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The episode was okay though certainly not one of the best ones ever. The only intern I like so far if Heather "Mousy". She's odd, kind of quirky and funny! I could care less about Leah or Shane and don't feel any chemistry between Jo and Alex. She does seem like a princess to me. She certainly doesn't compare to Meredith when it comes to spunk in season one. That being said, we do have to have new interns so we have to deal with them. I also hope we don't have to sit through another whole episode of them. Little doses people.

It was also funny that it was Nancy that kept hanging up on Heather. She was the one who was really snotty to Meredith in season three. Hopefully we'll get to meet sister #4 sometime and maybe Tyne Daly can come back too.


I didn't mind the episode last night. Wasn't the best but wasn't the worst. Was defintely funny when Meredith told Heather to hang up the phone when she mentioned the ultrasound...does Callie put it together or what?


@arina I agree what you about Jo and the actress. Her acting seem dry and she was trying to hard. I didnt believe Jo's life story at all. Her mom abonded her when she was two weeks and she was in foster care her whole life and she had to go trough school all on her own. It just seemed phony. It looked like Alex didnt even buy it.


i am satisfied with the episode, "love turns you upside down" for the simple reason that it establishes Drs. Grey, Yang, karev, Avery & Kepner's maturity and professional growth. I don't care if I don't get to know the interns that well much less expect any subplot for them especially the annoying ones , namely, Leah, Shane and Steph. I want the focus of GA on the originals - Drs. Shepherd, Grey, Yang, Bailey, Arizona, Callie, Avery , Webber & Owen. There is plenty of materials to work on for the core group.After all, we really don't know if this show will be on until 2014.


I found the episode disappointing. I can't stand Jo, not the character but the actress. She is trying too hard to act big, and it is probably why her acting feels unnatural. Jo is supposed to be a new Meredith, but this actress is not good enough to pull this off. Am I alone in thinking that?


i liked ross and april's scenes. i think sometimes we forget that april is a good doctor. she just seems like as a "dud" b/c compared to yang and others are superstars.

i know a lot of people don't like april but she's my favorite. i can relate to her the most because i see a lot of myself in her. i would like to see a confidence booster happening (like 'george's elevator') to april. i feel like april doesn't like herself at the moment and she can't maintain a relationship or move onto next challenge in life without being content with herself.


Yes, I did love this episode. It is time for the old cast to grow up and into their real doctors' roles. I would be devastated to see the any of the old characters leave but having a new cast of interns helps the show remain honest. I really, really want to see Yang and her husband back together and remaining in love as well as April and Avery. I like the way the characters have coupled up.


I enjoyed this episode of GA. Nice to see the interns up close and in action. I really like Jo Wilson. I think that she is very pretty. I thought that she was from a rich family, only to find the opposite. She seems too young for Alex. She should be tied on a romantic note to some hot good looking guy. Not that Alex isn"t hot and good looking, but she seems too immature. He needs someone like Lucy. Of course, this is just my opinion.


I liked this episode. It was very good. I like Jo, Heather and Ross. Not a fan of Leah and Stephanie. They were really immature and idiotic. It wasn't like the original five, they never killed anybody because of competition.

Was disappointed that Neve didn't get enough screen time this ep. I really want more of a shepperd reunion.

April will shine soon, she has to. I do like her sometimes. But I don't understand how she is an attending if she didn't pass her boards.


This was a pretty good episode. The only interns I like are Heather, Jo and Shane. As we are in season 9 I can not recall back to the first season or 2 but I do not think that the original 5 were that nervous doing operations and procedures. I am sure they were but these 5 seemed way more hesitant.
Not much of Owen, Avery, Callie or Arizona this week.
I think Jo will be Alex's new love interest.
I was looking forward all hour to Neve Campbell and we just got 1 minute of her. So I am looking forward to seeing more of her next week.

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