Grey's Anatomy Review: Bright and Shiny

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What did you think of "Love Turns You Upside Down?" This was a Grey's Anatomy episode that heavily focused on the newest crop of interns at Seattle Grace. Let's break it down, shall we?

Matters Of The Heart. The weekly cases were definitely ones to remember. They were gross (wart removal), impressive (Alex & Jo), and heartbreaking (the heart transplant). 

These surgeries really showed how far Yang and the other attendings have come. Pretty much rockstars. Well, except for April. According to the interns, she is the dud. Kind of hilarious. This character has really grown over the past season and a half and has become interesting. Here is hoping she will pull an impressive move like George did in the elevator to gain her respect back. 

Cute Mere

Meet The Interns. Although this group of interns has been with us since the beginning of the season, this was really the first installment that gave them a major focus. Time was spent with Shane, Jo, Heather, Stephanie and Leah. I have to admit, it wasn’t until this hour that I learned all of their names. 

The relationship, although just a working relationship at this point, between Karev and Jo is the most dynamic and enjoyable to watch. The girl had a tough life, being abandoned by her mother and being raised in foster care. This makes her an underdog. She had to overcome more than some of the others and this gives her something in common with Alex. Hopefully, these two can start something in a real way. Alex deserves it at this point.

The competition between Leah and Stephanie was a little bit annoying. Like Yang said, you get the competition and the drive, but this was kind of childish. 

The bright spot of the interns? Dr. Shane Ross. Played by Gaius Charles, this character is finally coming to life. After watching Charles on Friday Night Lights, I expected so much from this character. Up until now, he has been kind of dull. If we are going to be forced to get to know these characters, he is the one I want to get to know. 

Hunt, Shane

Moving Forward. Mer took it upon herself to get Heather to call Derek’s sisters to find a live nerve to use for his transplant. After much build up, we got to meet Lizzie in the last two minutes of the episode. The latest of the Shepherd sisters is being played by Neve Campbell, and luckily we will see her again next week. You gotta love learning the background of these characters we have grown to love over the seasons.

Side Notes. 

  • Love, Love, Love Yang’s dwarf nicknames for the interns. Up until the end of the hour, they were the only names I knew them by.
  • Callie and Avery are taking on Derek’s hand. This will be a series changing surgery.
  • Not much action with Arizona tonight. Looks like she is adjusting back to the hospital pretty well.
  • Heather knows Meredith is pregnant!
Der n' Mer

Overall, an ok episode. Definitely not one of the best, but wasn’t the worst either. My opinion is definitely biased. We are in the ninth season of the series. There has been a revolving door of characters, with only a handful sticking around for the long haul. I get why there are new interns, but I’m just not that interested in getting to know them. Are you?

Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Love Turns You Upside Down.” Did you think it was up to Grey’s Anatomy standards or did it fall short? Check out the Grey’s Anatomy Quotes page for some good one liners, as well as the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Until next week, TV Fanatics. 


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I liked the episode. I like all of the interns. I'd rather watch them than some of the regular cast (Jackson for example; the actor who plays Shane is 10x a better actor than Jesse Williams in case you didn't notice). The interns are the future of Grey's and I like seeing them interact with the regulars. Good move for Shonda!


If they were to ever produce a spin- off, I think Jo could be the new "Meredith Grey"... She has that mysterious-I-wanna-get-to-know-her persona that caused us to love Merideth from the beginning...I think she could carry the show.


i hope that jo and alex will end up together...i like jo,and a i adore alex...he deserve to be happy and in love..


What was the supposed big secret? That Jo was abandoned at a fire station? Because that's really not a huge shocking secret that we were promised...


It wasn't that bad. I think that if the same stuff happened but with the MAIN characters, it would be a great epsiode, actually!


I really liked the episode and I liked seeing the interns being the frontbuners of the show. I really liked April in this episode for once I actally tought she was a real doctor when she told Dr. Ross off. I liked Jo in this episode she was so dramatic.


The only intern that I really like is Jo. I love the actress who's playing her (Camilla Luddington) and her characters personality is great. I really hope her and Alex get's been a long time since he's been happy. Jo for some reason seems to remind me a little of ill grey, so I guess that's another reason why I'd like her to stay on GA


This episode was far from being a great one. What's wrong with this season? It's almost as bad as PP.


I love Cris refering to the interns as dwarves. I get why Alex will probably hook up with that intern he was working with. Being in care has a lasting legacy.
I guess Lizzie may be like the first of Der's sisters we met( can't remember her name). They all liked Ad and resent maybe that Mer broke up Der's marriage?


That was an okay episode. It was nice that we got to know the interns a little bit more or we would never get used to having them around. My favorite is Shane by far... And i like his dynamic with April. Leah i hate. Jo...well... i don't hate her exactly. She's just so...boring as a character. I don't care to see her and Alex get it on. I think this might be the dullest love sl in the history of GA.

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