Hawaii Five-0 Review: Rumor Has It

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"Ha 'awe Make Loa:" Death Wish

In his slow progression from being my least favorite character to making the top three, Max made a lot of progress this week, thanks in part to his quick thinking to help and injured man and his adorable new girlfriend Sabrina (Rumer Willis).

I actually feel a little bad for the Willis (the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), as she was put into an episode with the acting talents of C. Thomas Howell and sexy super model Behati. Talk about a double whammy. How is she supposed to compete with them?

Thankfully, she didn't have to. She just had to look cute with Max and not flinch when he melted ice chips on her lips. Setting aside how touching that gesture was, would they really need to give her water by mouth if she’s only been out a few hours? Last time I was in the ER I got an IV of fluids and didn't need to drink anything for two days.

But I'm no doctor, so I'm willing to go with it. 

Danny Protects a Model

For the record, I know she couldn't have been out very long, because Max was still in his bloody shirt and nobody seemed to think that was weird. Hey, Steve, next time you go to the hospital to get Max’s statement after a shooting, take him a shirt would ya! 

In a rare “double case” episode, Danny had the horrible job of protecting three Victoria Secret models from a stalker all of whom took a strong interest in Grace. Best part about this story is Danny was not grumpy once. In fact I don’t think he stopped smiling the whole time, even after shooting the stalker. 

And of course for those of you playing the recently created H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game, it was a banner night as we got two different chases with several things knocked over, a person car-jacked and knocked down, one suspect tackled, and I’m giving a bonus drink for the naked chase as where else would we get awesome Hawaii Five-0 quotes like this:

Kono: Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked. | permalink

Overall, this was a fun episode. I’m guessing C. Thomas Howell got a new agent, because he has been in everything lately. In fact, this appearance gives him the trifecta of Monday night shows, as he was on Revolution and Castle in the last couple of months. So I’m giving this episode 4.5 cute bank tellers in honor of Max and his new girl. 

What did you think? Do you want to see Rumer Willis with Max again? 


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I can't stand Catherine and think she only serves to take scenes away from Kono, love STeve and Kono working together


"Fairly good episode, but I'm wondering with this new relationship with Max and Sabrina, are you going to play it out or is she going to just disappear like other characters (i.e. what happened to Adam)?" Sabrina is not going to show up again until the last episode of this season or the first episode of the next season when she will be killed just like Dr. Malia Weston was. The Yazuka who rescued Kono in the first episode has been a no-show since then. He will also be history in the last episode or the first episode of the next season. As I have always said, audience does not like Asian-Asian romance, let alone a white-Asian romance (especially Asian male-white female variety) although many of the same folks probably voted for Obama! The only interracial romance that survived for a long time was the Washington-Oh black-Asian romance of Grey's Anatomy. Interesting...in the same show where they have an Asian male-white female romance, they had an Afrikaaner acting as a model..a group for whom any interracial romance is still an anathema!


I enjoyed the epi. Thought it was solid. It Had action, chase scenes and a kidnapping and sweet moments too! I loved that the models weren't up front and center and didn't take over the show, though the storyline was a bit cheesy. But hey, at least it had Danny smiling!! Steve and Kono should work together more often, they have a really great chemistry. I found it a bit sad too. Imagine being that desperate as to have a pact to commit suicide. I'm loving the geeky, gawky Max just a bit more too! He was sooo sweet with his crush and yes, Jim, I think Sabrina (Rumer) should definitely return! Seeing Fong was an extra bonus! I wish they'd use him more. My favorite was seeing Gracie and Uncle Steve together. She's adorable and he just loves her. Extra, extra bonus, Steve all dressed up looking suave and seeing Kamekono in a suit!! The old team feeling is back, just like season 1! I'm loving season 3!!


@Sue, I have visited many friends in the hospital, depends on the hours. As it was bright day out, I'm guessing it was still during normal hours. Besides, as he is medically trained, you maybe right that he might have a "free pass"


The ice chip scene was touching, but I kept wondering how a non-relative was allowed in to see her. Maybe the M.E. gets a pass?


A lot of people don't like product placement and I understand that. It really doesn't bother me, I hardley notice the Chevy, Hilton etc. The VS Was a little much for me. Some mentioned that other shows don't do it, I don't know as I don't watch them. I'm not sure about this but it could be that it costs more to produce a show in Hawaii than on the mainland and they need to make more money,and product placement helps with the extra cost, only a guess.


Not a bad episode except for the Danny storyline. It seems the writers don't know what to do with Danny these days. Rushing in and shooting the stalker lady was laughable. Steve and Kono were good together. Wish we had more Chin instead of usless Danny. At least Chin is believable as a cop eventhough he doesn't get a lot of screentime. Nice to get the old Steve back and not the dreary character he becomes when he's the butt of Dannys rants.
I'm liking Doris a bit more lately so hope to see her again soon and Catherine is awesome. As much as I like Grace she didn't fit in this episode. Why was a young child attending an adult fashion show. Steve was great with her though. Great chemistry between the two.


I liked this episode very much. The two chase scenes were great. Chasing the drugged out naked guy was hilarious, Steve's look after having to tackle him, and Kono saying "put your hands behind your back, and keep your legs closed" was great. I very happy to see so much more of Kono. I love Steve and Danny together, but it great when they mix it up. I also love Catherine, but I agree she is not needed in every episode. I do love the Doris story also, its picking up. I think the writers leaving things alone for an episode or two and returning to it, is a good move. I think Behati actually did well with the lines she had, I did not expect much, but was surprised. She delivered the line with Danny on the couch stating people think Grace looks like him, and her saying "I don't see it" flowed and was done well.


I THOUGHT IT WAS "SUPER".....LOVED, THAT THE GUYS COULD TAKE CARE OF 2 CASES AT THE SAME TIME...AND WORK WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE TEAM......LOVED STEVE AND KONO ( more steve, then kono), RUNNING AFTER THE "BARE ASS NAKED GUY"....THE LOOK ON STEVE'S FACE, WAS GREAT. REALLY LIKED DANNY HANDLING HIS OWN CASE....though was surprised, by his stumbling conversation with the women.....there in a little ways, kinda reminded me of VERY SPECIAL NCIS AGENT TONY DINOZZO.....lol.....i LOVE danny...and really LOVE "McDANNO".....and like them with danny's daughter....was THRILLED not to have catherine or steve's mother. liked Max as well....still getting the feel for him, to be honest. this was a 5 STAR eppy, imo. alisa


Ok! Two good eps in a row-- I'm hoping the old H50 I loved is finally back. I'm so happy TPTB have gone back to letting Alex look good and McG be kickass. Was so sick of the sitcom sidekick act he was becoming every week. Was so happy I didn't even mind the VS tie-in (and ridiculous subplot.) Normally, I find Max to be a silly character, just another take on CBS' formulaic eccentric, socially awkward geek guy-- the less of him the better. But Rumer Willis really brought out his more endearing (less annoying) quirks. And yes, the naked guy chase was a hilarious twist...

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Chin: I reached out to an FBI contact that recommends we try vascular mapping.
Steve: What is it?
Chin: It's when you isolate a suspect vain pattern and running it against the Federal database, just like a fingerprint.

Male suspect traveling on foot, south on Koka Street. What's he wearing? Nothing, that's right he's bare ass naked.