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I kept going dont be huck be charlie, dont be huck be charlie! sadly it was huck. idk if mellie had anything to do with it but she was terrified it would happen.


You've got to love this show. Last night episode was so amazing. I loved the flashbacks of Olivia and Fitz. Those two chemistry is off the charts. You know their relationship is so wrong but they just seem so right together. I never liked Mellie but last night I gain so much respect for her character. I love how she and Olivia work together for the good of the President.

Also liked that we got to see how the whole thing went down with Quinn being framed.

Huck being the shooter didn't surprise me. Usually I'm left with my mouth hanging wide open after every episode but towards the end I just knew it was Huck. Can't wait to next week to see his reasons. Poor Olivia being put in the middle of her two fave men. Great show and wonderful episode. Scandal has def moved up to my favorite show.


Worst review ever, you just retold everything that happened without any conclusion of your own, disaster.


Ohmygod! Ohmygod! OHMYGOD not done yet OHMY GOD!

When the end scene came and i saw the press sercetary fall, it crossed my mind that she maybe the target? but why shoot the president? He is BIG coladorol damage, wasn't it better to shoot someone from the constitution? I don't know.

When I saw that hoodie, i thought Not Huck, not Huck! but OMYGOD moment (Or BOOM)

I liked to see the relationship of liv&Fitz in the past when he just became president, see how that went, see how it started. It's interesting thing to watch.

And again OMYGOD (just because i can)


@shondarfan you're theory doesn't sound too bad to be honest. What you said about Huck not leaving a job unfinished is completely right! If he wanted Fitz dead he would be.
I just hope that Huck wouldn't do that Olivia, I mean we've seen time and time again that he'll do ANYTHING for her so I don't understand how he could break her like that.

The whole 'Touch it' 'I'm not touching it you touch it' scene was by far the cutest thing they looked like a couple of teenagers 'You do it' 'No you do it' haha
And that scene when they were just in bed talking (literally like a 5 second moment) was equally cute. I just love them when they're being so simple, almost normal. Olitz all the way guys!!

Now, how the huck do you fellow gladiators think this will all play out?


We have been told that there are other flashbacks - I bet Fitz comes out of it but he does not remember his involvement with Olivia -what do you think about that theory? And, if he gets well how do they get rid of Sally- I do not think she can be permanent president if Fitz is still alive.


I'm surprised so many were caught off guard about Huck as the shooter; I could tell by the mannerisms (though I was hoping I was wrong). But good point about the hoodie, he wouldn't make sure he stood out so much. I have the ep on DVR; I think I will take a second look at the end to be sure you really see Huck firing; I hope that it wasn't definitive, I really like Huck.
Wonderful episode! I was so glad there is one more episode before the winter finale. I want to get just a little more scandalous before Christmas!


Great Episode last night! I think Mellie had something to do with the shooting! If you go back to the limo scene last week, how Meillie had a sudden change of heart about attending the ball,right when the limo got there...and how she insisted even more when Fitz annouced Liv was no longer his mistress. My theory is, she hired someone close to Liv, Huck, to kill the president...knowing that Liv would "fix" the mess out of fear of being implicated because Huck works for her. Mellie would win both ways, dead cheating husband and the mistress left to clean up the mess!


Great episode. But it left me and I'm sure everyone else thinking why Huck being the shooter, and I can only think that Fitz organised the shooting. He'd rather die than live without Olivia being in his life, and him seeing pics of Edison last week was just too much to bear, but we will have to wait and see.


I even loved how this episode shows his wife, not as a bitch who wants everything for her own gain. But as someone truly excited for her husbands future and someone who is scared to lose him and maybe realizing how much she still loves them.

And that ending, Huck. Oh Huck, you have single handedly done the most damage to Olivia to date. And who knows if he thought he was protecting Olivia, or if he's working for someone else. But when she finds out, and we KNOW Olivia will not stop until she knows, this is going to break her.

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