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Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: The Best Day of Damon's Life?

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Elena knows. Stefan is aware. Fans have been discussing it in our Vampire Diaries forum and everywhere online:

It's all over for Stelena.

But Damon will hear this news for the first time on Thursday's "My Brother's Keeper." How will the man who has desired Elena for so long react? In a mature, rational, respectful manner... until Stefan comes right out and tells him to stop pretending. This is clearly the best day of Damon's life.

Watch these brothers interact over their shared love now and let the countdown begin to the 2012 Miss Mystic Falls pageant:

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Well I think its abt time Elena mourns Jenna & Alaric better coz she's gonna be single, left with a hunter brother who will go after her ass, with a best frnd dat doesn't trust her dat much again. Maybe Matt will come in handy at ds dark period while d grief lasts, but I'm pretty sure Damon won't fall for d catherine she's become. Coz he has been hurt & its abt time he shows d wrld how much he loves his brother. I'm proudly a Dalena fan

David and sabrina 2014

The previous episode was awful. This episode deserves no stars and forget the Delena fans. They may have gotten what they wanted but I mostly blame Damon for messing Elena's mind and forgetting that she's a human deep down in her body even if she's a vampire. The Stelena fans are all in shock and now the previous turning point that we've known in the past is nothing but a lie and forgotten. I agree with Caroline's ideas and she knew everything about Elena that left Stefan in shock and more heartbroken than ever. I hope that things will get fixed but this memory will be left as a scar for us Stelena fans when the Delena fans will stay happy for as long as we remember. X( =..( =O XP


woah!look at how enraged and rude ppl get over some tv characters!No wonder the characters are made to go thru weird twists and turns and say completely contradicitng things in order to maintain such passion among the fans! Anything for ratings! I wish ppl would remember its just an enjoyable tv show with actors being sincere to their roles and stop being so rude to each other.


Stefan deserves so much better.Elena can GTFO------>and Damon God he's your brother for crying out loud he became a ripper again just to save you, dude Bros over Ho es.....I'd like to see these tweens reactions idf their BF gets on with their sisters come on.It's not epic love it's selfishness...Julie Plec no just no.


luk stop treating damon as a bad guy,i dnt hop that they are going to hit it 4 a long tym coz damon luvs n cares n respects his brother more than the heifer even though stefen s regardles wit th bro i thk that for both of em familly comer first lets jst say at its the dopleganger i kno that damon z not gna do ths even if he takes her shirt off its gna b boyz nyt and guyz dnt 4get that its the luv triangle gt starts with steph n it l end with im thats ma pov.


I liked Stephan and Elena first season. But, if she wants to go be with his brother(gross) then I say let her go. But, seeing that she is so indecisive I'm
sure she'll date Damon for awhile and then be pining for Stephan.


I like Damon just not with Elena. It's a little gross to get it on with your boyfriend's brother. Especially if you just broke up with your boyfriend. I hope he turns her down and she's alone for awhile.


WOW!!! We delena fans are idiots??? Great. Thanks for the compliments... Idiot or not... we are getting what we wanted for 3 fucking season... so literally.. we dont give a damn now...LOL.


oh em ge - has anyone seen australian promo for this episode? Elena's ripping off Damon's clothes? Can't wait!


Its safe to say that elena's character is more annoying than that of matt

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.


I'm not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't feed anymore.