Boardwalk Empire Review: Great Googly Moogly

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When Boardwalk Empire Season 3 kicked off, we were introduced to Gyp Rosetti and his brutal ways.

The finale finished much like the premiere started, as Gyp met his demise not far from where we first saw him spill blood. Indeed, "Margate Sands" brought closure to many of the storylines to which we were treated over the past few months, thanks to an array of twists and turns that made for a thrilling conclusion. 

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Finale Scene

Arnold Rothstein showed Lucky Luciano he still has a lot to learn when it comes to the world of criminal enterprise, but it looked like school will be back in session for Arnold soon enough after falling into the heavily-baited trap Nucky set for him. What a great surprise to see Mr. Means behind Melon's call to Esther Randolph. He was worth every dollar Nucky paid him this season. 

With Rothstein most likely out of the picture, look for Lucky and Meyer to resolve their differences and start in again on their aspirations. I wouldn't be surprised to see the two partner up with Nucky at some point, either. Nucky was worried he would be persona non grata after the smoke cleared... but Eli was right. All they have to do is offer the people something they want and they will be willing to look past certain things. Maybe that will be booze, maybe drugs or even entertainment in the form of Chalky's club. 

What a scene that was as Chalky and Capone squared off in the lumber yard and later on as they both got their urge to fight out of their systems by blowing away Masseria's men. 

Richard had an itch to scratch himself and made short work of the men that stood between him and Tommy. I don't think things will ever be the same between him and Julia, not after he brought his work home with him in the form of a blood-covered face. Tommy was safe, though, and that was all Richard really cared about. I just hope that doesn't mean he will finish what he tried to do back in the woods. 

Margaret faced a tough decision but appeared to have gone ahead with the abortion. I'm pretty sure the bleeding we saw was residual from the procedure and not a miscarriage. Nucky was willing to forgive her dalliance with Owen and welcome her and the children home. She turned him down initially, but I think we'll see her back in Atlantic City by next season. 

Eli and Nucky appeared to be back on good terms, but there was that moment of silence which followed as Eli asked Nucky where Margaret and the kids had gone to hide. Nucky still did not trust his brother completely at that point. 

For all the loathsome things Gillian has done, I very much enjoyed seeing how diabolical she was as she masterfully played Gyp right up until the moment he wrestled the needle away from her. In her opium-infused state, Gillian traveled back to the night Nucky delivered her to the commodore and did well to remind us that while she is one seriously disturbed woman, there were those who certainly had a hand in her troubled mental state. 

All in all it was a tremendous season that left the door open for any number of possible scenarios. The season's MVP has to go to Rosetti, who week in and week out provided the best Boardwalk Empire quotes - and tonight was no exception. What did you think? 


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All I want to know is when and if there is a 4th season!!


Anyone notice the coincidence between Margaret's storyline of educating women as to the ways of safe sex and birth control and ultimately she winds up the person whom needs the abortion. Such great writing all around. All the many paths that were paved all led to the same route at the end here, evertyhing came full circle. Rothstein is the dirtiest player in the game, Nucky provided the legal counsel that got him out of heat with the black sox scandal yet he still tried to push Nucky's buttons and steal his new distillery angle BUT Nucky is always one step ahead of AR. I'd like to see more of a connection between Chicago and AC next season, with Capone and Van Alden teaming up with Nucky. We are all left guessing as to whats to come next and that is how we know this show is one of a kind. 5 STARS


@Alex .....And your point would be? No, I wasn't the only one to say Gyp would die and NO my point wasn't that that was exciting or even cutting edge, because it wasn't because we all knew it would happen.....


Che che, i think you are forgetting that this is not a 21st century storyline. Your double standard argument has no basis in that time period. It was very rare for a wife to have an extramarital affair. That type of behavior, if met with criticism when engaged in by a man, was pretty much irredeemable for a woman. Also, BE is a period piece. Why should it be changed into a "revisionist" account of history? Also, I don't think the amount of comments on this website indicates low ratings.


I don't think the silence that followed Eli's question about Margaret and the children was intended to show Nucky still doesn't trust Eli. I think the silence was due to the subject Eli brought up; it was a sore spot for Nucky that Margaret had left him. Of all the things Nucky would hesitate to share with his brother, e.g. his plans to set up Rothstein, the fact that Margaret left him is not something that could come back to bite him. He isn't the confiding type. However, the fences are pretty much mended, or as much as they can be after an assassination attempt, in the brothers' relationship


Some of these comments are really inane. Che Che, you don't know what you're talking about and your theory that a lack of comments means the show may be dying is ludicrous. Terrie, predicting Gyp was going to die isn't really much of a prediction. Everyone saw that coming. Did you predict Owen was going to die? That would have been a bit more interesting. Which in turn takes me to disappointed's comment. Hello? Owen died and he didn't die in the finale. Sort of blows your attack out of the water.


How about the Christ imagery in that last episode! Gyp standing as if he's being crucified while he holds his belt for Gillian. Gillian as Mary Magdalen. Gyp betrayed (stabbed actually) by one of his desciples. Was he praying to his God as he sang about Googly Eyes?


Nucky forgive her dalliance?? I know what you're thinking, "two wrongs don't make a right." But in this case, Nucky broke the marriage vows, Margaret owes him nothing. For him to have the audacity (and you the reviewer) to forgive her is laughable and the double-standard women vs. men are held to in a relationship.


nucky has always worn the red carnation. it's his signature. he droppped it because he doesn't want to be recognizable anymore. he said as much to eli after gyp was killed.

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