Hart of Dixie Review: Amazing Facts and Feats

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Zoe oh Zoe, what are you doing? 

Zoe's look of disappointment over George's acceptance of her relationship with Wade was not a fleeting response last week. Instead, it was a heartfelt admission that she isn't entirely into Wade. Zoe's disregard for his feelings at her door step and moving forward made the once fun and adorable Zoe into an unlikable gal.

A Date for Zoe

In "Sparks Fly," after six days of separation, Wade put his heart out there and asked Zoe to go on a real, traditional date with him. Of course in Bluebell that means bidding on a charity basket to win a picnic date with him. Is Zoe selfish? Clueless? I'm not sure, but her reaction didn't make her look very good. All the guy wanted was to have a meal together and Zoe treated it like he was asking her for a lifetime commitment. 

Zoe did end up buying Wade's date from Magnolia, but really the damage had already been done. She only made the situation worse by bringing The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats as a conversation starter. I don't get it. She has had plenty of conversations with Wade in bed and out, why is this so difficult for her? I just wanted to knock some sense into her.

But, is it possible that Zoe really does like Wade and wants to move their relationship forward, but is afraid? Initially Wade was a placeholder for George, but is he still? Now that their arrangement is off and she understands why he is avoiding her, perhaps she will start to recognize her own feelings for him. This mean, selfish Zoe is annoying and needs to go away.

While Zoe may have been had a placeholder for George, he was going full steam ahead in wooing Tansy. And, it worked! Unlike Wade and Zoe, George and Tansy embraced their differences and used them to help the other experience new things. Who would have thought that George would break into a car? He did it and he loved it. They were joy to watch together. Whether it will be a long lasting relationship or not, who cares. They enjoyed each other in the now.

Unfortunately, Lemon was not nearly as lucky with her basket bid. She unwittingly bid on the wrong basket and ended up on a date with her former love, Lavon. Though not the way either of them planned to spend their date, it ended up helping them both get closure over their failed romance. It was touching when Lavon credited Lemon with teaching him how to love. Despite her feelings for him, she saw how much he loves Ruby and supported that. Plus, she had a guy waiting for her at the bar!

Eventually, it would be awesome to see Lavon and Lemon get together. Just like the timing isn't right for Zoe and George, it isn't for the Mayor and his first love either. Though, they all could end up happily in love with their current prospects as well.

Whether Zoe was acting out of insecurities or an undecided heart, she hurt Wade and he didn't deserve it. Please let her come to her senses and soon. Wade is a good and sexy guy, who cares about her. What more could a girl want? 

Did Zoe drive you crazy this week too? Or, do you think she handled the situation appropriately? Who was your favorite picnic pairing?


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I totally ship a third season to this show it's unique and addicting. Also I ship zade totally their like chair they belong together and should be the endgame wade knows zoe he knows how to handle her and he knows her. George does not tansy is perfect for him I get irritated with zoes character at times but from what I saw in this episode I think she's scared wade is different from what she's used to but that's what makes him so perfect for her. I love the dominating leader that wade was showing in this episode with her I hope he keeps it up he's lead her a bit in the past but I ike how this episode showed it more. I read in a tv guide that everything comes to a head for zoe in the holiday episode plus I read in a spoiler that episode 13 zoe goes against brick in a doctor challenge and wade comes in to support her and is a hot coach for her which means there on good terms in that epiosde who knows where their relationship is in that episode. Also zoe needs to ease up on wade he's helped her out and done more for her than he should for her. she needs to finally stop looking above hime cause the more she the lower she falls due to he has shown to be a way better man than george. I want to really see him take the lead in their relationship she needs it due to her attitude.


Yeah, Zoe is both mean and clueless ready. She needs a Cher in Moonstruck -- someone to slap her and tell her to snap out of it! And I'm getting tired of nothing working out for Lemon. She has learned and grown more than Zoe has, so why can't she get something she wants? Must say, I'm very impressed with HOD's writers last night because they actually made me like the idea of George and Tansy! A relationship that seemed completely forced and unviable was suddenly believable for me. I loved that he helped her steal back her dog! And as an SPCA volunteer and dog trainer, I want to thank HOD for making the dog a pit bull mix! These dogs are unfairly maligned by the "if bleeds it leads" sensationalistic "news" programs. And it's funny how so many hate the dogs who have no control in the matter, but are willing to overlook sadistic dog fighter/torturers like Eagles QB Michael Vick, who knew exactly what he was doing.


