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@b : actually, in the books nate doesn't choose himself - S and B make the decision for him. THEY chose each other. the producers say they think nate would focus on his career at this point, and i think it's not very far-fetched that he'd get rid of Sage at some point. introducing a new girlfriend in those brief few seconds of the flash-forward would be too complicated.


i'm watching over again all the seasons, and now i know Dan is gg, in many times it makes no sense!! Because he gets surprised about the gg blasts, or maybe because he is doing something else at the same time gg is uploading information, in a moment i thought maybe J was helping him, but an example: 4x03 he was taking care of milo, and he was publishing all that information about s & b in their first day at columbia, and the location of Georgina at the same time he was looking for her??? i just don't get it, sometimes i doubt that the plan was Dan to be GG from the begining :S


Rate the finale - I'm giving it a 9. It all felt rushed as hell, but the ending was perfect.

I have to say the finale was kind of great. Happily ever after for everyone. Chair was all I cared about and their ending was everything I ever hoped for. Plus I'm really happy with how they ended Nate's story. He's THE MAN :)


I honestly can't believe "GG" is over... my life is gonna be weird without it...

Favourite scene - the whole "5 years later" scene. Especially little Henry, that kid was adorable. Calling Chuck "daddy"? Yeah, I cried.

Favourite quote - pretty much everything that came out of Jack Bass' mouth. Why, WHY couldn't we have more of him this season?

Dan as GG - I wasn't really surprised, because I was hoping for it. HELL YEEEEES! The "how it all began" scene was totally awesome!

Chair moment - From the finale? "It was all Blair". I will love them forever.

Derena - it came a little bit out of nowhere this season, but the ending was beautiful, so I'm cool with it.

Best outfit - Blair's dress in the final scene. MY. DEAR. GOD. She looked AMAZING.

Jenny and Eric - I'm just glad they were here.


In the books Nate is unable to choose between Blair and Serena so he chooses himself ending the series alone which in my opinion having him end up alone is a nod to


I seriously just wanted Nate and serena together ..


I'm going through Ed Westwick withdrawal. I can't wait for him to do something else soon so I could watch.


why do people not see that rufly got an open ending. the story is not finished. i totally see rufly hooking up again sooner or later. hm more sooner:)))


Based on the mess Safran left them with, which they are/were partially responsible for, this season was an improvement. People say the characters regressed and had no growth. Blair had her schemes blow up in her face and she finally realized that she could succeed without doing so, Serena stopped blaming everyone including Gossip Girl for her mistakes and stopped running away, Nate who was declared the future of the Vanderbilt's by his grandfather embraced his heritage and decided to run for Mayor of New York and obviously decided to focus on himself instead of a relationship, Chuck became a doting dad, and Dan admitted to be Gossip Girl which is growth since Nate told him his New Year's resolution should be to stop lying to his friends which is what he did when he came clean, and Rufus and Lily realize that their difference couldn't be overcame (overcome)


I would give this episode a 10 and the season a 7/10. Of the 10 episodes only 3 were bad High Infedility Dirty Rotten Scandals and Portrait of a Lady Alexander. However Dirty Rotten Scandals had some of my favorite Chuck and Blair scenes and quotes You read me like tea leafs Chuck Bass and them spooning with her under and him on top of the duvet.

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