Gossip Girl Review: The Final Chapter

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It’s the end of an era. Gossip Girl concluded its final season with "New York, I Love You XOXO," an epic finale to a series closed out in classic GG style.

Over the past six seasons, loyal Gossip Girl fans have been treated to everything we could possibly want. The relationship pairings, the friendships, the glamour, the fashion, the drama and the best possible backdrop - New York City.

The finale gave us all of this one last time. Let’s discuss...

Blair and Serena in Finale

Bass Be Gone. The death of Bart was huge in “The Revengers”, but this episode, not so much. Blair and Chuck were questioned, but ultimately, his death was ruled an accident. The best part about it was the return of Desmond Harrington, who is always welcome on my TV screen.

Chair Forever. Even with the Bart drama going on, Blair and Chuck finally tied the knot! After a sweet proposal and help from Uncle Jack and the rest of their friends, the couple got married by Cyrus. These two looked absolutely stunning in their wedding attire. 

The debate has been going on between Dair and Chair fans for what seems like forever. Did Blair make the right choice? Is Chuck who she is supposed to be with? After watching this episode, there is no doubt about it. 

Chair Wedding Photo

Their long history has built them up to be this epic couple. Do they always measure up? Maybe not. Have there been plenty of instances that made this couple seem so wrong? Of course. But one thing is clear: These two are meant for each other. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick have made these characters come to life and they will truly be missed. 

Another reason that this fight can finally be settled between the GG Shippers is the five-year flash forward that might have been the highlight of the entire hour.

Lonely Boy & The Golden Girl. Can you ever really become one of “them?” Dan Humphrey did his best over the past six years to find his place on the UES. The main reason for doing so? His love for Serena Van Der Woodson. And, (lonely) boy, did it work out.

After leaving Serena with his final chapter, Dan found his way back in with his friends and family by revealing the identity of Gossip Girl. These two have been pivotal characters and their relationship has been so important in building the foundation of this series. It gave Serena a relatable side and it made Dan someone to envy. These two were always enjoyable as a couple (that is until their parents were married... then it just became weird).

Lonely Boy With Flowers

As beautiful as a couple that Serena and Nate were, she was meant to be with Humphrey. As a longtime fan, I was very happy to see these two finally get it together for good. I know I am not alone in that.

Back to Florida with the Swamp People? Ivy spent all season looking to take down Lily and having William by her side. What a let down to see how this turned out. Luckily, these characters didn’t take up too much of the final season, but I expected something major. What I didn’t expect was for William to be doing all of this just to get back with Lily. This was one arc that really didn’t interest me. Not even a little bit. Did any of you care about these two? Or would you rather have seen the screen time go the main characters?

Who Is Gossip Girl? One of the most important parts of the finale was the revealing of the person behind Gossip Girl. Who could it be? Jenny? Eric? Dorota? Rufus? Turns out that all of guesses had been wrong. Dan Humphrey is the man behind the mysterious blogger. Can you believe it?!?

Dan, Nate and Georgina

I was a bit surprised (my money was on Eric). But looking back, it all made sense. I expected the person behind the site to be a minor character. Someone who was always around but didn’t have a huge role. Wrong. Lonely Boy proved his position when he revealed he had been pulling the strings all along. Even Jenny knew this whole time.

The funny thing is, for a show that was so invested in the identity of this character, I found myself not even caring that much about who GG was but more about the characters. Don’t get me wrong, it was exciting to find out. But didn’t you feel more interested in where the characters were going instead of who was the blogger?

Still, Dan Humphrey! Way to go, Lonely Boy.

Flash Forward. The last few minutes of the installment flashed forward five years and showed us where our favorite Upper East Siders had ended up. Blair and Chuck happily married with an adorable son, Henry. Lily back with William. Jenny and Eric back in NYC. Nate doing extremely well with The Spectator and possibly running for mayor.

Cyrus and Eleanor still happy. Dorota still being one of the funniest background characters ever. And Dan and Serena getting married! How gorgeous did Blake Lively look in that gown? Only she could pull that off. 

Chuck Bass and Son?

After Thoughts...

