NCIS Christmas Promo: Tony's Dad Invades His Pad!

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Robert Wagner returns as Tony's father on next week's NCIS Christmas episode.

In an installment that can only mean some classic awkward moments between the veteran actor and Michael Weatherly's beloved special agent, we'll also get to see where DiNozzo Jr. lives for the first time ever.

Why he's in town or what we'll find out about him this time remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the NCIS team is “following the money” in order to solve the weekly murder investigation, and to the surprise of no one, Abby Sciuto is bursting with excitement over all the holiday festivities.

Watch the promo for the aptly-titled "You Better Watch Out" below ...

If you missed it, check out our NCIS review for a rundown of Tuesday's episode, "Devil's Trifecta," which featured another pair of recurring guest characters in Fornell and Diane, his and Gibbs' ex-wife.

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love robert wagner playing tonys dad hes perfect for the role he even looks like tony cant wait i know it will be a great episode.


Love to see Tony and his Dad, but missing Tony and Gibbs. So So Sick of Ziva, have been for awhile ,, and happy to see that she is getting less and less play.


I too am getting sick of Tony TV dad its bad enough he a killer in real life and on the show the character sleep with Ziva which mean he most likely will push tony to sleep with her too.


I like to see DiNozzo Snr. Hope this is more of a bonding episode rather than Snr being an irritant. I would love more about McGee too. It would be good to have Sarah & his dad in the one episode.


Tony's dad is only on once a year am glad they have him coming and McGee dad will be on it in 2013 in this season


For the record, I am SO over Tony and his Dad. You know who's family is only just now starting to get a little explored? McGee's. Why don't you bring Sarah back and let McGee have a little spotlight? He's probably the most underdeveloped and underexplored character in the usual group. It took 9 seasons to learn anything about his parents. Give us some McGee love.


My Christmas dream: Tony DiNozzo Jr. and Sr.!

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Stewie: This was one crazy dude in college. Really knew how to have a good time.
Tony: Shut up. No way.
Stewie: Did he tell you he was the school mascot?
Tony: No! What was the MIT mascot?
McGee: Really. Does it matter?
Tony: Oh yes it does. Stewie?
Stewie: A beaver. He was Tim the Beaver our senior year.
Tony: Please tell me you dressed up like a beaver.

Tony Senior: What can I say? I'm me. I'm not gonna change.
Tony: I know. I know you're not gonna change. And I don't know why I was smiling because there's nothing funny about this. Dad this is my home. I told you my rules, okay? And you broke them. It was a mistake having you here for Christmas.
Tony Senior: You want me to leave.