The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Let's Dance!

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First, the bad news: The Vampire Diaries is off next Thursday night.

Yes, in between all the killing and kissing, even the residents of Mystic Falls must celebrate Thanksgiving.

Now for the good news: we're invited to the annual Miss Mystic Falls Pageant on November 29... and following the events on "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," it's clear that two characters need to have a serious talk.

Isn't that right, Elena? Watch the official CW teaser now:

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@shadowboxerbaby because vampire diaries is supposed to be better than all the shithouse shows on cw? and now all this show is is elena whining and complaining and oscillating between damon and stefan. it's like twilight, where bella is so effing annoying. elena needs to be without a man


Even if they think it would be alright that Elena and Stefan get back together. It won't. They've ruined a beautiful love story. I watched the show for the epic lovestory and for the other storylines. Now since they've forever ruined it. I won't be watching it. I'll keep my Season's 1, 2 and 3 DVD's. That's it.


Wow, surprised to see all the negative comments - not just on this thread, but clicking through others. It's strange to me that anyone would choose to watch this show without enjoying the triangle at least a little. Yes, it's overblown and melodramatic and, in real life, I'd sit Elena down and tell her that she needs to spend some quality time on her own. But this isn't real life - and thank god. It's a guilty pleasure escape from real life where a girl is torn between two hot, compelling vampires. Granted, I'm about ten years too old to be the target audience for this show, but the triangle is why I tune in every week. I love the mythology and the supporting characters, but in the end, this is a show about Damon, Stefan, and Elena. The Delena foreshadowing in particular has been insanely heavy since the beginning and I wouldn't be watching at all if I had no interest in following those breadcrumbs. Where's the fun in letting all that ridiculously amazing chemistry go to waste? I will agree that I hope Elena and Damon take it slow. From a storytelling perspective, the faster they get together, the less likely they are to last beyond a few episodes. Yes, I prefer Delena to Stelena, but I'm fine with whoever she ends up with - as long the writers do justice to both relationships. Damon finally getting the girl is interesting. Damon as a boyfriend for once, trying to live up to someone's expectations when he's clearly told Elena that he hates expectations - that's more interesting. I hope we get to explore the shades of his strengths and many weaknesses in that regard. Based on the writing so far this season, I'm feeling optimistic. All of this being said, yes, by all means, more Klaus, please. :-)

Little bit

Seriously am I the only one who thinks she needs to be on her own for a while? No, you aren't. If this show did things in a realistic way and it wasn't just all about the love triangle (Plec's words, not mine. She said in many interviews that Vampire Diaries is about Elena's love triangle with the Salvatores which is funny because in Season 1 Plec and Williamsomn both said- and many times too!- that "this show won't be like all these others shows where it'a all about love triangles, no this show will focus on the city of Mystic Falls and its secrets, the love triangle will be marginal!")she would figure things out on her own. I want to hope Elena isn't just going to date Damon immediately right after breaking up with Stefan but I saw a photo of Damon and Elena dancing together all alone... (wow, Damon really doesn't lose time, does he?) Of course it might be a trick as usual.


Seriously am I the only one who thinks she needs to be on her own for a while? She is seriously never on her own. She should get Caroline to help her be a vampire and actually figure out some shit on her own. She's like swifty with all her boy drama


@Fruit Salad, LOL Word!


I'm so glad that Delena relationship is finally going somewhere, I mean, it wouldn't make sense to just tease the viewers, we are now hopefully gonna get some action!! :D


I am above and beyond disgusted *smh* Maybe Plec should stake Stefan for eternity so we know this is really the Damon and Elena Diaries. Damon is a complete disgrace to brotherhood while Elena is a complete train wreck.


DELENA DELENA DELENA! We've been waitin for so long!


finally delena will happen

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.


I'm not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't feed anymore.