richard. Hoping Lucifer IS real! Hope he has a face-off with Crowley and gets Hell back. I want Michael to come back too, as he is the most powerful arch-angel. We should have seen him properly in S6, and the fighting scene between him and Lucifer should have been spectacular (it was a let down, actually). I hope SPN becomes exciting again, as it is my favourite show. S8 is greatly disappointing. Nothing is happenening, and they ruined Sam. Kevin is no prophet in my eyes, but a wimp. Hoping Castiel is not turned into a comical character. They need to bring back hunters. Killing off Bobby was a mistake.


jrwt - no, NO romance for Dean. That would kill the show. I'd like to see Dean meet his match with a strong female hunter, though, and cross swords with her from time to time (a recurring character, not a regular.) And NOT a ditzy 20 year old, ugh, no. But please, no romance, no soap. Does every woman have to be a love interest? Writers, use your imagination.


I agree very much that Supernatural needs STRONG female characters. What I think happens is that when the writers see these comments, they THINK that means that the female character has to be a love interest. Romance is NOT what this show is about. I'd like to see a strong, independent woman, 30s or even in her 40s, a hunter, who can give as good as she gets. How about it, writers? We don't see enough hunters, let alone female ones. NO MORE JO's. And no, we don't want vacuous skinny women or snarky bitches. It seems TV is frightened of women in their 40s.


I hate Amelia but I love it when the boys are apart for awhile. Hopefully if Sam chooses to stay he'll find out that it was a trick and that Amelia and her alive again hubby are monsters and Dean and Benny, who I hope Dean hooks up with to hunt, have to save him. Then Sam can kill Amelia and it will be done. I wish SN could find some cool female characters again. I miss the real Ruby and Meg. Even Jo and Ellen were better than Amelia could ever be. I'm still holding out for a cool, met his match, female hunter to hook up with Dean.


@ Castiel's Trenchcoat All last season I had a suspicion that Lucifer was not just a hallucination. What finally convinced me 100% was Repo Man. Watch it again if you can. Sam and the "hallucination" are sitting at the table in the library. Lucifer is badgering Sam. Sam gets angry, stands up, tells Lucifer to shut up and walks away, leaving Lucifer still sitting at the table. You can hear Sams foot steps getting fainter and fainter until he is so far away that you can't hear them anymore. At that point Lucifer quietly says to HIMSELF,,,"he said shut up to me." Sam was out of earshot,,,and hallucinations do not talk to themselves as they are not real.


Most agree that Amelia has to go, as her story is not working. The romance is not convincing. Also, she was a bitch to Sam, eg in Citizen Fang. Tired of the flashbacks. The cloudy lens has no place in SPN. I agree that S8 is lacking substance and needs a new direction. Hope Sam's choice in Torn and Frayed is over with quickly so that the show can move forward. I hated the mid-season finale "cliffhanger" with Amelia walking on. That was not an SPN cliffhanger! Sam is not written in his canon of brotherly love and social conscience. He is the star of the show, so stop making him into a bore.


@Boremelia's Soap. The angels are an exciting part of SPN. I agree Balthazar was wonderful, and I would have liked S6 finale to have shown Sam, Dean and Bobby's reaction to his death. Do Sam and Dean even know that Balthazar is dead? Love Lucifer, but I don't think he should have come back as an hallucination. He and Michael need to come out of the cage. Hated all of Sam's wall story (Bobby didn't have a soul and didn't turn bad). Lucifer should be real. They need to stop Sam's antics and give him a proper heroic story. Samandriel is a refreshing new character, but I agree S8 sux.

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