Burn Notice Review: ... And Into The Fire

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The second hour of the Burn Notice Season 6 finale (Read my review of "You Can Run" now) certainly didn't pull any punches. If I hated Riley before, "Game Change" proved that there was more room to add some dislike. 

When Riley promised to chase Michael to the ends of the earth to get him, I didn't realize that the ends of the earth were in Miami. Did anyone else find it funny that Michael finally left the city on a boat only to be stopped by the Coast Guard he called? 

I admit that I was surprised that super agent Riley actually went to the dark side and contracted with the enemy to have Michael and the gang killed. Once I got past the shock, I realized it gave Michael the opening he needed to clear his name, especially if his “friend” CSS Agent Bly (Alex Carter) was willing to help. 

A Fallen Sam Axe

Sadly, it turned out Matt Nix did have another character death up his sleeve. While I’m thankful it wasn't Sam, I’m a little sad that it was instead Bly. It’s kind of poetic really that we last saw Bly in the season premiere, “Scorched Earth,” and he died in the season finale. 

I've like Carter’s work, from CSI as Det. Vartann to his appearances on Burn Notice. He’s a quality actor and was a lot of fun to watch play off of Donovan in this episode. With Bly being his last real option for an ally, I didn't see how Michael was going to stop Riley at all, much less be the end of the hour.

You would think after six seasons I would have a little more faith and know that the questions we had going into the hour would be answered, even if we did end up with all new questions. 

Answers Revealed: Yes, the team survived and it looks like they will be getting their names cleared, remaining Miami. 

Questioned Added: What the hell did Michael trade to save his friends? Judging by the suit and the instructions he was giving, I’m guessing that he took Cards old position and has been tasked with helping assure there are not any more rogue agents running loose. 

It’s possible he was given Olivia’s position, but either way I didn't completely understand Fiona’s reaction. Yes, I realize that he had told her he was quitting, but if the choice is “you rejoin for a year” or “your friends go to jail forever” it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. 

What do you think? What did Michael trade for everyone’s freedom?

Overall, I’m giving this 5 sharp suits out of five for an outstanding finale that put Michael back on the path to being the good guy we all know and love. See you in 2013 for Burn Notice Season 7!


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Love the episode. So glad the team lived. I understand Fiona's reaction Michael promised he was done with all this but he decided to rejoin the CIA to save his friends even though it looks like nobody likes what he did. I don't think Fiona will leave Michael but she could and if she does they'll get back together sometime later because their perfect for each other and belong together.


Fantastic BN season finale as always! Surely Fiona's reaction to Michael's news is not surprising? He has chosen to get sucked back into the vortex that is the CIA...she is devastated and feels betrayed for good reason! He made another martyr/saviour decision but not solely for them, for himself as well. Namely, he's taken the Matrix 'blue pill', he really can't see life outside the CIA, sigh. All the hard-core loyalty his team has shown...they'd rather be locked up than see Michael jumping back down the rabbit hole...grrr Michael, you frustrate us yet we love you...:)


Great but doesn't make up for the filler and plot dragging episodes.


I bet Cazry Larry comes back and Michael has to take him out I wonder if its true the next season is the last


I am concerned because of one odd thing...forever whenever Michael has returned to the CIA he still wears his lighter colored suits...today he was in not only a dark suit but one not Miami appropriate at all. I have a feeling he actually didn't take over Card or Olivia's job..I suspect he is working under the deal that Bly worked out for him and he is now CSS (whatever that is). I think Fiona was so upset because he promised her (and I might suspect there could be another reason she is so emotional....). But yeah..he traded his life for theirs and I think he was taking Sam's drugged out words to heart together with the more sober advice of mazking things right I suspect he wanted to tell her alone because he knew she either wouldn't react in front of them or one of them would try and reason with her.


Definitely. Michael has sold his soul to the CIA in exchange for the teams freedom and names to be cleared...but where does that leave the team and Michael? Michael took the deal becausebhe felt like he had no choice...or maybe he didn't. Maybe he wanted his old life back. Who knows.


I am pretty sure the CIA has proposed a deal that if michael runs things than the laws broken by his friends will be forgiven. I think Fi gave that reaction because mike acted like he had to take the deal instead of admitting he wanted to run the CIA... but I'm sure he still has some higher up the ladder... but someone as good as michael westen.. no government is going to throw him away... and I also believe it is a permanent position not just a year re-enlistment...


The seasons needs to be much longer...great finale


Judging from the suit..looks like he gave his soul back to the CIA in exchange for the teams freedom. More than likely next season will be revolved around getting himself out the hole he just dug deeper for himself. Losing Fiona and the teams trust and loyalty hes gonna have to fight to get it back. Jefferey Donovan did say there would be a huge betrayal...and we saw one. He did something he thought would make everything better but didn't. Michael is now CIA...that i can gaurantee..but at what cost? I think next season is basically Michael earning his friends back..and gettinf himself out of this hole thats so deep..and finding that life that the entire team wants...freedom. REAL FREEDOM. Not just from jail..but from the whole thing.


He took Olivias position

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Fiona: Riley gone from capturing us to killing us. What are we going do?
Michael: The only thing we can do, take the fight to her.

Michael: We can't stay here and we can't leave.
Madeline: Now you know what life with your father was like.