The Voice Results: Who Made the Top 6?

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On the heels of another entertaining performance show Monday night, The Voice pared its field down by two aspiring stars once more. Eight came into the night with a dream of being crowned Season 3 champion.

Only six remain right now.

Unlike the previous two weeks, where certain members of the top 12 and 10 felt somewhat over-matched by the stronger singers on the show, there were very few weak links left tonight; still, two had to go.

So who did?

The Voice Top 8

The singers living to battle another week and advancing to the top six:

  1. Team Cee Lo's Nicholas David
  2. Team Cee Lo's Trevin Hunte 
  3. Team Blake's Cassadee Pope
  4. Team Blake's Terry McDermott
  5. Team Adam's Melanie Martinez
  6. Team Adam's Amanda Brown

The singers headed home after a terrific run on The Voice:

  1. Team Cee Lo's Cody Belew
  2. Team Christina's Dez Duron

Too bad for those two fellas, but not entirely surprising. In a field so strong, and especially after Monday's performances, they were likely at the bottom along with Terry, who America has loved from the start.

Dez's elimination leaves Christina Aguilera OUT with six singers left standing. Pretty bad. Each of the other coaches will bring two singers to the final six, though Cee Lo has had the best team throughout.

Considering that he had to eliminate Amanda in a battle round before Adam stole her (a great move on Levine's part), and Cody almost pulled it out this week, it's been a great season for Coach Green.

Can one of his proteges bring home the title? Very possibly. Along with Cassadee, Trevin and Nicholas probably have the best shots to win Season 3, though the "star" power of the latter two is debatable.

At this point, no one's out of the running by any stretch of the imagination.

What did you think of tonight's results on The Voice, America? Did we get it right? Or should one of the two eliminated contestants be in the Top 6? If so, who should pack his/her bags instead? Vote:

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well done america, you just eliminated the best singer in the competition... Bam Bam Belew. I mean did you guys not watch the episodes where he sang jolene & one more try? cuz he killed those tracks. he'd still be in this if it were up to the coaches & not americans who can't recognize talent. the president isn't elected by us, he's elected by the electoral college, the people who know what they're talking about. why can't the same principle apply here? oh well, now we need either cassadee or melanie to win. come on america, do it right this time!


@Terrie Wooooooo no need to be feisty! I wasn't responding directly to your comment in particular, i was expressing my opinion and just like you, i'm standing by what i said ;)


@Kayla.....GET OVER YOURSELF......My OPINION said nothing about NOT giving Nicholas a chance......and I definitely didn't say he wasn't good. What I DID SAY was that I didn't think he'd win..........and I don't. I stand by what I said.....


Ah, well, it would be nice to know if you've made too long of a post before it all gets lost in the ether.... To finish, Terry is showing another side and has an opening. Song choice is everything for him now. He's my underdog in this competition. My preference for top four is Nicholas, Melanie, Amanda, and Terry, but my prediction for top four is Nicholas, Melanie, Cassadee and Trevin.


I hope Nicholas wins. I know exactly what a Nicholas David album would sound like, and I would definitely buy it and enjoy it. What would Trevin record? A cover album of Whitney or 'young' music like the unfortunate Usher song "Scream" he did two weeks ago? Honestly I don't know where his musical style lies, and it's not surprising since this huge talent is only 18 years old and just discovering himself. He's going to be awesome when he has both his confidence and personal style worked out. I think Melanie and Cassadee could use more work on their vocal control and style before recording albums. Melanie seems like she is just learning to put more power behind her vocal, but she's proving to be a pretty quick study. Amanda has more command and power in her voice than Trevin or Cassadee. I like her style, but she needs a great showcase song next week to show the voting public who she is. She's done amazing performances; now it's time to bring it home. Terry is doing well with some of the recent group songs and this week's song choice. He was in danger of the classic rock pidgeon hole, but he has an opening now. Song choice is everything for him this week. He sings with precision and surprising range, and he makes it look effortless. I also like his voice and style, so he's my underdog at this stage. Please have the right song at the right time. My preference for the top four at this moment is Nicholas, Amanda, Melanie, Terry. But my prediction is Nicholas, Melanie, Cassadee and Trevin.


It really disgust me to see how people won't give a Nicholas simply because he's different. Having a make over would be the absolute worst for him. The industry have way to many generic and look a like singers. If mumford ans suns have a place in the top charts being a pop folk band, i think Nicholas could make it. He's by far my favorite and i'm 23 years old.


I like Terry a lot when he sings the right song. Doing a Blake Shelton song was sooooo wrong for him! Come back strong next week!


As "soulful" as Nicholas is, I don't see him winning this. He don't have "star" power. And what the hell was that hair do last night?!?!?! Dude SERIOUSLY needs a makeover.....
I also do not see Trevin winning it. He struggles on anything but power ballads...... Christina surprised me last night with her praise of the final 8 after week upon week of making each performance about her. I'm kinda glad she won't be on next cycle. To that, I my thoughts are Adam and Blake will follow suit and won't be on next fall cycle. I like Terry a lot but depending on song choice he may be in danger next week.....My thinking is Terry or Trevin could go next week.


Cody :(
He was so great. I miss him already.


I would have preferred to see Trevin or Terry go home before Cody. I think people really underestimated Cody's voice. He takes risks with choreographies that don't always work, but he had one of the best voices in the competition and he's entertaining. Trevin has a great voice, but he has a lot of limitations (weak lower register and not very good with uptempo songs). My favorites are Amanda, Melanie and Nicholas, in that order. I completely agree with Amber H about Team Christina. She had such an awesome team coming out of the blind audition and proceeded to eliminate all of the good contestants. Jordan Pruitt and Aquile should have made it to the live rounds. Even Nellys Echo, Nathalie and Laura Vivas might have been better than her final 3, but we didn't get to see enough of them.