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When I saw Lori's body gone, I thought that maybe Carl didn't shoot her and that Rick would run into her as a walker. I haven't watched it this year yet. I got caught up on a couple of shows using "On Demand" but not all of them. This is a great show.


@Fatin......that last zombie Rick killed with the bloated belly I believe we are to ascertain that that zombie dragged Lori over to where he was and ate her......remember Rick saw the drag marks.........and found the bullet Carl used to kill Lori......I am still wondering about Carol.....maybe I missed it but I didn't see a body......

Pertaining to Michonne......I think she released those zombies and killed them to reassure herself that she still had it......and obviously she still does.........was not surprised to see her leave and Andrea the love sick puppy stay........If you watched Talking saw what happens next week......

Not surprised the Governor has more secrets than we realize....a zombie daughter???? That's what the dr's experiments are all about....he's trying to figure out a cure........

I think Andrew Lincoln deserves an Emmy nomination for his performance last week and this week......hope that happens.......

Breakout star of the week.......Daryl.........


Wow another great episode.....Poor Rick he,s just losing it.....I think he thinks it,s Lori calling him.....Love Daryl hope when he and his brother meet up he doesn,t change,,,,All I say to Michonne YOU GO GIRL...Love her.Best show on tv...


Good for Daryl stepping up for "Daddy duty" I always liked him!
Rick better step up to the plate and be a Dad as well as a leader!


Had Walking Dead winning the week end over BE, Dexter and Homeland ....but then I watched my dvr of MI-5 episode ..... a runaway winner !!!!!


Watched the talking dead after the show and they for sure said that zombie ate Lori. She's dead, and not coming back.


He picked up the bullet that Carl used to kill his mom....


Does anyone know what it was the Rick picked up off the floor just prior to discovering Stomach-Zombie? The stupid AMC logo was right where Rick reached to and then when he held up whatever it was, the screen was too dark. Also, was that a hairbrush/comb on the floor, or was it a knife?

I gave up on the show last year. I'm glad I came back for this series, because these episodes have been fantastic!


Greg Nicotero actually said on the Talking Dead last night that it was indeed Lori's body that the zombie with the dystended stomach had consumed. He even mentioned that that they intentionally put pieces of hair around his mouth which I did notice when I went back to that part. So basically Rick knew this and that is why he went all crazy on the stomach part of the body because he knew that zombie had eaten his wife. Lori is dead folks-don't think Greg Nicotero would intentionally mislead us. There is a difference between remaining silent and actually saying someone is definitely DEAD. Now Carol is a different story-she better come around quick because I couldnt deal with another "Sophia" escapade and have that storyline span several episodes!


Fatin - LOVE why you want to make sure Carol is alive LMAO!!!!
Good point though :)

Daryl definitely shone this week. Who the hell was calling? I don't want to read the comics and be spoiled but for anyone challenging it, "POTS" (Plain Old Telephone Service, AKA copper wire phones) run independent of electricity. It was rotary dial too, so no electricity would have been needed to complete that call.

Wow crazy Rick.

But yes to the body count questions. I'm quite confused. I don't think Carol's dead but you're absolutely right, she can't stay dead long or it's highly implausible... unless she' IS taking care of Lori. Hmm...

I get both Michonne's and Andrea's actions. I do hope it is Michonne who gets the revenge though!

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