Blue Bloods Review: Hey Cowboy

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All the Reagan men got to play a little cowboy on the latest Blue Bloods as New York City resembled a bit of the wild west in "Secrets and Lies"

The moment Henry told Frank he had plenty of cash for his outing I knew where we were headed.  It didn't surprise me a bit that Henry fought back when he got mugged, even though it wasn't the smartest response. The guy looked like a junkie and held a very large gun.  But Frank was right. Putting up a fight is simply in Henry's DNA.

Jamie Gets Serious

Jamie was already shaken by the news but watching that surveillance tape definitely sent him over the edge. That he ditched his partner and chased down the suspect wasn't a surprise but what was up with that crazy jump from the rooftop?  The other guy already failed to make it and was dangling by his fingertips.  What on earth would make Jamie think he could do any better and why risk it?

Henry said he would have let the scumbag fall. I have no doubt that's true.  And I could easily picture Danny taking his time as he walked back down to the ground level to see if the guy was still holding on.  But Jamie's the one with the conscience and even his wasn't so clear as he explained in this Blue Bloods quote

 I came this close to letting him take a nose dive. And a part of me is still wishing I hadn't reeled him in. | permalink

Danny did his own cowboy impersonation as he chased down an armed suspect in a parking garage.  Out of all those cops, why was Danny the only one following the suspect?

Lucky for him he had a cow girl backing him up. If it weren't for his new partner, Danny's story would have ended in that garage.

The one thing that struck me about the massage parlor murder was how Danny interrogated the priest about the victim's final confession.  Danny's Catholic.  He had to know that the good Father wasn't going to reveal anything that was said during that confession.

But my favorite guest appearance was Casper the friendly phone psychic.  Watching Danny's reaction as Casper explained how he brought softness to the world through his work at the Psychic Light was very funny. It got even better when he told the detective not to be a hater.  Maybe some of Kate's special tea could have helped.

Even Frank went a little rogue this week as he took a tip from a mob attorney that led to several arrests. I only wondered how Erin would handle it in court if the origins of the tip were called into question.

The Reagan family dinner was at its finest when Frank told Jamie he would have given him a weeks suspension instead of just three days.  But Jamie's the one who has to figure out if he needs vengeance or justice. In this case I believe it was a little bit of both.

Secrets and Lies Review

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