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With Melanie Lynskey having already appeared again on Two and a Half Men as Rose, the CBS sitcom has confirmed the impending return of another past nut job.

According to William Keck of TV Guide Magazine, April Bowlby will reprise the role of Kandi - Charlie's actress/lover and Alan's second wife - on the show's November 29 installment. Moreover, she'll be hooking up with... someone.

April Bowlby on Men

"There's definitely been an evolution for Kandi, who is now choosing who she wants to go after because she thinks she can have it all," Bowlby tells the publication.

Two and a Half Men, meanwhile, shot her mysterious bedroom scene without a studio audience present.

"We found our post-coital position and it was very quick and cozy," teases Bowlby. "When the truth comes out, I'm sure this will all blow up in everyone's faces."

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