The Walking Dead Review: Life and Major Death

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That was certainly not what I expected would happen when I tuned in for The Walking Dead this week.

Everything seemed to be going well in both the prison and Woodbury. Glenn and Maggie were getting it on like a couple of bunny rabbits, the Governor was doing his best Tiger Woods impression, Andrea was drinking the Woodbury Kool-Aid, and even Hershel was walking and talking.

It was nice for the moment to see plenty of smiles on the characters' faces.

Yet, while the Woodbury portion was more of an extension of "Walk With Me" - with the conflicting opinions of Michonne and Andrea - the prison got another unfortunate dose of blood and death.

Can the characters ever catch a break? Is anyone really safe on this show?

Lori with a Gun

In a lot of ways, I'm surprised that two main characters were killed off (and I say two because I don't buy Carol's so-called death. We never saw it happen on a show that loves to depict every bloody detail). It just felt too soon.

I had a nagging feeling that T-Dog was going to meet his demise this episode. For a character who hasn't had a ton of lines and spent most of his time agreeing with the majority of the group on issues, as soon as he began to question Rick and voice his thoughts, I knew he was done.

Granted, his final bow-out was full of heroics - from closing the gate from the walkers and even getting Carol further to safety - before he was violently ripped apart. He definitely didn't whine or cry, so I give his character props in that regard, but at the same time, I'm not sure we ever really knew T-Dog.

Which makes me wonder, was T-Dog's death necessary?

Yes, I understand the walkers were everywhere and backup was pretty non-existent at the moment, and I even understand that with the way the world turned out, everyone's going to die at some point. But was T-Dog's death done because it would add a level of scary drama and a chance to get rid of a member for the sake of a show killing off one of its characters?

Maybe I just wish T-Dog had gotten a little more story to him before he kicked the bucket.

But I was certainly shocked and grossed out by Lori's death and the baby's birth. I never saw that coming... definitely not this season at least.

Frankly I couldn't believe what was happening at the same time Maggie was cutting into Lori's stomach. She can't die. Sure, she loses Carl all the time and cheated on her husband, but this is Rick's wife!

And to top it off, Carl had to pull the trigger on his own mother to keep her from returning as a walker. Say what you will about the acting, but as a character, for Carl to have gone through all the crazy experiences he has gone through? I'm not sure he can ever get off the dark path now. An intense moment for sure.

Poor kid.

Yet it was the heartbreaking performance by Andrew Lincoln that gut punched the show's closing moments.

Those tears and uncontrollable emotions were so raw and real that I felt for him. And even with Rick and Lori having that huge distance between them, it was evident that he still cared for her. For a guy who has been pretty stone cold, to watch him sob and collapse to the ground threw out a real vulnerability on not only Rick but the group as a whole.

What a way to end the hour.

I bet Rick won't make the mistake of letting anyone go next time.

It will be interesting to see how Rick handles the two prisoners after all this, even after Oscar saved him from the vengeful Andrew. Will Rick let them join?

And as much as I liked Merle sort of squaring off with the Governor and asking to search for Daryl, or the Governor mentioning his past (he never said his daughter was killed, did he?), the prison sequences truly overshadowed everything else.

"Killer Within" started off following something of a routine path that we've seen on this show, but by the end I was left speechless. I'm still not sure if I'm just shocked Lori is actually gone or that the show chose to go there so early, but one thing is for sure: The Walking Dead Season 3 has done a great job of sucking me in and not letting go. This is probably the most compelling season yet, and continues to have me clamoring for more and more.

What did you think? Were you shocked by the deaths? Did Carol survive? Will Rick be able to recover? What will they name the baby?


