Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Where Are You Going?

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In the latest clip from Gossip Girl's swan song, Georgina tries to stop Dan from deviating from her plan.

Where's he off to, and what's he about to do with his unpublished work that she disagrees with?

Watch the sneak peek from "New York, I Love You XOXO" here and see what you think ...

Two other sneak preview clips have been released in advance of the finale. In those scenes:

  • Nate and Sage pore over the evidence and discuss potential Gossip Girl suspects.
  • Dan and Serena discuss what he wrote about her, and whether it's genuine.

Clearly, all bets are off as we gear up for the 121st and final episode of the series.

Amid the endless debate over who ends up together - three couples will surprise us, two will not - there's also a polarizing twist at the end, the Gossip Girl reveal, and a flash forward. Is it Monday yet?

Share your Gossip Girl series finale comments, opinions and predictions with us below.

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I hope we get to see Georgina descending the stairs in those ridiculously high heels carrying that huge box. It'll be quite a feat.


Wouldn't the last scene be a flashforward to Serena and dan's wedding? Because clearly Blair and Chuck's wedding is last minute like it was for Lilly's and Rufus and off course what type of wedding would it be without a side of drama... So chick for arrested... This is how I think how the finale will go .... Chuck will have a dream about Bart falling remembering ever minute of it then waking up... During the course of the there will be flashbacks to the past on how everyone met each other andd gossip girl ... Then a flashforward on the derena wedding... Well it makes sense I thats how the finale will go so idk that's just my opinion don't take it to heart guys because everyone here seems to agree with one opinion and thinking its real ...

Spindae 2o

can't believe I wrote Than instead of Dan! Sorry people I'm a bit tipsy! And don't think I'm an alcoholic I'm from Europe it's past 11pm here.

Spindae 2o

Than knows who GG is! Remember the cut out from tthe preview where serena tells him U knew it all the tiime!
So he probably delivers Nate the information!


zoran: not only jack and georgina and ivy are in the real last scene from gg. william is there too. so jack/ georgina, ivy, william i still have hope that ivy takes william back. and lily gives william a asskick forever.


@Marco, you're absolutely right and I agree with you! The scene in question is the last scene that was shot - Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck and Nate, on Friday 19 October, it was the last scene that was five of them shot, after that it was wrap-party (there are pictures)! But the last scene of the series was filmed on Monday 22nd October, and in there appears Georgina, Jack and Ivy! How did all this after director merged in the assembly that's another thing and we'll see on Monday! As for Dan and Georgina talks, it is due to Dan’s last chapter, which is about GG, which Dan will give to Nate to publish it! Thus Dan helps Nate to reveal GG and rescue him from the financial crisis!


I don't understand why people are saying that it will end badly... A flashback will be the last scene ... That could be interesting ... A flash forward that's normal even in movies .... But making it all a dream or part of dan's imagination is a cheap shot for an ending... Every good writer knows that you shouldn't end a story with a dream because then it wasnt true like breaking dawn part 2 it was just a prediction fans hated it but it worked for it because it's a fantasy giving it more room for more ...but this is gossip girl they wouldn't give it a cheap ending by saying this was just all a book and t was Dan tellin what happen or it was just a dream because their writers and writing it like that is a cheap shot and they know that so guys HUSH your mouths and stop giving people ideas ... It will not end with a dream .... Or will it someone writing a book this whole time ...


@Y That article said it was the last scene they shot. Just because they shot it last doesn't mean it is the last scene that will show in the series. TV shows and movies shoot things out of order all the time.


I feel like the screwed up so much that they weren't sure how the wrap up without pissing off fans and at the same time make it seem realistic and also as they've said give it a polarizing twist! So they may have came up with such a shitty ending... Hopefully not!


i would definitly NOT like that !!