I love Tansy - so glad she is back and George and her are very cute togeher to my surprise as I was a bit of a fan of Tansy and Wade in Season 1. But this season - hey ultimately Zoe and Wade are a couple already - whether they realise it or not. Fact is Zoe chooses Wade all the time - she has done from the start. She may not do it in her heart, head or feelings but she constantly chooses him in her actions. And lets face it love isn't something you feel its something you do and when it comes to do Zoe is Wade all the way. Every hurdle and obstacle he sets up she takes every time - anytime she could choose him over George she does ansd this week she went well out of her way to have the date he wanted. Lets be real he should have been happy that she said lets have another actually real date but no he wanted the one he set down and she did everything she could and more to have that happen.
I am a huge Wade fan but right now he needs his butt kicked - Zoe is clearly choosing him all the time - so hey he should just get over his insecurities and be happy and grateful the woman of his dreams loves him back every day despite her concerns - that's right loving him is hard for her but she does it every day anyway - it doesn't get much better than that - so Wade smarten up and stop cutting her off!!!


Meant to say "since the start of the season"


What I loved about this episode? George and Tansy! So cute and spontaneous. George actually looked genuinely happy for the first time since.
Poor Lemon, she just cannot catch a break. Although I was very proud of her and how she acted on her and Lavon's date. I'd still love for those two to get back together.
And then my poor Wade... I didn't think I could like Zoe less than last week. I was wrong. I'd love Zade together, but I'm Team Wade first. Hope he gets a happy storyline soon. With or without Zoe


@Liz Bar girl George was dating broke up with him after she realized he was imposing his will on it during mayoral elections. George has assumed that she would be voting for Lavon when he persuaded her to vote. She was offended by his behaviour and made it quite clear that she is no longer in him. George is a better fit for Tanzy instead of Presley (bar girl), Lemon and most definitely Zoe.


@shivmay27 On the contrary, Wade has always been very mature wherever it mattered, he has been there for his father, not leaving Bluebell to take care of him. Wade has always been there to help her when she needed sometimes without taking credit (Gumbo), he has stayed away from her when she did not make up her mind, he has stick to the rules Zoe made up in the relation (even when Zoe did not); he tried to tell her about her feelings openly and directly and was interrupted,whereas Zoe just said she felt connected, she always wanted him to confess his feelings towards her whereas she always said the relation would not go anywhere, they were so different, she did not like him etc. You would not expect Wade to come out and say his feelings when she becomes obsessed with George and so eager to underline their differences. Despite insisting on a "sex only" relation, she wanted commitment (exclusivity) and for romance. If someone needs to mature in the relation, it is definitely Zoe and not Wade.

Sarah silva

This one of my favorite episodes!
For once I liked Ruby.
I also really like Lemon this season. I want her and Lavon to end up together but the cute dentist is good for now as Lavon has Ruby.
Brick and his date were super cute and funny together.
I really like Geroge and Tansy, she makes George mroe relaxed and goofy! A side that I like to see.
I feel super bad for Wade, I have been team Wade from the start and while there were times that he was immature and mean to Zoe that I wanted to yell at him, he really is a good guy and really likes Zoe. I hope that the look she gave him at the end means she smartened up and will ask him for another chance. Wade is better for her than George.


Where is that bar girl George was dating? She just disappeared or I seemed to miss an explanation for it? She was so cool.


I know that everyone seems to be hard on Zoe right now but what i can see is that when Zoe had admitted to liking Wade all he did was shot her down, he made it seem like she wasn't that good in bed either and that he has had better. I don't think Zoe see's herself as being better than Wade but she is more mature, Wade has a teenage boy personality and so far when he says hurtful things to her it seems to be ok, but when she does she has to be the one to run back to him and apologize in order to ease his ego. Yeah i really like Wade but i wouldn't see them working out in the long run if he doesn't mature faster.

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