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I stopped watching after Chuck slept with Jenny but I had to watch the finale! I was so hoping for Chair´s wedding and little Henry was the cherry on top! we all knew Dan was Gossip Girl no surprise there but why did Serena still marry him? I agree, why would she be mad about the expose but ok with marrying Gossip Girl? I swear I thought the groom was going to be Nate! HUGE fail there, he was the nicest (and hottest) guy she ever dated, that would´ve been a much mure surprising and honestly? way more credible ending for Serena.


Awesome finale! I was so happy to see all of the old characters! I was very surprised to see Vanessa! Glad she was back. And of course my favorite character, Jenny!!!! So glad she was back, but I wish she would have had a bigger part. I noticed the bag said "J and Waldorf" so i think she and Blair teamed up, which is awesome! I loved that Blair and Chuck got together. I love that Serena and Dan got together. I was confused on who Lilly got with???? The music was awesome. The flashbacks were awesome. The characters talking about who they thought Gossip Girl was fun. I'm glad they did that.

This has been the end of an era... I will really miss Gossip Girl. It changed TV for my generation. It opened up the way for so many dramas. Monday nights won't be the same. I'm glad that 90210 is still on, but when that show ends I won't have anything to watch on the CW. I hope they do an GG reunion someday.



It was a storng Finale to watch, As a From-the-beginning-Chair fan you can see my joy in watching them finally being together! Totally overuled my expectations and OMG Dan as GG?! did NOT see it coming, a friend called it last season when she saw Nates video Epic!

My Mondays will never ever be the same again.



O and Henry = freaking adorable! And did anyone see chuck mouth "i love you" to blair as they came up from their kiss right before the cops grabbed him? love it!


Why is everyone bashing Serenas dress?! def not traditional color but its supposed to be a take on her gold cotillion gown from season 1 when dan comes to sweep her off her feet hello people!


I promesed myself not to cry!...of laughing! I can't belive Dan is GG, there were holes and gaps every where! Chair wedding/parenting: fanservise. Derena: nonsense! Would you marry sb who is basically mental ill and stalker?!(thou I luv "Dan"as a character is not sane as GG) Nate for Mayor: Yes! I'd vote for him but first I'd stoned...is cute sure, but really? Rufus and Lilly as apart: good 4u Rufus! She's a bad mother and cold hearted goldigger bitch!(And deserve William and worse). So I guess I didn't like very much how it ended. Now I can rest my soul. Gossip girl deserve be a movie with a better plot and no an invented and rushed like it was!


I freaking adored GG in season 1 and 2 and then it went downhill from there. I kept watching to see what would happen next, but it just came to the point where I stopped wasting my time with this show. So I hadn't seen any episodes of this season but I did tune in to watch the finale.

I'm happy with the Chair ending, even though it was rushed. It was a good ending with their son and I think they did the big Chair fans justice by doing that.

Dan is GG? I feel like there would be a billion and one plotholes for that but this is the series finale so I'm just going to assume they planned for this all along and think it's "sweet". But it still seems super stalkerish that he did all of this and ruined so many lives and indirectly caused Blair to miscarry her baby just to get Serena to notice him.

Oh well glad this show is over. :)


I stopped watching Gossip Girl a while ago but I had to tune in for the season finale. It made me miss season 1 all over again with the flashbacks of when it wasn't the chuck and blair show and everyone had a decent storyline. The finale was a bit of a letdown but I really watched because I wanted to know who Gossip Girl was. I kind of knew all along it was Dan so I'm kinda happy it was him :) It made sense for it to be him. I honestly don't understand why Blair was bashing him. SHE DATED HIM!!! But Blake Lively looked absolutely gorgeous in the final scene and I loved her wedding dress. Glad this show is over though. Its been a train wreck since the second half of the second season.


I haven't watched GG since the first season but I watched the series finale. I missed a lot! I watched a few episodes here and there though and I think Blair and Chuck make an amazing couple although I haven't seen an episode with her dating somebody else. I liked Serena and Dan too. But I haven't seen any episodes with her and someone else! Lol! When you guys say Dair are you talking about Serena's Dan? I have some catching up to do. A good show for you all to watch now that GG is over is Revenge. It's an amazing show!!


is it just me or did someone else noticed the paper bag jenny was holding said J and Waldorf? Seems like blair asked jenny to join her

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