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Rats - didn't get to see him go all out for revenge.
40k thought of the day: Hatred is the Emperor's greatest gift to humanity.


The bullet is from Walter shooting Olivia last season when she was the battery to end the universes, she didn't fire it from a gun per se, but used a hastily constructed air gun; thus the tank with the pressure gauge.

I think its important to realize that Observers are human, and that we still don't understand what caused them to risk their own timeline in coming back to change ours. They could see the beginning of the universe but couldn't build a spaceship?

Either way I loved where the story went this episode even if I wondered if what happened was exactly what Windmark wanted; was he playing the long con? Still this season has really impressed me, with the risk taking. Even if it's the last season, its likely the make it or break it season for some fans; a toast to taking chances and it paying off.

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