Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: A Polarizing Twist ...

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The Gossip Girl's finale is just days away, and speculation is running rampant as to what we can expect in the closing moments of the final chapter, when the series endgame - and titular character - are revealed at last.

It sounds like there may be more surprises in store than fans are ready for.

Regarding the much-discussed flash forward, we'll catch a glimpse at no fewer than FIVE Gossip Girl couples at an undetermined point in the not-too-distant future, according to TV Line's Michael Ausiello.

Of those five pairings, "Three future couplings will surprise you. Two won’t."

Chuck and Blair Finale Photo

Amazingly, that's not even all we have to discuss right now.

There’s apparently a twist coming our way in the final 15 minutes that may polarize Gossip Girl fans even more than Season 5's infamous and controversial Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle did.

What could that entail? And what couples end the series together? Which will be the ones we expect, and which may come as a shock? The possibilities on this show are certainly plentiful.

Share your predictions in the comments below!

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But then if Blair was in a coma and she never lost her kid, it would have been her kid with Louis and not Chuck. Nah, I still think that everything up until this point has been real. Just my thoughts though, could be wrong, but...hmmm, I still think that maybe Dan is Gossip Girl or ah I dunno!! Okay so non surprising couple
Darena Surprise
1 - Georgina and Jack
2 - Nate...Ivy/Jenny/Juliette - I still think it will be Nate and Ivy, especially if Ivy's on the season 6 cover. But then what happened to Sage?
3 - Rufus and.....OR Lily and William - maybe that's why on the promo Ivy is calling William the devil or something, maybe he is still in love with Lily?


@danfan I too have had that feeling like ever since the car accident something wasn't right. like one of the 2, blair or chuck, never came out of a coma. Maybe blair never lost her baby? Hence, lil henry. And everything since then has been in one of their heads. I DK I feel like dan is GG but at the same time i think it might be blair. BC that would shock me and it says it will be a shocker!


Hmmm. I read that Katie Cassidy (aka Julia Sharp) came back for the final of Gossip Girl. I know Katie is now on the new CW show Archer, so my guess is that she might be Gossip Girl. After all, she hated what the entire UES stood for and was shunned from all the girls and guys once she went after Serena. As for the five couples, I know that Jenny Humphrey and Eric van de Woodsen come back in the finale so perhaps they come back for Serena and Dan's wedding? Blair and Chuck's wedding?


Georgina and Jack?? haha two master-minds, world's not safe.
Also, is Sage in the finale? Maybe Sage is another one, but who would she end up with?


E! is reporting that G and Jack end up together so that's one down two to go


Blair was in a coma from the accident in S5..and wakes up....everything that went on was all in her head - A prince falling for her, Chuck pinning for her, Dan falling for her.....think about it...it's been her fantasy to be wanted like Serena always is....I think her true love is Chuck...but the way all of the charactors were acting these last (2) seasons....something isn't right....it's gonna be something like that.....I think Blair is GG


I know, but still I know all the characters are imagined, but they pull them off so well that you almost forget. I really hope that Nate and Ivy are a couple, because I've loved them since season 5!! Better than Nate and Juliet, although Nate and Jenny would be cool aswell. Wait so, I know some people are speculating Rufus as Gossip Girl, but then what's the deal with Kristen Bell? Or maybe at the end of the series, you see her writing - and this is her story and she's playing the part of the actual author of Gossip Girl - Cecily (something something)


One of the couples is Nate and Ivy. Have you seen the season 6 DVD sover?


Expected couples: Chair and Derena
Unexpected couples: Geogina and Jack; Nate and Ivy (I kind of liked them... at least more than Nate and Juliet... I won't mind Nate and Jenny either); Lily and William (or alone, or with a tree, just don't with Rufus! I really can't stand him!)
I don't know what the dream scene would be about, though... I keep thinking that Bart's death could be a dream (seriously, that scene was utterly ridicoulous... I get that maybe he could have killed Chuck after he saved him, but am I too optimistic in thinking that he could actually redeem himself and go to jail? If I were Chuck - but also knowing his dark "tendencies" - I would blame myself of killing him, no matter how much I hated him... Bart is still Chuck's father!), but I guess that my hopes won't be satisfied... who knows!


they reveal gg in the flashback. so all people which are in the flashback could be gg. and rufly are definitly not in the flashback. so they are not gg.
it has to be dan, or jenny, or someone else..

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