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Just a few days ago TNT announced the end of Leverage. The proverbial silver lining tot his sad announcement?

Creator Dean Devlin saw the writing on the wall and "The Long Goodbye Job" was written to end the series just in case events went as they did. The news couldn't have come as a shock to the producer because in my interview with Devlin he stated this episode was always the way he had seen the series ending.

The Final Job

Devlin found the best way possible to pen both a series finale and keep open the possibility of a sixth season:

You wrap up Nate’s story, as he was the core of the pilot and the man who brought everyone together. I’ve know that Parker had been evolving over the last few seasons and even more so over the last three episodes, but I would not have pegged her as the new leader. 

That said, it’s obvious when you look at how much Parker has taken the lead. From last year’s episode with just Hardison, Eliot and her to this year’s installment with her broken leg, Parker has been point more times that we realize - and done well doing so.

My only disappointment with the finale was not finding out Sophie’s real name. Sure, Nate used "Laura" when he proposed, but she fairly quickly reminded him that it wasn't her real name. Not that we will ever find out, but I still believe she really does come from royalty and that we saw a peek of it in "The King George Job."

Finally, while it is sad that TNT decided not to renew the show, maybe we will get a New Year’s miracle and someone else will pick it up. Given than Devlin’s Electric Entertainment produces it, I’m guessing there is a very tiny chance it could find a new network. But I’m not holding my breath. Mr. Devlin, it's been a lot of fun, I look forward to your next project. 

In conclusion, thank you for joining us here on TV Fanatic. I have loved reviewing the show for the last two-plus years. We hope you continue to come back for all the new mid-season shows starting in January. For the finale, I give it 5 super criminals who stole our heart each week. 


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I sincerely hope USA at the very least puts out feelers to Dean Devlin!


As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end; that would explain why every day there is more and more reality trash and anything that remotely resembles entertainment, has some sort of plot, has a fabulous ensemble cast and heart goes bye bye! Very sad Indeed.


kudos to Mister Devlin for realizing his vision! Leverage was one of the smartest most entertaining programs on television, and always engaged the viewers in trying to figure out the con. The character development was consistent throughout the series and the selection of Parker as the leader was inspired. in a time of cookie cutter programs, cable networks have become the refuge for intelligent TV. Leverage will be sorely missed.


★★★★★TV ♥
(�◕‿◕)� ♥


A good finale for a good series. I look forward to new TNT series.


This was such a great show ant TNT should reconsider. DALLAS. Is the replacement, ...as if it could ever compare. On its best day! I hate to lose these characters.They were smart, professional, funny and ..human. You don't always see such character development in TV . The show will be missed


We love the show. My boy friend I planned our evening around this wonderful show.
No swearing,no real murder. A good clean show. That held your interest. Left you wanting, waiting for the next show.


I can't believe this show has been canceled, I love it!! Really hope another network picks it up, it has a huge following!!!


SERIOUSLY. Didnt know it was cancelled until i came here today for the review. THis is seriously going to put a dent in my viewing week. That said this was an amazing ep. Nate taking pieces from their first job that sterling would know little if anything about was great. Him using the ruse of a sick child so sterling would show up to save him from himself was even better. I Loved the proposal and parker insisting that he say the words too cute. Hardison seemed to take note. I hoped when sophie said her name wasnt laura that a reprieve had been granted. No such. I hope we will see it again somehow.


Did anyone else get really really annoyed at the Dallas and the King of the Nerd commercials during the finale (like seriously you are canceling this show and these are your replacements?). I mean, TNT had so much cred for picking up Southland that you just hoped. I would actually be more than pleased if they decided to do some special episode movies of Leverage...like the kids will need the parents every once in awhile, especially if Parker can't settle some bratty dispute between the boys. I would even like to see how the team interacts now (like, I suspect that Eliot is technically in charge but can't pull off the boss vibe that Parker can in imitating Nate, and we all know Hardison would giggle through it, but it also would be interesting as the seasons wore on that Sophie tried to teach Parker, but she was so much clearly in Nate and Eliot's wheelhouse and so Sophie kind of taught Hardison a bit more of the grift side of things)

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Sterling: What you were doing, back in the room, where did you learn to act like that?
Nate: Sophie. She really helped me. She's directing now. She found her calling.

I've seen Sophie Devereaux play a dozen people.... drunk.