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Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Best Day of Damon's Life?

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Elena knows. Stefan is aware. Fans have been discussing it in our Vampire Diaries forum and everywhere online:

It's all over for Stelena.

But Damon will hear this news for the first time on Thursday's "My Brother's Keeper." How will the man who has desired Elena for so long react? In a mature, rational, respectful manner... until Stefan comes right out and tells him to stop pretending. This is clearly the best day of Damon's life.

Watch these brothers interact over their shared love now and let the countdown begin to the 2012 Miss Mystic Falls pageant:

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That’s why most of us like Damon Careful with that "most of us" part


Regardless of what Damon has done, and still does, he still has a backbone. And, let's admit it, if you are a vampire, be a good one. Stop whining about your lost humanity. Hey, I get it, we all miss our childhood, our teenage years, our youth. But it’s gone so deal with it. That’s why most of us like Damon, or Eric, or even Lestat. Destiny dealt you your cards, it’s up to you to do the best with the hand you’ve been given.
And about Elena, I don’t see Damon running up to claim her. He made some moves on his brother’s girl, but, let’s be honest, it’s not like Elena has been a nun. If she wouldn’t have liked it…
From my point of view, I don’t expect any steamy scenes any time soon. Damon loves his brother a great deal, despite of what he does or says. But I may be wrong.

Leon alexis

Bad persons deserve bad persons!


as a human elena chose Stefan, as a vampire shes better with damon. thats all.


elena chose damon, later shes gonna be like ' oh i shouldn't have , its Stefan ' , then go back again, then regret it and pine for Damon and blablabla. this woman doesnt deserve any of these brothers !! seriously woman, be on your own now, no one needs to protect you anymore.


how come everyone is on Damon's side?????? seriously ? this guy has been hiting on his brothers gilfriend since season 1, killed or well almost killed sooo many people ( i mean Caroline, Jeremy, tried to do so with Bonnie in season 1), and yet everyone is okay by that. since when its okay to date ur brothers/ friends ex???? who does that? i see majority of viewes are okay by that, i mean 'buuuu, damon is a bad guy, i dig him more '. WELL WOMEN WERE ALWAYS IRATIONAL AND KIND OF ALWAYS FALLS FOR BAD GUYS, WHICH IS SICK IN SO MANY WAYS, BUT WELL, since elena is being a bitch i really dont mind - shes too selfish andis better off without Stefan. and yet still, you think now its going to be only Delena? elena will switch again, go back to stefan, then to damon and etc. it was fun to watch triangle for like 2 seasons, now its a bit blaaaaah. K

Dancing eyes

ofcourse the hate shifted from Caroline to Stefan lol.Is there anyone you Damon stans don't hate.srsly..Damon is allowed to kill people after getting rejected and Stefan can't even lash out at the reason of his break hypocrite much.

Leon alexis

Stefan: Elena and I broke up.
Damon:Oh,Got it. ( YEAH,MY DAYS HAVE COME!!!)
Stelena,I believe in you!!!


I think Damon is the one, who is self centred. No need to count all the good works and deeds he has done, already known. BUT when you fall in love with your brothers girl, you don't sit around, wait and hope for better times => Damon has done it! Those saying, now is the time for Damon get the girl - he was never supposed to get it, he wasn't supposed to interfer.


stefan has every right to not want to be around damon right now, or anyone, but for all those commenting sayin stefan is a ars, well you havent seen what happens before or after this scene. i mean damon wants to be pally at this point but later on, he'll be dancing around with elena, but i suppose that will be ok, because damon 'deserves it', personally i dont think elena desverves either of them. hopefully episode 8 will have more defan!!

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.


I'm not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't feed anymore.