Gossip Girl Review: The Best Thanksgiving Ever

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Gossip Girl celebrated Thanksgiving tonight, and what a feast it was! With the typical turkey and a full side of drama, holidays on the Upper East Side are never dull.

Do you remember our previous Thanksgivings with Gossip Girl? Flash back with me for a moment – all the way back to pre-Chair, Derena and even Rufly – when the epic couples we’ve been rooting for all this time were just starting out.

Gossip Girl Thanksgiving

Like in real life, family time brought on family problems. Blair was once adjusting to new Waldorf traditions on her favorite day of the year. Thanks to Nate’s dad’s illegal dealings, his family life was far from perfect as money suddenly became an issue. Meanwhile, Chuck and Bart weren’t exactly sharing any fond special father-son moments either.

Although much time has passed, "It's Really Complicated" showed that things simply aren’t all that different. Chair started out apart then together again for only the umpteenth time. Derena kicked off the installment together in bed, and then ended with Lonely Boy as lonely as ever. As for Rufly, the former of the duo couldn’t care less for reconciliation.

This time around, Nate is facing much more than money issues with The Spectator. He’s also got Bart Bass using him as a pawn to take down his own best friend. As the plot continues to thicken, we were reminded that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

It all started with Derena’s attempt to throw “the best Thanksgiving ever.” At least that’s what S thought it would be. Unfortunately, the party got crowded really fast when everyone attending had their own agenda.

Chuck felt defeated by Bart and looked more pitiful than ever as he mentioned more than once – unfortunately, for us – that he couldn’t be with Blair just because he hadn’t taken down his father. He was seriously playing the world’s saddest song on the world’s smallest violin.

Fortunately, thanks to Pocahontas (High five to B for adding several awesome Gossip Girl Quotes, but not for her outfit), John Rolfe was able to brush the dirt off his shoulders and get back on operation expose Bart. Chuck, with B and Nate’s help, connected the dots between Bruce Caplan’s sudden drowning and Sheikh Hassan’s accident.

Chuck’s finally got Lily back on his team, but Bart so easily killed off the two men who could have put him behind bars. Would he be so quick to do the same to his own son? I’m thinking so, and that seems like a safe bet based on next week’s promo.

Elsewhere, Georgina, of course uninvited, made an appearance at the VDW’s loft. By the way, what’s up with Vanya and company letting just about anyone upstairs? Anyhow, after struggling to decide which chapter to publish on his beloved S, Dan went with the honest and brutal approach. The truth telling story about the golden girl who falls from grace, a faux love story, and S’s relentless daddy issues obviously didn't fare too well with S.

Dan on Thanksgiving

Then, Derena called it quits after Dan admitted that he orchestrated the stuck elevator and that he felt like he did nothing wrong in telling the truth about S. Of course S couldn’t understand how he could love her, but write those hurtful words both at the same time.

Dan has been a self-righteous jerk lately, but every word about Serena treating him like a visitor all this time was hardly true. He may have never felt like an equal and was seen as the poor kid from Brooklyn by some. However, Dan’s always been equally judgmental about the UES. And honestly, was he entirely wrong about Serena?

After all, it took her all but two seconds to call Steven again right after saying goodbye to Dan. Side note: Speaking of Steven, why is Sage still here? Did Nate forget she was in high school again? That girl needs to go. Nate could do so much better, and it looks like Derena seems to be over, so maybe there’s hope for Serenate.

Dan’s writing his final chapter and claims that his plan all along has been going his way. Chair’s going to war. Are you ready? I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next as Manhattan’s elite is sure to leave us saying OMFGG.

Other Thoughts:

  • Lily was “so proud” Serena went grocery shopping. What an accomplishment!
  • Sage didn’t mind Chuck creeping while she and Nate were making out. Chuck’s response: “She’s a keeper.” This is the Chuck I much prefer over the walloping loser he was for most of the night. 
  • The "7th Heaven" reference for Barry Watson was delivered perfectly by B. 
  • Nate punched Dan. Let’s say it all together now: FINALLY!
  • Where were Ivy and William? …not that I really care, but just wondering.

All in all, Gossip Girl continued its string of solid episodes for the final season. Here's next week's promo:

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? Are you ready for the final two remaining installments? Hit the comments now to share your predictions and don’t forget to return tomorrow to chime in on our Gossip Girl Round Table!


