Grey's Anatomy Review: Cold Feet, Warm Heart

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Maybe it's me, but I've noticed more recently that winter finales have become bigger and more pivotal in their dramatic turns, much like season finales. There's always something major in store, except luckily, we don't have to wait as long for the return with the consequences and aftermath.

Which is a good thing, because while "Run, Baby, Run" had a lot of buildup, its final moments packed a solid punch of WOW.

Lizzie on Grey's

Neve Campbell was fantastic as Derek's sister Lizzie and that's not because she's a Scream queen or a Wild Thing. She possesses a lot of charisma without being over the top, and her sisterly determination makes her feel less pushy and more sensitive.

I was glad that she was willing to tell Derek that it didn't matter if the procedure worked, it was trying it that counted. Similarly, I was pleased she told Meredith that she wanted to be more like sisters with her.

Sure, Meredith did seem extremely hesitant and uncomfortable, but it was great that in the end, she opened up to Lizzie about the pregnancy and family. That's a huge step in their relationship, but also in the sense that Meredith was willing to share something that she hasn't been the most optimistic about.

And it was a little weird that both Cristina and Meredith didn't tell each other their big news. Does that really mean that things are changing for them or is that just a bump in the "BFF" road?

If anything, it looks like things are headed in a positive direction for these two girlfriends, which is a good thing after so much tragedy has fallen on them. But can you believe Owen and Cristina jumping each other?

These two characters have always had great chemistry, and even when they were fighting, you could feel the passion and sentiment between them. They've always felt like a real couple.

Yes, the will they/won't they relationship has been going for a while, but it's been obvious that Owen still holds a flame for his sharp-tongued love.

Getting a divorce to help the settlement, while feeling the heavy heavy burden of being the one that chose the crashed plane, is a lot for the guy to handle.

So, in the end, I am happy that these two are willing to give it a second try. Should they? Can it actually work? I'm hesitant to shout "happy endings," but it was a nice surprise that they've fallen into each other's arms again.

Which makes me wonder about the intern Jo and Alex. Is the show trying to push them together romantically?

I don't know if I like that direction, and I certainly couldn't believe she told on Alex because she thought she was going to get fired. I get the "deep end" feeling, but going behind his back is definitely a way to burn those bridges.

Although, I get the sneaking suspicion that these two are only just getting started.

Bailey's Wedding Dress

But the big shocker of the night came down to Adele's emergency and Miranda skipping out on her own wedding to help her friend.

It makes me wonder what the outcome for these two will be when we come back. Will Adele survive? Will Miranda's relationship?

I know that she had cold feet and feelings of doubt, but it would be unfortunate that it all ends under the circumstances. It's not like Miranda actually turned into a runaway bride. She was simply helping Richard. I just hope that she and Ben can work it out and not have him calling off the wedding and their marriage.

But holy awesomeness to how well all the doctors looked out of their scrubs! Sexy dresses for the ladies and sharp suits for the guys is a look they should try more often.

I'll admit the beginning got off to a slow start, and I kept waiting for something bad to happen after Meredith's voiceover about stresses and running. And I'm still not a huge fan of the interns (but maybe that's because we've had so much time to get to know the main Grey's Anatomy cast.) 

Ultimately, though, the ending threw so many good moments to leave fans wanting more over the holidays that it's got me wondering about the fate of all the characters and where everything will go from here.

That's a great way to send off a winter finale, Grey's Anatomy. Well done.


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Yeah, I say well done, too but seems to me that Shonda is spending more quality time with Scandal than with our friends on Gray's
anatomy. I love Scandal, Gray's and Homeland, and though they're all very different, there are elements they all require to pique our interest. It should make each show better having the others as heads up competition, but that's not always the case. Last night's Gray's Anatomy was a winner however and I, too, was completely taken by Neve Campbell and her subtle yet extremely heartfelt performance...all grown up and looking good is our Neve; in fact, she's never looked better and I hope they expand her role...could be a very interesting dynamic? And Kudos to Christina for FINALLY telling it like it is-you never get anywhere when you don't let your own husband in on the truth. I knew...or rather hoped and prayed this was coming and I believe the second time around will be a charm...only thing is-what to do about that damn lawsuit and their "conflict of interest?" A great many things are truly important in this scenario and it's bound to complicate an already messy situation that I feel must head to a full on reconciliation. Derek is going to have his "hand" back, Neve will become part of the family and enjoy the birth of a healthy baby boy to her overbearing brother she loves unconditionally, Christina and Owen will reunite...Callie and Arizona will find the right shoes and Dr. Bailey will get another chance from Ben because that's just who he is (a really nice/handsome and all-round good guy) and Adele will unfortunately, but sweetly bid adieu to the show and Richard will at last be free to be whomever he wants to be. Now that's that but what's going to happen all around these couples to keep the suspense clock ticking as it usually does so well on this amazing show??? I'm a FAN, but look out...Scandal just may steal all the pie and cake, not to mention the unbelievably good writing and if ever a show has lived up to its name, it's SCANDAL!


