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@whenandonly12: Thanks but I'm well aware that Dr Whale is Frankenstein and I'm quite familiar with the story as well. I'm not stupid thank you very much. All I was saying was that we don't know what world he lives in - it wasn't explained if it is solely a Frankenstein-based world or a world in which all horror stories are real... which is why I referred to it as horror movie world. But thanks for the friendly heads up there.


Does anyone else think that Mr. Golds son, is Henry's father? Wouldn't that be interesting to see if Henry can make Mr. Gold do good things, just like he has done for Regina.


@swan30 I thought she might die too. Or that she should've suffered some effect. I watch the show with my friend and I actually told her: "she'll die". But whatever. Magic is unpredictable. XP

@Ace I agree about the bean and the ashes. It's literally what I thought.

I love how Emma's magic was addressed throughout both seasons and now it's finally becoming really important (and that it didn't just happen out of the blue).

LOL at how Ruby was there but basically did NOTHING but fly through the air. That girl needs a storyline asap.

I fear what's ahead. Love this show.



I don't think the Bean requires a navigating medium, like the ash from the wardrobe. The bean, in itself, creates portals and it's up to the bean-user to determin the destination. Remember when Hook used it to open a portal to Neverland? The compass wasn't in his possession either.

I think the compass was needed because the ash from the wardrobe was badly damaged, although the lake repaired it to create the portal, the compass was needed to give it direction.



I don't believe Emma is "immune" to Cora, as she's shown to be susceptible to Cora's magic. True Love is the most powerful magic, and I think Emma, being in the Enchanted Forest, subconsciously kickstarted her own magical abilities - almost like an inherent defense system.

Perhaps maybe when Cora tried to go after Emma's heart, especially acting upon love (sacrificing herself for MM), Emma's magic manifested.



If all worlds were no exception to the Dark Curse, then why did Cora return to the Enchanted Forest? She possessed magic in Wonderland, and she had subjects that served her already that would've been protected by the barrier spell... so why return?

I think the Dark Curse only pulled the ones from the Enchanted Forest. Just because the last we saw of Jefferson and Dr. Frankenstein doesn't necessarily mean they didn't make it back to the Enchanted Forest.

OUAT storytelling is, something frustratingly so, non-linear. So we could see the events in the future, and in the past, and still not know the inbetween.


This was the best episode of the season so far. It had me on the edge of my seat. But I agree with the people that say they should have been good enough to invite Regina to eat with them.


Dr Whale is Frankenstein... how do you not know... It's one of the most famous literary books in history. And it's literally made OBVIOUS through the episode "doctor": the lightening, the creation of his "broker-monster", the dialogue "what is more power than magic? "science". How...


The question was asked on where they got the ship. That was implied when Hook said that they would have to go to Wonderland. This was to get his ship.

The producers were asked (on TV Guide) why Emma is Swan. I think this episode answered the question (at least for me). When she turned out to be so powerful (and able to stop Cora from removing her heart) she morphed from being just a plain human (the Ugly Duckling) into her real status as a Swan (ie: She come into her role as the Fairy Tale Character that she is).


Did you really just ask where Captain Hook got a pirate ship? Lol.

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