90210 Midseason Report Card: B

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90210 celebrated a milestone toward the end of 2012, hitting its 100th episode right before its extended holiday hiatus.

So what better time to evaluate The CW drama? On the heels of our Big Bang Theory Report Card and Vampire Diaries Report Card, we evaluate the lives of Naomi, Silver and company below and then ask readers to weigh in:

What grade would you give 90210 Season 5 so far?

90210 Cast Celebration

Best Character: Naomi. There is never a character as “on” and as entertaining as Naomi Clark. She keeps the spark alive on the show. As all the others waver between crappy plotlines and shining moments, but Naomi always holds true.

Worst Character: Navid. He has been nothing but a pain in the ass and a life-ruiner this season. He’s jealous, impulsive and a complete 180 from the sweet caring guy we first met. I can only hope that his recent apology will remain steadfast.

Best Episode: "902-100!" I can’t believe we made it 100 episodes in Beverly Hills. It was great to go back and revisit who everyone was in high school because it gave them all a reality check. Were they living their dreams? Have they changed for the better? Naomi’s apology speech was the best.

Worst Episode: "The Sea Change." Why was this the worst episode of 90210 season five? I can simply refer to the part where Vanessa fake plummeted to her death from the balcony. That was some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen.

Biggest WTF moment: Liam’s crazy bodyguard kidnapping him. And we thought Vanessa was an insane bitch! She got a full large tattoo of him on her back and currently has him tied up in a basement.

Most Obvious Reveal: Alec was in love with Max. We all knew he was obsessed with Max, it was just a question of “does he want to be Max or does he want to be with Max?"

Hopes for 2013: I hope Liam gets rescued! I want the writers to give Annie and Riley a real chance, but if that doesn’t happen then I want her back with Liam. Hopefully, Naomi can save her marriage, Dixon and Ade can get some better storylines and Silver can get pregnant from a random sperm donor who isn’t going to take her to court before the baby is even conceived!

Overall Grade: B.

YOUR turn, 90210 Fanatics: What grade would you give Season 5 so far?


- Best Character: none
- Worst Character: Liam
- Best Episode: Hate 2 Love (not the best but still ok)
- Worst Episode: 902-100! It was just a waste of my time. Denise Richards and Carmen Electra's characters are pointless. Same goes to Jasper and Emily.
- Biggest WTF moment: Liam being surrounded by crazy & mentally-ill chicks. Like, really?
- Most Obvious Reveal: Max-Alec. oh cmon, we're not that 'slow'.
- Hopes for 2013: This show to end in 2013.
- Overall Grade: B- (still much better than Season 4)

Michael b

Best Character: Naomi! She has really become my favorite on the show.
Worst Character: Riley. Don't like him.
Best Episode: The Things We Do For Love. I thought it was great with the drama.
Worst Episode: The Con
Biggest WTF moment: When Taylor didn't want to be with Ade anymore!
Most Obvious Reveal: Vanessa being alive, duh!
Hopes for 2013: I hope Annie is the one who gets shot. I hope Riley dies with the operation. I hope Sean Faris joins the cast as a love interest for Naomi. I hope Silver does get pregnant. I hope Navid and Adriana get back together. I hope that Dustin Milligan guest stars. And I hope that Harry (Rob Estes) will make an appearance. What do ya'll think of my hopes? Overall, I give this season a B+

Sarah silva

I agree with the B rating but I would say B+. I am sure Liam will get rescued. I too want Riley and Annie to have a real chance. Eventhough in the end I think I want her with Liam but I do really like Silver and Liam as a couple too!
I knew Alec was in love with Max, eventhough it may be another lie that Alec tells...but we will see!


I would always say that Naomi clark is what makes this show!!annalynne is amazing..in S1 my fave character was silver,now I can't stand her..I LOVE RILEY and ANNIE I hope the writers don't mess this one up.am so over liam and his stalker..


I would like to see Adrianna and Dixon reconcile and reunite at some point, they need to work on their relationship first though. All they fought about was music, if they can get past that and he can forgive her cheating, I think they have the capability of being a stable couple.


Annie and Riley's romance, and Liam's hilarious track record with crazy women. LOL. Much better than season 4! I hope the fans are giving this season a chance!


Great review. I agree with a lot of it, except I enjoyed The Sea Change quite a bit. That moment with Annie/Dixon and Maxomi were the positives for me. Navid: He's just better with Adrianna. Silver has turned that boy into a hot, pathetic mess. With Ade, he was charming and endearing. People loved him. It's just awful what they've done with the character. Dixon: Keep JParker Kennedy on the show. Their scenes make up for all the boring Dixanna garbage. Plus having three Jessicas on the show? Kinda amazing. LOL. Naomi: Fix Max please. Fix the marriage please. Just fix everything so Naomi can have a happy ending for once! Silver: I enjoy the Silver/Teddy dynamic and am intrigued concerning if she'll actually get pregnant. Adrianna: This poor character....LOL. She needs a family storyline. I always thought her backstory was the most interesting. I'd like Navid to be involved to maybe repair his image. Her and Dixon need to stay apart. Besides the out of nowhere blog, I like Annie's storylines. I also have no problem with Liam either.....his bad decisionmaking is hilarious! Much better than season 4! I hope the fans are giving this season a real chance!

Spindae 2o

hmmm! This season really improved from S4! and I hope they will continue this way.
Best Character: hmmm somewhere between Naomi and Silver. I like the deep way where Silver is going, Jessica really pulls of the story! Naomi on the other hand is a real delight! Can't believe how great she and Max are! and the Alec story is quite interesting.
Worst character: between Navid and Dixon! I never bothered for Navid but the few eps where he was really Evil I liked him! I don't know why they went back. Dixon is such a brat! Can't believe they didn't killed him off. the only good thing is Jessica Parker Kennedy who stuck on the show!
Best Ep: 902-100 : the recurrings and everything made it a great ep. it opened a new chapter for all the characters.
Worst ep: The Con.
Biggest WTF moment and Obivious reveal! Just change Ur's and mine.
Hopes: Rannie to continue. Dixon to depart. Silver getting some new heat and more of LoveAndFun Naomi!


I agree completely with the entire report. However, I thought the most obvious reveal was Vanessa being alive. That was hands down a "when is she coming back?" moment.

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