Leverage Review: The Impossible Con

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Nate: Let’s go steal a dream.

And with those words, "The White Rabbit Job" was off and running with Nate, Sophie and the gang attempting to rehabilitate their mark (Charles Dodgson) instead of simply removing him. 

I have to give it to the production crew for this episode, it was a daring outing to put together. From the details of the con, to the dreamnasium that Hardison put together, this was an impressive outing. It just took me a bit to get use to the fish-eye lens look the camera was using to achieve some of the effects. 

However, once you got past the camera angles used to imply Dodgson’s “loopy state,” the underlying story was very well written and performed. Dodgson reminded me of a young Steve Jobs, with his black sweater and family value atmosphere. 

Sophie in the lead

I really liked that Parker became the key for Dodgson’s recovery; the base issue was so subtly masked that I was as shocked as Parker was when Dodgson called her Patience. 

On the other, less subtle hand, you had Eliot explaining that the drug mix they were going to use worked great unless the person took a stimulate right before. It wasn't hard to guess that Dodgson was going to drink an energy drink and breaking the con. 

As it turned out, breaking the con was exactly what Dodgson needed. Or, rather, he needed Parker to point the truth out to him in this Leverage quote:

Parker: What happen to Patience wasn't your fault, what happens next is. It's your life Charlie, make something of it. | permalink

That comment is a long way from the Parker we met in Leverage Season 1. I really like this Parker, she has learned to be more than just a burglar and has developed close relationships with people she considers family. I really hope that we get to see Parker shine again soon, she is so fun to watch when she's outside her element. 

Overall, it was a good episode. I was sad that we didn't get any mention of Eliot’s new girl we met last week, but I’m willing to let that slide. Overall, I’m giving this episode 4.3 waking dreams. What did you think?


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This episode was diffrent and I loved it.


Thank you, Mr. Garner. I will try to do that. My previous attempts at signing up for tweets have been unsuccessful, but I will try again.


I loved this episode. I had to watch it twice to really "get" everything (I had initial misgivings about the con itself -- trying to get inside a man's mind and emotions via faked dreams -- and about the team fighting among themselves) and I was afraid that they would actually emotionally hurt Dodgson, but I cried both times at the end when Parker confronted Dodgson on the roof, went outside her emotional comfort zone and was the one who got through to him and literally and figuratively pulled him back from the rooftop. And it was interesting to see at the end how they all came to realize that it was Parker who completed the impossible con (and how Nate, and later Sophie, held back and let Parker do the most difficult thing on her own, somehow knowing that she'd be able to). It was complex viewing and quite 'dark', not a straightforward and/or funny con, but, on second viewing, I came to realize what risks the writers took and how they had faith that their intelligent viewers would follow them along. The shifting in relationships between the Leverage crew members was fascinating to watch. I cried when Parker mentioned something on the roof about being thought "crazy" but now knew that she wasn't; maybe the situation forced this out of her, which is why she seemed satisfied but subdued at the end. Well done.


@Jerrie -- you can follow her on twitter @BethRiesgraf.


Anne U. -- I had no idea.. I knew what "The White Rabbit" was referencing, but I didn't catch the little easter egg.. nice catch! Thanks ann ryce for the kind words, I'm really just a fan who's lucky enough to have a place to share!


Let me say first that I love Leverage and watch each ep multiple times. Last night though was the first time this season I didn't stay up late to watch it a 2nd time. Not because I got everything that was going on, but because I didn't. I had to back it up several times in an effort to understand what Sophie was saying. I'll try to watch again when my ears are working better. Loved the Parker development, Sophie realizing that she wasn't the grifter that had successfully completed the con, Nate stepping back to let Sophie shine, and, of course, Eliot's fight was just hi-larious. And can somebody bake Hardison a batch of cookies? Everytime he produces magic out of his hat, they just want more. Don't usually get into the actors' personal lives, but is Beth Riesgraf pregnant?


Love this show and have never missed an episode of Leverage, no matter when TNT airs it. The cast, writers, directors all keep getting better and better. Thanks for the great review!


I thought they did an excellent job with The White Rabbit. It was well written and the acting was top notch, as always. I very much enjoyed how they made the mark believe he was dreaming. Loved the whole episode!


The White Rabbit Job is the perfect name for this con. Charles Dodgson was also the real name of Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alice in Wonderland, and at least once I heard one of the Leverage crew talking about "going down the rabbit hole". The special effects were really well done, and I liked how Parker, who tends to lack social skills, was able to break through to Dodgson.


I loved this episode, they had to work extra hard, and to see just how far Parker had come was amazing. Lik I have said Nate took 3 people who had no emotion or ties to anyone and not only made them a famuly, but has brought them back to their emotions and caring. This has been a slow process and a fantastic one, they still have a long way to go so there neds to be more season! I love you review and that you see what us the fans see as well. Thank you for the great review!

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Eliot: Hardison, headed your way 10 minutes.
Hardison: Ok Eliot, come on with it, the dreamnasium is a go.

Parker: What's the White Rabbit?
Hardison: It's the ungriftable grift, it's impossible.
Parker: Yeah, but we do the impossible.