Homeland Season 3: Who's in Charge?

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A polarizing Homeland Season 2 came to a close with "The Choice," as Abu Nazir struck from his watery grave; Quinn grew a conscience; and Saul was both promoted and dejected.

How will each of these developments play a role in 2013? In the following Showtime interview, series creator Alex Gansa gives us an idea of where things will stand on Season 3 - who will be leading the CIA? Where will we find Brody? - and goes back over a polarizing finale.

Watch now and give your take below on Homeland Season 2:

On a conference call with reporters, Gansa also addressed a couple major issues:

  1. Will Damian Lewis and Morena Baccarin be regular cast members on Season 3? The staff has only just commence plotting and these casting decisions "are all open questions for us right now. We had a much clearer picture of what the first two seasons would be than we do of what the third season would be... Damian’s involvement and [the actors who fill out Brody's family] is very much up in the air."
  2. What about the mole? He/she is still around.: "Our ever-present mole who could have been responsible for moving [Brody's] car to in front of the auditorium.”

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Since David Harewood is out of the show, why not bring in Kiefer Sutherland as a tough military man to hunt down Nick Brody. Just like combining 24 and homeland in one show. Just a thought guys. I know its impossible hehe.


no way it's Quinn, could be Saul, could be a number of others, possibilites of Carrie??? Who knows ... it will be the least expected person and will blow our minds when they finally reveal it..one will have to wait to find out but l wouldn't rule out anyone nor Azir being dead..what the eye sees could very well different to reality...that's one way of keeping the ratings


I don't think it's quinn... I think , it is the guy who doesn't like Brody,Estes. It is Saul himself.... Well planned.


well, a friend just told me that Saul might be the mole, it would be a different new perspective no? i liked it a lot!!


In response to PL, Quinn didn't join the CIA at the beginning of Season 2, he could have been the mole in season 1 as well.

Eludium q36

This show is just like Saul's line to Carrie: it's at the same time great and foolish. I'll return for season 3 but I've got a jaundiced eye on it. There are several tropes that irk me with this show, the main one being how revealing discussions are interrupted by cell phone calls! Jeez, does no one just send calls to voice mail ?! Does no one know how to mute the ringer after the first ring ?! Plus, I'm sick of the unending angst of bitchy Dana and Brody's family for that matter. There's just alot of these character annoyances that make watching more of a labor than a good time. Seems to be a pattern most shows that get multi-season nods follow. It'd be more interesting to have one or more major characters killed off and replaced by other interesting characters. In other words, either Carrie or Brody should not have gotten up after that blast, especially with that type of impact. Whatever, we'll see if season 3 is fresh food or stale leftovers.


I dont think that Quinn is the mole. When they tell our minds will go BOOM, and maybe we haven't even met the 'mole'?


There was a mole way before Quinn even appeared in Season 2. How do you explain the leaks in Season 1? Two moles? Multiple moles?


It makes sense for the mole to be Quinn. He's already proven he can be what people expect him to be (witness his eruption at Brody culminating with the knife in the hand), he's given Carrie all kinds of latitude where logically he shouldn't have, and he refused to take out Brody as ordered. Does anyone believe in his suddenly moral objection? What about the fact that he almost killed Brody but stopped while Brody was praying? All kinds of clues there, I think. The pressure is still on Brody though: his flight to Canada just adds a small hiccup to his arrest. He'd have been better off going south.


I'm with @Anon. It would be logical for it to be Quinn seeing as how eager he was to keep Brody alive. However, the mole could just as well be someone we've never even met. As for the Brody family, I think it would be a bad idea to phase them out. Perhaps downgrade them to recurring or just less episodes, but removing them seems like a bit too much. I have no idea how they could deal with Brody other than him constantly escaping troubles when people recognize him and having to start up again. As for the wife and kids though, that has endless possibilities of the aftermath of learning that Brody was a "terrorist". In the end though, it is Carrie's show so whatever revolves around her works, I guess.

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