The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Sired?!?

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Okay, so maybe Damon hasn't known this entire time.

At the end of last night's polarizing Vampire Diaries episode, Caroline and Stefan had an epiphany: Elena is totally sired to Damon! That explains everything!

They arrived at this conclusion, of course, just as Delena was finally coming to fruition (if you know what we mean!), leading to one very awkward conversation on next week's flashback-heavy "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street."

Watch now as Stefan tries to convince Damon of the spell he has Elena under:

Sound off, TV Fanatics: Elena being sired to Damon is...

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I saw an interview (comic con maybe) where Julie stated that a sire bond does not change your feelings toward the person your sired to, you are just loyal to that person. If that is true, then this means that Elena's feelings toward Damon are true and aren't there because they are sired. I guess we'll see what happens (:

David and sabrina 2014

I still think of the previous episode as the WORST ONE ever seen throughout the other 3 seasons. Who knows how this conversation will end up but I still want to see what happens even if this episode killed out this whole season so far. X(


I can't understand how someone can love Damon and hate Stefan and reverse. Both are good and bad in different ways. I like both. I love the way they love each other and how they forget that when comes to Elena. I don't believe in that thing with the sirebond. I think that Elena has real feelings for Damon, she loves him.
All these things happened because she really believes Stefan can't love her if she is a vampire, so she pushes him away and turns to Damon 'cause now is more like him. But Stefan can't let her go, he shouldn't do that. Elena never gave up on him, even if he tried, hard, when choose to save Damon life and lost her "the minute he left town with Klaus". Now is his turn to bring her back. I'm sorry though for Damon.
I hope that Katerine, who always has told she loves Stefan, but instead helped him secretly to save Damon's life (only us and Stefan know that), hope she finally tells Damon that she loves him. She is for Damon, not Elena.


wrong clau damon has been chosen by rose and others.i dont know why do i c that stephen is so guilty.and does not deserve the babyvamp! this episod was amazind did u guyz c klaroline i mean a happy klaus,caro get your ass off u realy boring.let delena be!!!!luv all delena shippers...


Claudia! you totally nailed this. The obstacle will create greater charge between them, if the chemistry is real - and who would doubt that. I cannot for a moment remember any sex scene with Stefan that was one tenth as hot. Stefan's chemistry with Elena is brotherly. But I love the way he was so cut up about the break up, that was part of the back ground build up to Delena sex. Looks guys, chemistry is chemistry. And when they cast TVD, they could not have predicted that Nina and Ian would have so much. we all know that scripts are to some extent are open to modification, depending on what the actors deliver....

Anna maria

God it has to be untrue! What a lame and stupid way of ruining Delena, which was perfectly believable and satisfactory without this, it was slowly built, she already had feelings for him, they were just heightened! I'm so pissed, they have to be wrong!


Ha ha - Ian looked at the camera!!! Did anyone else see that?!?!


Love the writers for the sire bond thing ....Hope the sirebond thing is true.


Just please,do not turn this show into a cheesy soap opera... :)


They are pulling a Sookie Stackhouse- it s ok. You can't have love without doubt. And you can't have them getting together with no obstacles. Damon did not know, he is not the bad guy, