Gossip Girl Finale Sneak Peek: Which You Wrote This?

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In another sneak peek from "New York, I Love You XOXO," Monday's Gossip Girl series finale, Serena has found the envelope Dan clandestinely gave her at the end of this week's episode, and wonders if it's legit.

What he wrote about her, that is. Does he mean it? Or is this just another ploy?

Specifically, which Dan Humphrey is he, the one who professed his undying love for her (or so it appears) in the chapter he gave Serena, or the ruthless, conniving sellout whose work ran in Vanity Fair?

Our words, not hers, but that's the implication. Do you think he's being sincere?

Follow this link to check out the first sneak peek from the series finale, featuring Nate and Sage, if you missed that, then watch Derena's exchange and tell us what you make of it below:

With the last episode just days away, Gossip Girl finale spoilers are flying left and right, raising new theories about who ends up together, a big twist at the end, and of course, who Gossip Girl is.

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Who is Gossip Girl?

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Gossip girl is Dorotha (blairs nanny or a guy.. But something tells me it could be Dorotha. What do u guys think?


@b, You're wrong chemistry between the two of them are still there, you can see in the 6x06 and 6x07 episode! In a scene in an elevator Dan almost cried when told Serena - I've always wanted only you! As Serena immediately after that! The two were still connected no matter what, because it binds friendship almost 15 years old! He will always be in her heart, and she in his, but life goes on!
@PiperHG, @Lulz, Ryan does not have to worry, she will never leave him! She has two years of thinking and decided to marry him!


@piperHG. Ryan has nothing to be worried about....have you seen him? I know you've seen Penn so.......just sayin


Penn and Blake had chemistry when they dated in real life. Once their relationship ended so did their on screen chemistry. Filming that wedding scene had to be awkward for at least one if not both of them. They had a light carefree chemistry unlike Ed and Leighton's intense raw sexual chemistry.


Incredible chemistry! I think it's also thanks to the chemistry between the two actors... Maybe Ryan has to be worried lol


Incredible chemistry between Serena and Dan still exists, it is simply fascinating to watch them together as much as they love each other! Of course it's true exactly what Dan wrote and what Serena was finally read it! Although Serena says that she is confused, but her back with Dan saying the opposite, because Dan is love of her life, and vice versa! Two of them are destined to be together at the end and it will be so!


Booooooooooring Serenate would´ve been a much better endgame


Just read on e G and Uncle Jack Bass end up together that's one surprising couple down two more to go of course the expected couples are Chair and Derena.


Who is Gossip Girl? Probably Vanessa!


Blake Lively was totally phoning that in. Someone slip her some Ritalin.