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Miranda had to take the night off and asked if I could step in this week and review Bones.  "The Ghost in the Machine" made me grateful for the opportunity.

It's unusual for Bones to make me tear up. The sheer gore of the corpse scenes tends to make me cringe or turn away, but it's never brought me to tears. With the show's 150th episode, it went beyond the blood, bone, and science of death and explored the heart and soul.

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The entire episode was told from the viewpoint of a deceased 14 year old boy and although it's a gimmick I generally don't enjoy, it worked here.  From the view of the crow flying over the top of the greenhouse to Booth offering his battlefield prayer, I enjoyed the alternative perspective this format offered.

The fact that the victim was a kid shook everyone, moreso now that some of them have children of their own.  Even the unshakable Brennan felt the need to hold her daughter.

Avalon, Angela's psychic friend played by Cyndi Lauper came back to visit as she spoke with Colin's spirit that just wouldn't leave. I've always liked Avalon and was happy to have her make a return appearance here. 

The most compelling part of the episode was Brennan's willingness to discuss the possibility of a soul as she explained to Angela in this Bones quote…

Brennan: It's a myth that transcends race. It is an abiding tenet of humanity. | permalink

She still pointed out that there was no evidence of an afterlife but that didn't stop her from talking to Colin's remains as though he could hear her. 

Colin's death was a horrible, stupid accident.  He was a 14 year old daredevil looking to impress his friends. As a parent, the random reality of it made my stomach turn.

When Avalon told them that dying wasn't was made Colin sad, it seemed obvious what did.  When a teenage boy goes through the trouble of making a mix tape for a girl, all he wants in the world is for her to listen to it. 

But the best scene was at the end. Watching Booth and Brennan dance to their song with their daughter was just perfect.

I've always found that Bones can run hot and cold but this was definitely one of my two favorite episodes of the season.  The other being "The Patriot in the Purgatory."  If only every Bones could be as good as these two it could be one of my favorite shows once again.


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Boy did Bones take a wrong turn. For the first time I wanted to turn it off. My husband left the room to do something else. I waited it out. I'm very disapointed with this episode. Please don't do this again. It was a mess.


It's an abiding tenet of humanity. Brennan is correct about that, and those of us who see it had -- I think -- a greater connection to this episode. I don't believe in fortune tellers, but for some reason I really like Avalon; I've been waiting for her return. It's a well known fact that becoming a parent redefines you forever. I would be disappointed if Brennan disn't display it.


This had to be the WORST epidose I have ever seen on Bones. I could hardley watch to the end. Told my husband to not even bother and erase from DVR. Stupid!!!


Bones is on my list of top five favorite TV shows and I have seen all at least once and most three and four times BUT this weeks show was the WORST there has been. I could not wait till it was over so I could delete it of my DVR and I have episodes on there I have saved for over three years. The story was OK and the actors were the normal professional but the format was (excuss me) but just stupid. Who's idea was this??


I REALLY wanted to like this ep. I felt a spurt of tears when Bren teared up in the greenhouse and booth was very sweet. After that I just kept trying to like it. I think the show would have been just as touching or more so if it had been told from the regular perspective. Bones has done dead kids before, way better than this. Bren taking the skull home was ridiculous. Surely there is protocol. And having the skull in the FBI office with the kids, over 18 or not, was beyond ridiculous. I said it before, HH seems to think viewers are going to buy whatever he's selling whether it makes sense or not or its in character or not. It's insulting. I liked that B&B have a song. Hotblooded is a throwback to another ep. But I didn't like that they only had 3 minutes together at the end.


This episode was awful. It was gimmicky and unnecessary. The forced perspective was ridiculous and got in the way of rather than enhanced the storytelling. Shaky cam is not artsy, it's lazy. Worst episode of Bones ever. Unwatchable.


I was skeptical when I read the blurb for this episode. I couldn't see how they could combine this new element with the existing format. In fact, when I read that the psychic was going to "help the spirit cross over," I thought more of Farscape than Bones.
It surprised me. I thought it was rather well-done to have it from the POV of the boy. Sure it's not their usual take, but I think that's what made it work. We got to see a different side of the characters, little moments that are usually left out of the storytelling. It was more about adding depth to the existing characters than solving a case.


I missed Cam and her boyfriend this week. That was nice from last time. I didn't mind the episode - a bit overly-sentimental but it's easy to forget that the bodies they work on were people. Even nurses talk to the patients that have died when they're working with the bodies. It's a pretty normal thing for people who work with corpses to try to keep their humanity.


Wow from all these comments complaining of getting nauseous from POV filmmaking-haven't you seen art films, avant grade, documentaries, POV style of filmmaking? The camera work in much of these films styles is "shaky" to give a more "realistic" feel. Ii made perfect sense to film the episode in this style and Bones took a bit of a risk to step away from how they always produce the show to try something "different" and "creative"! Maybe for some, they couldn't take the shaky camera movement, but to say the entire episode was awful? With so many wonderful "moments" between the characters and the remains? We got to glimpses into the characters that we don't usually see. We got to see "honest" and moving "talks" by the characters as they went about the awful task of finding out what happened to Colin. I just can't understand how some of these fans didn't "get it"!


i agree with andrea. We dont see all the moments each of these scientists spend with the remains. this episode was from the perspective of the dead boy. it wasn't an extraordinary episode, but it was still heart-touching. it wasn't an awful episode.

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