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The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Let's Dance!

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First, the bad news: The Vampire Diaries is off next Thursday night.

Yes, in between all the killing and kissing, even the residents of Mystic Falls must celebrate Thanksgiving.

Now for the good news: we're invited to the annual Miss Mystic Falls Pageant on November 29... and following the events on "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," it's clear that two characters need to have a serious talk.

Isn't that right, Elena? Watch the official CW teaser now:

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David and sabrina 2014

No matter how tough things get in the show,love and friendship should never fall apart. I can't wait to see what else happens throughout the season. =]


I hate how everyone is saying how stefan has never done anything good for his brother! um hello!! are we watching the same show here?1 how many times has stefan saved his life he even gave up elena and left with klaus to save damons life! and damon has done alot for stefan too. No matter how they say the feel about each other at the end of the day they come through for each other, Elenas the problem here, she doesn't deserve either one of them they can both do better.


Some of y'all are so far up Stefan's ass. I've seen so many people bash Damon and praise Stefan like he's the best thing next to the freaking Internet. Damon has done absolutely nothing wrong in this season so far. In fact, he's been doing what he always does. Saving Elena, keeping the others safe from psycho killers who come to town etc. Elena has been the one getting on my nerves with the way she flip flops between the Salvatore brothers. She doesn't deserve either of them tbh. I'd really wish Plec would focus less on the love triangle and explore Klaroline. Give Damon and Stefan other love interests. Honestly, just so sick and tired of Elena. She was a bore as a human. Didn't change when she became a vampire. She should have remained dead.


Would it just be TOO CREEPY if they shared?;)


I just hate how people talk about Damon.
This season so far he has nothing done to betraye his brother ( ummm can´t say the same about stefan) and I really don´t know why people keep hating one of the brothers
For the first 3 seasons it was Stelena and know the producers are exploring delena so...whats the big deal....why is everbody hating so much.
I think it is rather stupid with all the fan hate and the different ships.
you all love the show..great. you are in for team Delena...great. you are for stelena..great.
just be peaceful


@ MIss GG and V
Yeap indeed im also fed up with love triangles i adore instead Klaroline and more interested in this relationship :)Im also disgusted with Elena's behavoiur she should be all alone!! Poor Stefan and Damon ;/


I love me some Damon Salvatore and i hate Elena playing with his "emotions" all the time i hope he just have hot amazing vampire sex gets over her and then she is the one ignoring Stefan and pinning after Damon change the tables. I wonder what will become of Elena's brother as a hunter and she a vampire that is interesting and seeing he doesn't like Damon hmmmm don't you think he'll be first target. Bonnie needs to beat the crap out of that man he is deceiving her and I am glad the hunter is dead he is heartless. I also can't wait to see Aprils part in this as well as i want The Original Sister wake up i like her evilness.


I really hate elena this season! Dont get me wrong i love damon and i would love to see him happy but elena isnt going to do that for him or stefan they both deserve better. I would love bonnie and damon and stefan and caroline. Stefan has sacraficed alot for elena and damon so has damon no matter what they always have each others back at the end of the day so they need to choose each other before anyone else, besides that whole good human elena loves stefan and dark vampire elena loves damon is such a cop out! Im over it, Im gonna stop watching for a while and let this whole damon/elena thing play out for a bit... Im sure when i tune back in after a couple of weeks she will be back to loving stefan. Lol


Everyones bitching about Damon. I'm mad at Stefan. Damon didnt do anything! He's in love with Elena, Stefan knows this, and so far this season Damon's kept his feelings for Elena pretty in check.
He STUCK up for Stefan!!! For crying out loud. ELENA was grabbing his hand and Damon took the high road and said their rough patch wasnt what she thought and that Stefan was doing it for her.
My god. He talked his brother up to the girl he's in love with.
And what does Stefan do in this episode? Sneer at Damon about it being the best day of his life.
Ummmmmm. Not Damons fault Elena likes him. Stefan and her talked and broke up. Damon wasnt even there! Stefans a self rightous ass. Im glad him and Elena are dunzo. Damons clearly the better brother. SHOW ME ONE TIME STEFAN EVER SAID ANYTHING NICE ABOUT DAMON.
Oh yeah, he doesnt.


There is a lot of negative comment. But I still like the show anyway. I don't care Elena go with triangle thing.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's not pretend like this isn't the best day of your life.


I'm not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't feed anymore.