Hart of Dixie Review: The Ship Is Sailing

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On "Blue Christmas" there was major heartbreak - but also major love!

From Crazy Earl turning not-so-crazy Earl... to Ruby breaking up with Lavon, this Hart of Dixie Season 2 episode was definitely one of my favorites to date.

Zoe's Christmas

Let's start here: Wade and Zoe FINALLY got together!

Zoe's speech to Wade at the end was ADORABLE and you have to admit that it was even if you ship George and Zoe. I really enjoyed how she maned womaned up and came to her senses. Wade HAS evolved and is definitely worthy. Now that they're on the same page, it's working out great. The tension they've played up to the past few episodes paid off here. Big time.

Since I missed last week and didn't get to review "Sparks Fly," I will take this part to talk about how I DO love Tansy and George. Except every time I see Tansy I think of the actress and her role in Magic Mike. Anyone else? No? Just me. Okay. Anyway, George looks happy with Tansy and he's changing too. He is going outside of his "good guy" box, which is something that needed to happen. 

I was so proud of Lemon tonight, putting aside her personal feelings to help Lavon keep the current love of his life in Bluebell. I am astounded at how much Lemon has grown in these 10 episodes of Hart of Dixie. This is how character growth should be done. Ruby just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and bad things won't happen. (I still love you, Ruby)

That said, I adored the immaturity between the both of them tonight. I was laughing so hard at their scene at the cookie contest. They hate each other so much and are not afraid to show it, it's perfect. I really will miss these scenes between Ruby and Lemon. I will also miss Ruby. I don't believe we've seen the last of her, but I do believe we won't see her for awhile. I was actually surprised when it was revealed that Lavon was going to be proposing, but I am glad it didn't work out. I'm sorry, Lavon, except that I'm not: you and Lemon are meant to be. 

Elsewhere, Brick has a new and much younger lady friend! What a HYSTERICAL add the end, I was not expecting Brick to come up from the covers. Last week, Brick was dreading going on a date with her because of her cell phone obsession and look how that turned out! I love it. Get yours, Brick, it makes me love you more. 

Back to Zoe and Wade. After watching last week's episode and this one, I have to say that Wade is becoming a very likable and lovable character. In the beginning and at times he can be a real ass and very immature. Now it's the opposite. He has become this sensitive and down-to-earth guy ever since Zoe and that is what love is folks. Love changes you and "evolves" you. That is exactly what happened to them both. Crazy Earl said it best. Those two are in love. 

Move over George and Zoe, endgamers, Wade and Zoe is where it's at. I'm on this ship and I will sail with it until the end!

Overall this episode was definitely top three if not my all-time favorite. Unfortunately, we have quite the break before Hart of Dixie returns. Hopefully when that takes place, we will see more of Rose and Annabeth, my two underused favorites. 


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I will admit the show is boring this season but not because of Wsde...without him the show is NOT worth watching. The writing are NOT giving us any interesting show lines. The writers have made Zoe such an unlikeable character... people are ANNOYED at her. George can have Zoe. I think the majority of the fans are invested in Wade's storyline.


Am I the only one who ships Zoe and George? I've loved them together since the the pilot, which is why this season has been absolutely dreadful to watch. Sure, Wade has been changing these past few episodes, but for a whole season I've watched him acting like an annoying, immature, womanizing ass who handles his feelings like a little school boy. And sadly that's how I'll always feel about his character. The only thing that's interested me this season is Lemon. I'm really loving her character now that she's trying to make something of herself.


hate when this cuts off. the last part says: That scene in the church between him and Earl gave a lot of background and explanation as to how both characters dealt with the grieving process.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Wade and Zoe are finally together after a year and a half of will they or won't they, which these days I personally feel is way overdone. I will refer specifically to Booth and Brennan from Bones (6 years), and Castle and Beckett from Castle (4 years) and it drove me nuts how both shows would have them be thisclose and then at the last possible minute throw an obstacle in the mix to keep them as "just friends" a little bit longer. So I am very happy HOD moved the romance story along rather quickly. I strongly disagree with the comments that Zoe needs to leave Bluebell and putting Wade down and treating his past as a nothing more than a sympathy story. (1) If Zoe left then there wouldn't be a show as it is called "Hart" of Dixie and she is the primary character. She even said herself that being a GP is a good fit and suits her. (2) Wade actually had a legitimate tragedy happen in his family with the death of his mother from a terminal illness. That scene in the church between him and Earl gave a lot of background and explanation as to how both characters dealt with the grieving process.


Where did Tom get one of Wade's Nike shoes from in the final scene? It magically appeared in his hand and he left it on the table!


coco...no talking about marriage here so why can't zoe have some fun with Wade.


I KINDA agree with Coco... Wade needs to move on to bigger and better things... Open up a bar or buy the Rammer Jammer. Or open up a construction business... He is so good at so many things the possibilities are endless. I am not happy that he is kinda stagnant these days. I dont want Lemon with Lavon, I dont think she is selfish. I think she is confused. I want her back with George, but I like George with Tansy as well. I dont see Zoe being happy in Bluebell unless she has some major revelations or life changes.. A kid maybe....


Someone know the title of the song sounds the last scene?


I find it weird that everyone is saying that Zoe is such a better person now that she's finally with Wade and understands him. What?? Zoe being selfish is fine. Lemon is so much more childish and self-absorbed and I LOVE her without any man. And I think everyone was loving the Lemon growth sans Lavon or George. But when Zoe decides to be selfish everyone's on her case because Wade is soooooo hottttt and ooomg Wade is like the perfect dude and how dare that b!tch Zoe care more about herself than about poor, hot, womanizing, but totally evolved for the past few weeks despite years of terrible history Wade. Anyways, realistically Zoe should leave that town and be a real doctor. Because let's be honest, she's a big town girl and as a New Yorker myself, there is no way in hell I would submit myself to a life with a dead end bartender. George and Tansy, however, I can see. He has always been a small town boy. He and Zoe would also not work out in the end, but Tansy might be a good thing for George because I sure as heck can't see him back with Lemon.


this is absolutely my favorite show at the moment - makes me feel better after watching it :-) blue christmas was really an amazing episode - so much emotions... I love Zoe and Wade together and both actors are really doing a wonderful job. Also love Lemon, but cannot decide if I want Lavon or George for her? With Lavon, there was much more magic, I think, but he really seems to have moved on. Therefore might be difficult for the writers to make him love Lemon again. George, on the other hand - wouldn´t it make him a foolish person first to break up at his wedding and then to realize he does love her in the end? I´m really eager to find out where Lemon will end up? As I really love the show would love it to see more of Zoes work, as you could in the first season - her saving some lives or stuff :-)

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Tansy is short for Lemon. Crazy, southern ways.


Zoe: Wade did not break with up with. I am so much happier without him because now I can focus on more important things. Like trying to figure out how to redirect air traffic with my mind.
Lavon: Your mom is almost here?