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The most disturbing part of this episode was the black shirt with roses Rufus humphrey was wearing in his final scene! The most disturbing thing on this season, is that Dan Humphrey has actually become my favorite character! I love his ballsiness, and finally taking control of his life! Nate and Serena won't ever get back together... It's Dan and Serena for the final, just like the beginning!!


I hope that Serena and Dan will not end up like Anthony and Gloria, because when Anthony finally got an inheritance, he and Gloria have lost the most important - love and become a two foreigners in the marriage!


Dan does not want to destroy NJBC, he wants to be a part of it, but an equal member, he wants to be equal with them and to respect him! On the other hand, Dan also wants to become as powerful as Chuck, or rather, Bart, and that was Dan’s plan from season 2 when he wrote a story about Bart! As Dan was talking with Rufus at the end of the episode he says that he does not wants to return to Brooklyn, but he have a plan that has already on the way to achieved! From pictures we saw in the next episode, Dan and Bart will connect, and I hope that Dan will not lose his soul, and he will at some point decide to help Chuck! This all looks like a novel Beautiful and Damned, which Serena mentioned at the end of season 4. I read the book, and the resemblance is amazing - Dan is Anthony, and Serena's Gloria! There is a part in which is Antony with a girl, just like Dan and Blair! I hope that Serena and Dan will not end up like Anthony and Gloria, because when Anthony finally got an inheritance, he and Gloria have lost the most important - love and become a two foreigners in the marriage!


What did Nate to Dan, so he always mixed into the relationship between Serena and Dan, although it is clear that Serena only loves Dan! This all looks like Bart brunch from season 1!


@Maribells, you're wrong, @roventica is right! Look again episode 6x08 and you will understand. Dan was clear when said to Serena that he wrote is the truth, and done what Serena and others do to each other and nothing more! Serena made a mistake by inviting Stephen to dinner, because she repeated the same mistake as with Ben! Dan's reaction was expected, after talking with Steven, Dan has changed the decision and pulled the positive chapter of Serena and posted negative! And it was also a test for Serena, where she fell of course! Because from the conversation between Serena and Dan is clear that the two of them are still in love, but again they have a problem with communication! Nice to see that Serena is still in love with Dan, because she felt sorry when Nate hit Dan! Rufus, of course, as usual, complicated situation when he spoke with Dan, before dinner. What did Nate to Dan, so he always mixed into the relationship between Serena and Dan, although it is clear that Serena only loves Dan! This all looks like Bart brunch from season 1!


Don't get me wrong I have loved GG since it started in 2007, but I am only watching it now because I know its ending. I feel myself less and less invested in the things I once loved about this show - like Chair. I am mildly interested in Dan's storyline though .. I think his plan is to use the stories to get GG out of hiding somehow .. I mean we have to find out who she is somehow - it would be so lame if she just decided to reveal herself because its the finale!


Maybe the last chapter will be about himself, Dan Humphrey! Or about knowing who's gossip girl? #wildguess


Honestly, I love Dan as a character, but I could tell that Penn Badgley couldn't give a sh!t about the role anymore. He was even worse to watch than Ed Westwick's perpetual whisper. And I usually skip the Chuck involved scenes. Either way, I hope the final chapter is about himself. Dan mentioned that he was his own worst critic in the Insider, so it wouldn't be any different. Except hopefully Dan goes even darker to add some much needed twist. But the spoiler photos are actually showing everyone attending the Chair wedding... which means it'll be a boring ol' happily ever after. It will be a fitting ending to this terrible show I suppose.


Dark Dan is by far the most interesting thing this season. I'm glad he's crushed all of them, because whether fans believe he's right or not - they have all had it coming. Dan speaks the truth and I'm glad he's finally taking a stand. Besides, it was hilarious to see him take down and break Serena down like that. Honestly, she couldn't wait to jump back at Steven? What does that say about her!?


@Mo and Z, thanks, that's what I think and I actually hope people don't think it is real friendship we are seeing on screen in this Serena-Blair-Nate-Bass charade. I think people are so judgmental when it comes to "outsider" characters embodied by Dan (but actually, there were Jenny, Vanessa, Ivy etc.) who do bad things but so forgiving when it comes to Blair's crowd. Just see how all the outsiders are made despicable (so much that in general, we want them to just go) whereas the Upper East side crowd just look as fabulous as ever when they are in their "skimming place". They almost seem innocent in their own skim in a way, like because they're so rich, they don't know the real world and they just haven't learn the rules everybody else were frighten by (the rule of honesty and law), poooor rich people... and we watch the show and finally think it's normal for them to do bad things and wrong for the "outsiders" to do the same.

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