I absolutely adored Shane's reaction when realising that going to the wedding with Kepner was supposed to be a date - he's the only one clearly thinking as a professional, and seeing the "dating the boss" thing as a big no.
I don't like Jo, but I like the development of the character - it seems realistic she's behaving like "I had a tough life, respect me/be impressed" and Karev is the one who makes her be professional. I think they should develope a good mentor-student relationship, as Karev did with Arizona, not a romantic thing.
And a big yes for Crowen, Cristina is a mature unselfish woman now, and much more ready to truly be a partner/wife.


Owen/Christina a big yes. They just go together and need to grow together. April and Avery nother yes. Jo looks an awful lot like Lexie to me. Karov not sure of but he's still growing up too. Adele's death might clear the way for Avery's mom and Richard. A lot of older people have GI bleeds. Digestive systems thin with age. She might have a serious ulcer as well. Lots of ways to go with this one.


I have to say Jo could be the worst of 5 interns, her acting skill is over of top,why GA writer/director gave her much more screen time?? she's not good at playing!!
Mer and Cri look so beautiful when they wear the red & balck evening gown,it's too bad we can't see MD and CO dance in the wedding???
I'm happy for Crowen reunion!! I enjoy CO kissing, PLease more!!


I enjoyed last night episode but I would have really loved to have seen Bailey get married. I do love the relationship between Miranda and Richard. I do not like Alex and Jo together. I don't think they have any chemistry and I was so upset with her going behind Alex back to Arizona. I for one don't care for Owen and Christina as a couple. I do love how she showed her emotions though to Owen. I really liked how she has evolved this season.


I love Bailey!! I love Adele! I love the friendship and trust that has developed between Bailey and Richard and too see Bailey and Richard in that one moment show their complete trust and faith in each other just made my heart melt!! Neve how I have missed you, she is superb as Derricks's sister, hope to see more of her and Mer forming a bond, Mer needs someone right now. Callie...oh gosh, could Arizona have a better wife, Callie is great and she and Arizona make the perfect couple, they just compliment each other and have such big hearts, stobborness and all, I still miss Lexie and as mush as people are saying Jo and Alex won't work, I think it wil be great I think they will become friends and learn to rtust each other before anything physical happens between them, although Jo is whinny right now I think she will mature with Alex and it will be a perfect union


I feel so bad that Mer dont want to get too excited about her pregnancy because of the fear of miscarrying. It is just sad.
Last night, I was cringing that Shonda would have killed the unborn kid and thereby sending Mer into a depression. Because she really didn't mourn her last pregnancy.
I loved how Cristina finally showed some feelings. She keeps everything so bottled up.


Daron, Jo was the one who went and cried to AZ about the surgery. Alex was only tried to be good with her. And he didn't treat Izzie like a sl*t , she was the one who left him heartbroken. Do you live under a rock or something?


The episode had it's ups and downs. I'm glad the drama of Derek's surgery is over. It was getting a bit tedious.
Are we really going through another miscarriage? I hope not. Does anyone else question the relationship between Miranda and Ben. She say's yes she loves, him yes wants to get married, yes..., yes.... I think, "The lady doth protest to much." ____ of get off the pot and move on. I find it offsetting to see the two of them together because of the major height difference. It always seems odd. The new interns are very immature for 25 year olds.


I didnt like the way Alex was yelling at Jo he is so rude & disrepcetful to women its ridiclous. I wish she had slapped him or something. He was the same why to Izzy. Treated her like s**t to.

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