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the dropping of the red lapel i think symbolized that AC was dead to him. It will never be the same.


To say this show is better than The Sopranos is truly ghastly. Sopranos hired and fired characters at will with no consideration for the viewers tastes. In Boardwalk the only time a major character meets their demise is in a "final showdown" type scene in the season finale, and as such is painfully predictable.

This season felt like the writers were truly running out of ideas, your run of the mill psychotic mafia boss making trouble for everyone before ending up dead by the hands of his own.

Time for something new HBO.


I wasn't surprised Gyp met his demise.....I'd predicted that all along....and yes, he has been this seasons MVP....with Buscemi being a close second......

I was really hoping Richard would have killed Gillian or at least had a confrontation with her......

Of course Margaret will head back to Atlantic City, Nucky stated the truth when he said she was spoiled........

So this finale has left us wondering WHAT is going to happen next...... can't wait to hear some spoilers before it comes back next fall.......


Richard going on a one man killing spree was by far the best scene in the whole ep for me. A close second would go to Capone and Chalky and their men taking out Masseria's crew. Capone was so nonchalant about the shoot out. "Back to Chicago.", he said with such ease. I really hope that next season does not see a decline with Richard. Though he spilled a lot of blood in the process, he got Tommy to safety. I liked the ending with Nucky dropping the red flower pin onto the boardwalk. Almost seemed symbolic of the lives that crossed that boardwalk and have fallen.


Absolutely fantastic. This finale has Boardwalk jumping over the Soprano's, as best show ever. The character's this show creates, wether real or fictitious, are fantastic, and with the speed they finish them off, they have to be. Almost every episode this year, was better than most big budget Hollywood films in the theater.


The lack of comments has me worried about the future of this show. Where's the viewer/fan base? I see much more dialog for other shows reviewed on this and other sites. High production values, stiff execution. Like they're afraid to tell it like it revisionist, seen though the politically correct eyes of a 21st century writer/producer and actors.

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