Who is Gossip Girl? Share Your Theories!

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The synopsis for the December 17 Gossip Girl series finale has been released by the CW. On that date, we will finally learn the "endgame" for Chair and the rest of the characters ... as well as who GG really is.

The series swan song, "New York, I Love You XOXO," begins with the cast members and executive producers bidding farewell to the Upper East Side in a look back at the show’s many unforgettable moments.

Then, in the second half of the two-hour event, "in a fashionable farewell to remember, our favorite Upper East Siders join forces for one last soiree, and the shocking identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed."

J the Queen

Who is she/he? That question will finally be answered after six seasons. According to E! Online, "we found out who Gossip Girl is and we have. So. Many. Emotions. It's great. And even kind of makes sense."

What do you make of that? The options are certainly abundant, especially with guest stars aplenty back for the much-anticipated sendoff. We are all Gossip Girl ... but at the same time, there can be only one.

Share your theories in the comments and vote below: Who's Gossip Girl?

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Now I do not know if all this what happened to Dan in the episode 6x08 was setup that Bart caught in the a trap? It is interesting that Nate now with his fist strikes Dan, not when Dan published a chapter on Nate, and all this in front of Bart, who immediately approached Dan to draw him to his side! Maybe it is not everything presented, when Dan and Chuck and others have agreed to make a trap for Bart! We saw pictures in the next episode, Dan and Bart will connect, and I hope that Dan will not lose his soul, and he will at some point decide to help Chuck! I do not think that Dan in the last chapter would write that he is GG, more likely chapter will be a kind of Dan’s memorandum of itself, Serena and to all of them!


@Liana, I will repeat Dan is not GG, otherwise Serena will never forgive him! Great you remembered when Dan, Chuck and Nate ride a bus to school, and it is clear that Dan was a complete outsider then, and how much he wanted to be friend with Chuck and Nate! But my point is that Dan wants to be as powerful as Chuck, in fact, rather like Bart, because the plan referred to by Dan is likely to emerge in the season 2 when Dan wrote the story of Bart, and spent some time with him, learning from Bart how to run the business! Then Chuck got angry with Bart because Bart has paid more attention to Dan than to his son!


Dan would make the most sense, he's the first to enter when Nate/Serena lures GG to the bar in season 2 finale, and says he followed them,.not that he got a text from GG. He is a writer. But since he's the'insider' it's too obvious. the Dorota- theory is hilarious but beneath her. Rufus would be legit but kind of weird. I'd love for Bart to be Gossip Girl lol but they say he dies earlier. Blair/serena - nah. Lot of clues towards Blair, but that would just be awfully dull Eric/Jenny - i'd be okay with it but these are a bit too obvious also. Rather Eric, then, he said himself he's always eavesdropping on serena Nate - I always thought Nate was GG. It was perfect in so many ways.The show has been giving us clues that it's not him however, like him texting with gossip girl and he's said to be the one who finds out who GG is. Chuck - this would just be the most pathetic and desperate thing a show has ever done


@ Fenn Gossip Girl was never pointed at Dan. Almost everyone I've talked to about this topic points it to either Ivy or Dorota. @ Zoran also Kristen Bell is actually guest starring in the finale! I'm thinking that she is probably a main contributor to the Gossip Girl blog. Because obviously the real Gossip Girl could not be able to write everything at all times. And also I love Derena. That's the only way I can tolerate Serena. Idk I just feel like she wasnt completely there for Blair when she was getting a divorce! If the tables were turned Blair would of used her brilliant little mind and would get the problem solved in no time. I think Serena shows that she is not like Lily in the fact that she picks men just for money. Which is what I love. And also they look soo cute together!


@Zoran And the drug dealer thing can be a coincidence but look at the clues. The drug dealer was SENT in to do a task for Damien. Maybe GG payed( or blackmailed) someone to go inside and get them the laptop. Because it could of been too risky for them to just show up like that. From my knowledge of movies whenever youre about to steal something or break in you wear all black. @Guest1123 Blair can not be Gossip Girl. Why would she post about where she is when she was about to run away to the Dominican Republic on her wedding? And why would she post her own Diary on the website. It just doesnt make any sense. To me Nate's jailed father "the Captian" has a better chance at being GG than Blair.


OMG! You make so much sense @Zoran! You are right! I remember in the pilot Nate and Chuck went to school on a city bus and Dan was also on the bus. Dan was obviously trying hard to hear what Chuck and Nate were talking about and Chuck saw him and accused him of being a stalker( at that time he was a nobody so Chuck and Nate didn't know who he was). He was shocked when they talked to him and told them that he goes to the same school as them. So it does seem like he sort of admired Chuck. And also due to the fact that Chuck got Blair and can easily get anything he wants. He is also a witness of how Lily chose Bart over his father and knows that he doesn't want to lose Serena. Butttt then again that could also mean that he is gossip girl! You see Dan probably wants to go a different route! Maybe that's why hes doing the tell alls! To see how everyone reacts! Because no one can cause as much damage as Gossip Girl. And he probably wants to see a taste of how they behave when they found out that he is GG!


And this will all be answered on the finale :3 ohhh can't wait only two more weeks


Gossip girl must be agirl right? why would a male pretend to be a girl, thats loco. This lead me to belive that Blair is GG since if she wasn't then it would be Serena and thats absurd. So Blair is GG. case closed.


Lola is GG


About Demjen not much to say, he's a drug dealer, Serena met him at boarding school, and he might wants to take revenge on Nate and Dan, but it is interesting that the only Demjan knew exactly where Serena is located at the beginning of season 6! Eight, Lily never loved Bart, she married him only for the money, that she said to Rufus before the wedding with Bart! For Lily love of her life was and still is only Rufus and vice versa! Exactly Lily is a bad mother, but she would never hurt Serena! Therefore, the question remains, whoever is GG, why does do it, which is a reason that has become a GG?