  • It was so nice to have Uncle Jack back. Wouldn’t have minded having him on more this season. When Chuck and him are getting along, its a great team to watch.
  • During the Rachel Bilson/Kristen Bell cameo, we got to see some familiar faces: Lola, Vanessa, Agnes and Juliet. 
  • Loved, loved, loved everyone discussing who they thought Gossip Girl was. Serena thought it was Rufus for a while! This really shows that the writers have paid attention to sites like ours. You can’t really want anything more than that.
  • Jenny, Eric, and Vanessa had split second scenes. Anyone wish they would have made more of an appearance?

So, this is it. It’s really over. Monday’s will never be the same. The ride has been so much fun and this series has given us TV Fanatics something to laugh, cry, and debate about. Many thanks to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for a clever and enticing series that we could escape to for an hour a week. 

Chuck and Blair Wedding

What did you think, Gossip Girl fans? Did the finale measure up to what you expected? Were your surprised by the reveal of Gossip Girl? Did the right couples end up together?

Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “New York, I Love You XOXO.” Take the time to go back and look at the Gossip Girl cast. It is definitely one to remember. And don’t forget to check back for the very last Gossip Girl Round Table

It’s been fun Gossip Girl fans. Thanks for the memories.



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I was really disappointed with the finale. Yes Chair and Derena got their happy endings, I'm grateful for that. But everything else was just handled so very poorly. What the producers should have done was ask for a few more minutes and fleshed out some scenes like with Jenny and Eric and even the eternally despised Vanessa.


I did't like it. I liked Chair but not Dan and Serena
I wish Jenny would have had a role. Towards the end I did not care anymore. I loved Serena's dress. I did not like Blair's dress I thought it could have been better.


Uncle Jack is also the character Joey on DEXTER, so that's probably why he wasn't on GG so much this last season, busy on Dexter. I like how they concluded the show. I will miss those characters too. Especially how all the devious women/girls got together to help Chuck under the organization of the Queen B. I thought GG was either Dan or Jenny, but mostly Jenny. So glad they brought her and Eric, back for the final episode.


I just don't buy Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl, all his reactions through the time would just not add up. I'm sure I will end up rewatching it just to prove my point. I must admit I didn't really care for the one behind Gossip Girl, but it was made an important brick to fill the picture. I love how Dan and Serena happened after all the scandals, I've rooted for them for so long, even though they changed so much (for the worse). It started with them and ended with them! Rufus and Lily was a bit of a shocker but not much to go back to, they had ruined their relationship for good. And no way I feel sorry for Lily she just doesn't know how to choose a right man. I do miss some more scenes with the former full time roles Vanessa, Eric and of course Jenny.. I always wished Jenny would find a way to be with Nate, but after all it seems he ended up alone, as he will probably always be going from girl to girl. So now is my question what I have to fill up my Monday nights with now that it's over?


My dear @Drea XOXO right man is with right woman - Dan and Serena! Nate was not able to be with Serena because he is a womanizer, he would not be faithful, as well as Carter who is a gambler and a tramp, he would spend last penny in his hand! Dan is the only man which deserves Serena, because all his life Dan wanted only Serena for what she is, and has done everything to be with her and even to become a GG! Serena is only woman which deserves Dan, because only Dan accepts all her flaws and virtues! Dan is her rock, and Serena is his inspiration / muse! Serena and Dan are the perfect couple, if were stars slightly more inclined they would be that in real life too!


I see a lot of people commenting that Nate should have ended up with Serena, while agree and would have completely preferred it, that would have derailed the whole concept behind Dan being "Gossip Girl". Why would GG exist then? GG was essentially a very long and twisted love letter to Serena and the UES world. Even so, I neevr cared for Derena, but after the reveal and motive for the creation of GG, it was a pretty sweet ending. I also found Serena's wedding dress a little weird, but hey, it's Serena! She can't just wear ANY white/ivory dress!


looooooooved it!


I had a feeling it was Dan it all made sense that it was him


Not trying to start anything, but what the fuck was that episode? Chuck and Blair's wedding lasted like ten seconds. Not very romantic. Dan is Gossip Girl? Yeah, that's plausible. While we're at it, the writers were like let's just shit on the Dair fandom one more time just for kicks. What assholes. And I'm not even a Dair fan.


omg I just realized that I should not enjoy the Georgina/Jack thing as much as I thought I did... totally forgot that she was married and had a child!! o_O

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