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This show is the best that I have ever seen, it is my favorite overall. The show dos tend to go toward more gruesome scenes that can be hard on the stomach for the weak. There is a LOT of blood but that just adds more appeal to the show for me. I am 14 years old, I do believe this show is appropraite for me to be able to watch, I act mature for my age and I don't take this show to litterally if I may say. I think this show is NOT appropriate for kids and tweens, I think 13 and lower is a NO. It may give nightmares and the zombies are really life-like. This show has a very good story plot and add a huge interest with the characters, there's really a character for everyone's personality. I get so much into the show that I sometimes forget it's fake. But byfar, this is the best show that I have ever seen! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Agora que a Lori morreu fica fácil dizer que já esperava, mas eu tinha um pressentimento em relação a ela que não conseguia explicar. Como em sã consciência uma mulher poderia dar a luz naquelas condições? mesmo tendo o Vet por perto?, não dá, não dá mesmo para esperar outra coisa a não ser a morte, só que eu achava que seria no parto sim, mas seria diferente, sei lá. Agora concordo, o Carl não merecia isso, ter que matar a própria mãe, mas se eu estivesse no lugar dele, somente eu poderia matá-la, nenhum outro teria este direito. O Rick, hã o Rick sou fã incondicional dele, não poderia esperar outra atitude, ele estava magoado mas a amava, mas como ele é meu herói, vai dar a volta por cima, ele é mais forte do que pensa ser. O nome do bebê, não sei, aliás eu fiquei tão chocada com o episódio que não me lembro se é menina ou menino? vou ver de novo. Beijos a todos. Hã a Carol estava esquecendo, por enquanto não morreu, estou com aquele pressentimento de novo, ai ai ai.


There is way to many commercials while the walking dead is on we want to see more of the show than advertisements there should be a limit on commercials it's on for an hour and there are 30 to 40 minutes of commercials and the rest shows the show is only on 5 minutes the the commercials are on for 10 minutes in between talk to someone about limited commercials that's a request


The final moments of this episode were absolutely fantastic. Rick's harsh exterior breaking in front of the entire group was both superb acting and heartwrenching. I never cared much for Lori the first 2 seasons, but this season I really felt for her. The terrifying moment when you realize you're about to give birth while walkers are invading your safe haven, knowing you will die while bringing new life into this world, and telling your son goodbye made me tear up. Powerful acting by all. So far, I'm really not so crazy about the whole Woodbury storyline. Andrea has a penchant for being drawn to bad guys, but seriously, is she still sick? If something seems too good to be true, it is! Wake up Andrea! Michonne is right in not trusting a soul at Woodbury, especially the governor. Are the drinks laced with something there? How did the Governor and his men know the secret that Jenner told Rick? Observation? Testing?


Lol. The last question in the review made me giggle. Serious stuff and then we talk baby names. Hmmm... we don't even know if it's a girl or a boy. Poor Rick. Poorer future Rick if he raises the kid and the kid grows up to look like Shane. Sheesh, just thinking about the possibility makes me want to punch somebody in the face. I don't know if it's just me but I was really disturbed that Carl was there when her mom was trying to give birth. I mean, he's still the son. I don't get why Maggie didn't just shoot Lori. Carl had to do it! He's the kid! Or did I miss something there? Dayum, this show is unafraid to kill off main characters. I like it. Refreshing in a tv show. I do believe Carol's still alive, though. I really wish they won't kill Daryl.


Amazingly powerful episode! The feeling of threat in the prison was relentless, only to be surpassed by the loss of T-Dog and Lori at the end. There is no cheating in this show. The danger is real. I do believe they are living in the Zombie Apocalypse.


the worst thing of earth is for poor carl,who in the world will kills his/her own mother!!!but he has no choice!!poor boy lost his mom and poor baby too!!poor rick too!!haixx!!wat a sad episode!!fucking stupid producer & writer they keep killing the main character!!stupid insane black guy too,oh!!!!!so angry,most importantly damn dat freakish governor!!!!!!!!!


★★★★★TV Wow !!!


I guess i drop this series now. The show is all about making people miserable. They dont get any slack, there is no progress just degradation of both their bodies and souls. If i wanted to see assholes who behave like this i would visit my nearest smack junky. There is nothing positive that will ever happen to any of the characters. So im gonna drop it now. Its gotten to a point where i ask myself. " Am i positivly entertained? Do i care about the characters?" The answer is No. BSG did it right, you didnt know if things gonna turn out to the best or worse. That kept me wanting for more, here i know its all gonna be bad.


Oops sorry for the continuation, didn't see the word limit, perhaps I shouldn't ramble :-) Just wanted to add about Daryl that I thought there might have been a little more reaction from him at finding Carol's scarf seeing as they have been close for a long time even though he is very closed off. Perhaps we'll see more next episode, I don't believe Carol is dead, at least I hope not! I'll miss T-Dog he had a great calm, stoic, dependable presence it's a shame he couldn't have been subtly rewritten to bring him more to the forefront before losing him, but what a way to go. Loved the whole episode Woodbury scenes were great too but this episode belonged to the prison.

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