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Hawaii Five-0 Review: Rumor Has It

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"Ha 'awe Make Loa:" Death Wish

In his slow progression from being my least favorite character to making the top three, Max made a lot of progress this week, thanks in part to his quick thinking to help and injured man and his adorable new girlfriend Sabrina (Rumer Willis).

I actually feel a little bad for the Willis (the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), as she was put into an episode with the acting talents of C. Thomas Howell and sexy super model Behati. Talk about a double whammy. How is she supposed to compete with them?

Thankfully, she didn't have to. She just had to look cute with Max and not flinch when he melted ice chips on her lips. Setting aside how touching that gesture was, would they really need to give her water by mouth if she’s only been out a few hours? Last time I was in the ER I got an IV of fluids and didn't need to drink anything for two days.

But I'm no doctor, so I'm willing to go with it. 

Danny Protects a Model

For the record, I know she couldn't have been out very long, because Max was still in his bloody shirt and nobody seemed to think that was weird. Hey, Steve, next time you go to the hospital to get Max’s statement after a shooting, take him a shirt would ya! 

In a rare “double case” episode, Danny had the horrible job of protecting three Victoria Secret models from a stalker all of whom took a strong interest in Grace. Best part about this story is Danny was not grumpy once. In fact I don’t think he stopped smiling the whole time, even after shooting the stalker. 

And of course for those of you playing the recently created H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game, it was a banner night as we got two different chases with several things knocked over, a person car-jacked and knocked down, one suspect tackled, and I’m giving a bonus drink for the naked chase as where else would we get awesome Hawaii Five-0 quotes like this:

Kono: Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked. | permalink

Overall, this was a fun episode. I’m guessing C. Thomas Howell got a new agent, because he has been in everything lately. In fact, this appearance gives him the trifecta of Monday night shows, as he was on Revolution and Castle in the last couple of months. So I’m giving this episode 4.5 cute bank tellers in honor of Max and his new girl. 

What did you think? Do you want to see Rumer Willis with Max again? 


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I agree with Allie, this was a great ep, and I loved Max's crush on Rumer Willis! So adorable! He went from being my least favorite character to being a favorite, though he's still not as high up there as that hottie Alex O! I LOLed, too, at the naked stoner chase and the interrogation of stoner guy.Really funny stuff, and I loved that Danny took Grace to the VS event and she got to put on makeup with the big girls! I bet that is something she will never forget. I also think that Danno on the couch showing photos of his little girl to the models was sweet. He looked so happy with all that female attention, poor guy probably needs a good roll in the hay, so to speak! I bet that is why he's cranky. I laughed at Steve telling him he had no chance of getting a model's phone number...that was just hilariously understated.


Except for the model storyline, this was a pretty good episode. I agree, how did Alex get even more drop-dead gorgeous? I love that he is healthy and firing on all cylinders. His scene near the end, with C.Thomas Howell was so good.
Loved the final scene with Uncle Steve and Grace. They have great chemistry. When I think back to S1,Ep.2.,with Danny ribbing Steve in the elevator scene,about him having no rapport with children, I have to laugh.
I liked the driving scenes with Kono and Steve. Not a fan of Max, though.
The weekly scene-that-stretches-all-credibility: the jump from that height would realistically have resulted in broken legs and spinal injuries. Even with that, it must have been done with harnesses and wires.


The VS story was out of place, just an excuse for free advertising for tonight's special. I blame that on CBS. Yeah, Behati should stick to modeling. Glad they didn't make Danny and Steve into drooling 15 year olds. I too questioned Grace at a lingerie show, but it made for a sweet scene with Uncle Steve and Danno. Kamekona and cousin with Steve and Danny's badges and 2 weeks of free lunches another funny bit. Loved the humor sprinkled throughout the episode. Keep it up TPTB. Overall a fun, entertaining filler ep. Agree with Tess and Diane, so refreshing to get a team ep and not have Catherine and/or Doris forced in. Love the feel and chemistry when it is just the core 4 and recurring characters like Fong and Kamekona. Looking forward to next week!


