Chicago Fire Review: Finding a Balance

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"Leaving the Station" was a more subdued episode of Chicago Fire.

There was plenty here, as always, but with a few distinct differences: first, things revolved more around Shay and Dawson on the ambulance rather than fires with the guys; and second, Mills was contemplating leaving the firehouse.

Severide Reinjures HImself

It’s about time Shay and Dawson enjoyed some screen time to themselves, but it was disappointing to see that this was merely used to carry on their current storylines without introducing anything new. Dawson is still headstrong, but her instincts are as good as ever. And Shay is still harboring feelings for Clarice; however, at least Shay is truly trying to move on with her life, and it’s good to see her try to rebuke Clarice’s advances.

Clarice is nothing but trouble. I get plenty of con artist vibes from her. She knows how to worm her way in with people, and she uses them for whatever needs or wants she has at the moment before casting them out. She’s done so with Shay once before, and she’s doing the same with her husband. Plus, Dawson is giving her plenty of glares, and that is proof enough for me that Clarice is up to no good. 

Mills’ witnessing of his first horrific event and his subsequent reaction is understandable. My brother has told me plenty of stories of decapitations, child deaths, and losses against the clock to make everything seem unworthy. If talking to someone isn’t working, then finding something that does (and isn’t dangerous) is paramount to dealing with the stress of the job. If pushing those feelings into a box is the only way to do so, then so be it.

And that reaction is the one thing Mills’ mother doesn’t want. Her goal is admirable, and her point of view is completely understandable. But why is it her decision, her right almost, to decide the path Peter wants to take in life? There’s being protective, and there’s standing in the way of her son’s dreams. If she cannot find a way to balance those two competing ideas then she needs to take a moment, step away, and find some clarity. Peter is a grown man and is starting his career.

That speech being said it’s wonderful to see everyone at the station stepping up and trying to help Mills. They’ve all bore witness to atrocity, and each has found a coping mechanism that works. It’s nice to see Casey likes to find balance and find the good in everything, and not just the bad.

Finally, tonight we found Kelly in yet another precarious position with his shoulder, and once again it was nearly ripped out of its socket on a rescue. For something that’s forever on the brink of catastrophe, why is it it’s still such a common element every week? Here’s hoping Chief Boden keeps a bigger eye on Kelly as the current path is starting to quickly run its course.


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Hannah, I was going to make a note of it in my review, but I became sidetracked as I wrote about Kelly. I think he was visiting his father.


I'm kinda suprised no one has talked about Casey visiting the grave on this episode. It had me confused.


Hated the crapola with the Canadians ....if this show goes dramedy .....I'm gone, long gone !!!


Decent show considering its on a lame commercial network and by Wed, we've watched our Pay cable shows , our AMC shows and our PBS Sunday shows.....So we gotta start slumming ....
As far as new commercial stuff, know I like Ementary better ...and Nashville would be third behind Fire........


★★★★☆TV @rechilders85 Agree on Severide's arc and Mouch and The Canadians. Lighthearted humor works really well on this show as it comes off naturally. Hallie not dieing was a relief. So as long as she comes back I'm okay. Mills was awesome as his emotions really got across. Lesson to be learned - Job isn't to save the world, it's to save the ones you can with the job. (-_')


After a few weeks into the fall season, this show emerged to me as being the best new show of the fall. I might be a little biased because I live in Chicago, and I was extra excited that the train incident happened on the same train line that I take to work everyday. The biggest annoyance that I have with this show, and it seems to be pretty much the biggest one with everyone else is Kelly's shoulder. That story arc needs to end, and it needs to happen now. It's ridiculous that he can hold on to 2 different people from falling to their deaths with that shoulder. Boden needs to either bust him or it just needs to rip out completely. I loved the bit between Mouch and the Canadians. The comedic side of this show is just enough to take some of the edge off and change up the mood.

Sarah silva

I am glad that Boden is aware of Kelly's shoulder issue BUT it did not seem to make him smarten up at all as he still was popping pills at the end, I guess Shay's other ex is into guys too and it shows that Kelly is a decent guy for calling Shay first.
I am happy we get 2 more episodes before they take a break!

Sarah silva

This was another solid episode! I really eanjoyed it.
Dawson does have good instincts but the way she goes about things, makes me wonder how she still has her job!
I felt bad for Peter but I did not think it was up to his mother to tell Boden thst she wants her son to be let go from the fire house. Yes she lost her husband but her son is a grown man and can make his own choice regarding quitting or not. I liked Casey taking the firefighters advice and showing Peter the good that can comes with the job.
I really to not want Dawson and Casey to get together.
I am sure losing money, being duped but a girl and treated unfairly by people in Canada, but being Canadian and my family was all born in the US and they all stil live there I know it is a two way street that people on power trips (the border guard that laughed at him) I know that the situation could easily have been reversed. So it was a little silly that they made Canaidans out to be bad.
I missed Hermann.
I am glad that the cheif will now keep and eye on Kelly but that did not seem to make him smarten up at all as he still was popping pills at the end, I guess Shay's other ex is into guys too and it shows that Kelly is a decent guy for calling Shay first.
I am happy we get 2 more episodes before they take a break!


@chili - I wasn't a big Casey/Hallie fan, but I do not like him with Dawson. I thought something was starting with her & Mills!? I think Casey needs to be alone for awhile.
....Sigh......gratuitous shirtless Kelly - I'll take it!! I have a feeling that shoulder will come into play Big Time - Like a life or death situation and his shoulder is going to be the deciding factor of someone living or dying! (probably Casey)


I like casey and Dawson!

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