Gossip Girl Finale Spoilers: A Polarizing Twist ...

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The Gossip Girl's finale is just days away, and speculation is running rampant as to what we can expect in the closing moments of the final chapter, when the series endgame - and titular character - are revealed at last.

It sounds like there may be more surprises in store than fans are ready for.

Regarding the much-discussed flash forward, we'll catch a glimpse at no fewer than FIVE Gossip Girl couples at an undetermined point in the not-too-distant future, according to TV Line's Michael Ausiello.

Of those five pairings, "Three future couplings will surprise you. Two won’t."

Chuck and Blair Finale Photo

Amazingly, that's not even all we have to discuss right now.

There’s apparently a twist coming our way in the final 15 minutes that may polarize Gossip Girl fans even more than Season 5's infamous and controversial Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle did.

What could that entail? And what couples end the series together? Which will be the ones we expect, and which may come as a shock? The possibilities on this show are certainly plentiful.

Share your predictions in the comments below!

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@MichaelBL hahaha, God! If that happens Lilly is more a goldigger-bitch than we'd think...so it's probably.


If there's a flash forward several years into the future, then one of the unexpected couples could be Lily and Cyrus, Eleanor having sadly died.


I think they will have Blair and Dan together at the end, i mean why bother with it all last two season then have Dan turn around and want serena again. He was so mean to serena last season, why she would want him now who knows and i=kinda pathetic. ooh maybe chuck dies and blair and nate :P


I hope that it is Serena/Dan, Chuck/Blair.
I am kind of hoping for Rufly but know that won't happen, maybe the two of them end up alone.
Definitely, Nate with either Jenny, Sage or Juliet. and then Jack/Georgina.
As for the third one, who knows? Maybe it will be Lily and William- if that happens i'd be pissed


Dan is gossip girl. Watch the season 2 finale for clues.


hi guys, can someone please tell me why everyone thinks it will turn out to be a book? I get that there has to be a twist in the finale, but why this? did we have any scripts or anything else?


"mocks our superficial fantasies while satisfying them, allowing us to partake in the over-the-top pleasures of the irresponsible superrich without anxiety or guilt or moralizing." That quote explains why fans shouldn't care about Bart's death and Chuck and Blair's refusal to help him


Ok last post sorry ! On same ggwriters site, a picture of chuck and Blair next to each other with none other than lil Henry right in front of them ;)


I will kind of be annoyed if they pull some 'coma dream' crap, y'know. As much as I've disliked parts of seasons 5 and 6, acting like it never happened doesn't mean we never had to watch it. It would just mean that the story hasn't progressed at all in a whole year. If the whole series turns out to be Dan's book, I won't be too disappointed as long as they flash back out into real life again to show us what really happened. Instead of being a retcon, at least that idea of the whole series being a book is productive in some way (with regards to the fact that it would be a fulfilment of Dan's life-long aspiration).


@ lol yea i know its hard think it might happen. I realize that it may be louis child but remember we never saw the paternity test so it could still be chucks. Sure she said it was louis but who knows? OR remember just before the accident that Chuck said he would love her child as much as he loves her ( even tho it was louis). Who knows whats going to happen. I just can't wait either way!