Enjoyed this ep a lot more than I expected. The team feel, the action, humor and pace made it feel like season 1 which is fantastic. Loved Steve and Kono chasing the "bare assed naked" guy. Laugh out loud funny. Their faces with the tackle and the handcuffs were priceless. Great to see more of Fong too. This season he has been shorted by giving his expertise to Catherine too often. Funny scene with the "hottie" shirt and Kono. Would like to see more of him. Nice to see Max get some time, very sweet story line with Sabrina. Liked the main story, the twists and turns and good casting with C. Thomas Howell. Not too often someone gets the drop on McGarrett. Enjoyed seeing more of Kono and Chin, though he still got shorted. The smaller bits of Steve and Danny together were fantastic. The beginning with Steve calling Danny Detective Williams, the 'no no no" with the phone numbers and the two with Grace and then Kamekona were all gold. The VS story was out of place, just an excuse for free advertising for tonight's special. I blame that on CBS. Yeah, Behati should stick to modeling. Glad they didn't make Danny and Steve into drooling 15 year olds. Overall a fun, entertaining filler ep. Agree with Tess and Diane, so refreshing to get a team ep and not have Catherine and/or Doris forced in. Love the feel and chemistry when it is just the core 4 and recurring characters like Fong and Kamekona. Looking forward to next week!


This episode is one of my favorites this season! All the magic ingredients were in the mix. From Max's cute, sweet, quirky crush on Sabrina, to his quick thinking, take charge persona, to the hilarious McKono chase scene with bare-ass naked was awesome. I was thoroughly entertained by Danno's interaction with the VS models, he deserves some beauty and flirting from beautiful models after all he's gone through this season. I was quite impressed by Behati's acting skills. The crime of the week was exciting with an unexpected reveal. And the appearance of Mr. Fong :) Loved the shirt he made Kono put on :) and he solved the missing head mystery! Steve was awesome as usual with his delivery of one liners. Priceless expressions by Steve when he took naked guy down and when Kono had to cuff him. We got the entire core Ohana with Gracie and Kamekona. Perfect mixture :) :) and Steve is still hot!


I wasn't really expecting to like this one, but I did! I could have done with less (or no) VS sub-plot, but it was not nearly as bad as I feared it might be. I thought the main plot was pretty interesting - enjoyed Max and Rumer Willis was pretty good in her role. Would have enjoyed more Chin - it seems they always have to tie someone to the computer table sadly. I LOVED the pairing of Steve and Kono - I was not expecting that much of them together and it was a real treat! They are very alike and it is pretty cool to see them working together - I would like more of that, and while they are mixing it up, I also always enjoy Chin and Danny paired up as well. I think it is good to mix it up! This episode, for all of its' drama had a lot of humor in it and we don't get that nearly enough. It made me happy to watch and that's good enough for me. Can't wait for next week - Noshimori Bros!!


Well the episode was so so. Not that good not that bad. I like Steve and Kono interaction but the VS product placement I hate it. The model plot was poor and bad for me and those models better keep modeling than acting. Behati answer about why fans admire them was lame. The product placement was ridiculously bad. We have enough with the Chevy product. Why H50 insists on putting product placements on the show very often (The Hilton, Chevy, Hawaiian Airlines) I do not get it. As far as I see I do not see other cop shows doing the same. Maybe because brands are not interested to market their products thru a TV show rather to do it somewhere else.


Wow I loved this episode. The McKono episodes are great. Even though I like Steve and Danny together its very refreshing seeing McKono together. As for Max took me by surprise, but pleasantly that he has a girlfriend. Would love to see this go further. I'm not really a Cath and Steve fan. I just don't feel she fits with him. Just saying. Not seeing her really doesn't effect me. However I do like Doris. You really don't know whether to strangle her or except her back in Steves life, but I think theres alot more to her, and its coming soon. As for Danny I thought this was refreshing also. He was HAPPY. Not his old grumpy side. And as we can see hes coming out of that more and more. All and all me to no complaints.


This was a nice filler ep, although such blatant product placement with the VS models was a little too sickly-sweet for me. Smiley Danny is nice, but angsty Danny is much better for me! Did enjoy how Danny manipulated Steve into getting to stay with the models while Steve had to work the real case! I did get intothe main crime of the week! Didn't see the whole "convince a fellow cancer patient who just happens to be an ex-assassin to kill me while I attempt to save a "victim" from a fake bank robbery so I can die a hero in my estranged daughter's eyes" coming, at all! Best part? The action scenes of course! Bare-assed stoney running through the neighborhood and Kono's digusted "Fair? This is fair? Hands behind your back...and keep your legs closed!" comments. Okay, I admit, Kono and Steve have some good moments together! Max and Sabrina take the cake this week! Bring back Sabrina soon, show - she really humanizes Max! All in all a solid ep, good filler, bad product placement.


Enjoyed this one. Any episode without Doris or Wo Fat is an improvement imho. Naked chase was funny for prop placement alone. Sure VS was a commercial but those beautiful gals at least kept crankypants Danny at bay.