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Carrie went after him after bring specifically told NOT to. She does that a lot doesn't she? Instant rebellion is kind of her thing.

The part I really liked was the conversation between Brody and the VP just before the heart attack. Brody kept looking at him curiously, wondering when he would start dying.

It's the little things....


Okay, Carrie going back to the abandoned building by herself was likely the most contrived scenes of the series. No why she would have done that, unless if we were intentionally neglected to see the police there with her, but that makes no sense, either. They wouldn't let her go in. They should have just ended it with Carrie along the highway, watching the flash of police lights coming toward her, hearing the wind blow, and then have the camera pang in on her face to show how scared and stress she was. Maybe add in some kind of music score?

As for Brody, he's fulfilled his role. He killed the VP (assisted). I don't think they kill him off; I think he really loves Carrie and he ends his marriage for her. Next season, Carrie and Brody work to find Nazir and possibly another terrorist in the lurch.


Dear lord, this episode was terrible plot-wise. This is what happens when you sacrifice plot for character development: the show sucks.

Only redeeming factors: Valerie Cruz rethinking her role as the go-to CIA babysitter of crazy people and dysfunctional families. Well, not really, but it was hilarious watching her go "Imma get out of this mess" at the Brody family shenanigans.

They should bring her into the op to reduce the concentration of female crazy and stupid in the ops room. (Carrie, running back into that mill? Just die.)

Also? F Murray Abraham!


I think Carrie will find Abu Nazir dead by his own hand.


Its just so ironic i had to laugh out loud at the point you wrote the lead pipe versus the most dangerous Terrorist. I can totally picture that


The stuff with the VP's pacemaker really stretched credibility. 1) Why would the VP have told a reporter not only that there is a way to reprogram his pacemaker, but also where exactly he keeps the case with the serial number? And is that even possible? 2) Would security really be that lax around the VP's residence? One has to hope not. That said, there was a certain satisfaction in seeing him die, and, as always, Damian Lewis played the scene to perfection.

Estes's comment about Saul knowing about the drone srike did not bode well for Saul - I feer he'll be another Peter Quinn casualty. But the promo scenes for next week suggested that Saul was present for questioning of Roya. So, they're going to keep us guessing.

The pacing and continual switching of gears of this show continue to make it a must-see for me.


The plot sucks :-(


That episode nearly got me to kick this series to the curb ...i have pretty much lost interest in what happens to any of these characters ......Carrie going back to the abandoned building was way too lame !!!!
Big night for Boardwalk....Dexter too.


I was so convinced that Brody was playing everyone when Nazir let him go last week. Whether they have lulled us all into a false sense of security before the crap hits the fan in these last 2 episodes is anyone's guess!!! Even if Brody is trying to do right I hope Nazir has a bigger plan in place and he wont get caught. What I cant figure out is who the mole is - I wanted to believe that Estes might have been it but he had more to gain from keeping Walden alive than killing him. Is it possible that its Quinn or is that too obvious? Carrie will know that Brody played a big part in killing Walden in the next episode - will Brody just tell her that he did it to save her life be enough to stop her telling Estes and having tje shackles thrown on him again? So many questions only 2 episodes to answer them all.....ahhh!!!

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