Who is Gossip Girl? Share Your Theories!

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The synopsis for the December 17 Gossip Girl series finale has been released by the CW. On that date, we will finally learn the "endgame" for Chair and the rest of the characters ... as well as who GG really is.

The series swan song, "New York, I Love You XOXO," begins with the cast members and executive producers bidding farewell to the Upper East Side in a look back at the show’s many unforgettable moments.

Then, in the second half of the two-hour event, "in a fashionable farewell to remember, our favorite Upper East Siders join forces for one last soiree, and the shocking identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed."

J the Queen

Who is she/he? That question will finally be answered after six seasons. According to E! Online, "we found out who Gossip Girl is and we have. So. Many. Emotions. It's great. And even kind of makes sense."

What do you make of that? The options are certainly abundant, especially with guest stars aplenty back for the much-anticipated sendoff. We are all Gossip Girl ... but at the same time, there can be only one.

Share your theories in the comments and vote below: Who's Gossip Girl?

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Sixth, Here's additional theory, in May, I carefully looked at the scene from episode 5x22, when masses of people out in front of Serena. I stopped and let a picture frame by frame, and there you can see a person who is a man, wearing a sweatshirt similar as in the picture and it seems like he's hiding something (laptop?) under sweatshirt! Male is not like any Dan or at Nate, but looks like a guy that brought drugs to Serena into the train! Seven, I now have an additional theory that in addition to Lily and Alison, maybe GG is Demjan or Vanessa? I know it's a stretch for Vanessa, but only she knew (except Jenny and Alison) that Dan is in love with Serena since 2005! Because Vanessa steal Dan’s story who he wrote about Serena, it's the same story in 6x05 episode when Serena took to read and she ran into Nate who sent by Chuck to check the pictures! About Demjen not much to say, he's a drug dealer, Serena met him at boarding school, and he might wants to take revenge on Nate and Dan, but it is interesting that the only Demjan knew exactly where Serena is located at the beginning of season 6! Eight, Lily never loved Bart, she married him only for the money, that she said to Rufus before the wedding with Bart! For Lily love of her life was and still is only Rufus and vice versa! Exactly Lily is a bad mother, but she would never hurt Serena! Therefore, the question remains, whoever is GG, why does do it, which is a reason that has become a GG?


Fifth, I do not agree with your theory that Dan wants to destroy Serena and others! Suppose he wants, but why, it must be a reason? Dan has always wanted to be like Chuck, and that Chuck would be his best friend, and when that failed for various reasons, Dan is satisfied that his best friend will be Nate, who is a oddly Chuck's best friend! Because Dan wants to be as powerful as Chuck, to be respect and appreciate as Chuck, and then when that achieve Dan wants that next to him is the love of his life - Serena! Dan believes that the what he is now he does not deserve Serena, and just it is a opposite, Serena loves exactly like this Dan! Of course, everything in the UES revolves around the power and women! Sixth, Here's additional theory, in May, I carefully looked at the scene from episode 5x22, when masses of people out in front of Serena. I stopped and let a picture frame by frame, and there you can see a person who is a man, wearing a sweatshirt similar as in the picture and it seems like he's hiding something (laptop?) under sweatshirt! Male is not like any Dan or at Nate, but looks like a guy that brought drugs to Serena into the train!


@Liana, Sorry about your name! First, I love Serena, but of course as you know I am a big fan of Serena and Dan. Second, yes Serena has problems with her father, and it is true that she can be fierce as then with Rufus, but who is calmed down Serena and turned around for 180 degrees with just one phone call - none other than the love of her life Dan! Third, the reason why would Nate might be GG is only that he never sent any gossip! You're right that when Nate communicated with GG, he could not be in two different places at the same time! Fourth, Dan is not heartless, but you have to understand why he wrote that chapter about Rufus. Dan was surprised and shocked when he saw Rufus in a clinch with Ivy, it was so severe for him as if a part of his life crashed! And he was alone, he could not go to see Serena and talk to her as it did in the past, so he sat down and wrote a fiercely chapter on Rufus!


I dont think Dan is GG. TV shows are always like this...they'd like to point u in ONE direction while secretly trying to shock u with another....so the more blatant it is that Dan MIGHT be GG, the more it's not. I think Dan's plan is to fish out the REAL GG. That's why he's gritting his teeth into all these. He will be the one that FIND out who's the real GG cos he thinks GG is the one that ruined all of them. So his vendetta is against GG. I still hope Derena will happen.


Okay, now I kinda disagree with Lilly being GG. How can you explain why the letters she sent Rufus ended up on the blog? At that time she was trying to patch things up with Bart, so why would she ever let anything like that get out? Especially due to the fact that it is 100% preventable if she owns the blog. And also Serena snorting cocaine?( yeah we all know it was Juliet, but the picture was sent it saying that it was Serena. And the Gossip Girl post came out saying it was Serena as well). We all know Lily isn't the best mother, but she would never let something like that, something that would ruin her reputation and her child's future be on her blog. So I guess my pick is Dan with Bart as a possible but unlikely fallback.


And about the footage from Diana, it is obvious that its a man. Or maybe a thin woman who's 6'0 tall and broad shoulders. Even at its bad angle you can tell that its a man! @ Marco you are right! He did say he had a plan! But gossip girl is unpredictable; that's why we have theories, right? What if his plan, his last chapter is about exposing Gossip girl?( Or it could be about him being Gossip Girl). I still feel like he has some knowledge on Gossip Girl. And he did seemed obsessed like Gatsby over Serena for like years before they went out. But ultimately he is not the only possibility, my fallbacks are Lily and Bart. Like @Zoran said, they probably hired people- or maybe a conjunction of people


And as to why would Dan do that? I'm still thinking to my theory that he wants to destroy them. Yes I know he wants to be as powerful as Chuck, but that is NOT at all a reason for him to not destroy everyone else. I really don't know why he wrote good about Chuck and not everyone else, but if there's anything that Chuck loves most-besides Blair- its an evil genius. What do you think would happen if Chuck finds out about Dan? I don't think he would be mad. Shocked yes, but most definitely not mad. Actually I think he would be awe-struck, thus helping Dan achieve his power.


And another point I want to get through to. If Dan can write about Rufus and Ivy and not have any sort of remorse, what makes you believe he has never done something like this before? Like why write about your Dad for the Spectator. I personally would never throw my parents under the bus especially since they are as kind a loving as Rufus. If Dan can write about his Dad like that, what make you think he can not do it again? And what makes you think he cant write about his half brother who he cares way less about then Rufus, and Jenny. Remember at the time where Jenny's Gossip Girl posting were at it height, she was going a bit crazy and Dan kept telling Rufus to do something about her actions because she is "getting out of control"


And I looked back at the previous postings and I've found your theories. I think as of right now Lily is most definitely a possibility to be Gossip Girl. And I really doubt Alison and Nate. For starters, Alison is not in the last episode. Now you do have some good points with Nate, but how do you explain him Iming and messaging Gossip Girl and getting so quick a response in Season 5? And he was practically glued to Lola the whole time when finding Gossip Girl.


wow @ Zoran you do have some points there! And its Liana btw,I really don't know how I got those typos. First and foremost let me start by telling you that I do not hate Dan! The person who I dislike the most is Serena! But I do not ultimately hate her. I just find her selfish and naive at times, and I feel like she can become a better friend to Blair( especially because Blair would never do some of the things that Serena did to her, even in spite.) And she seems to put herself in front of others a lot of time-like remember the time when her father came back to town? She immediately listened to her father who basically abandoned her at 4, and left Rufus feeling down.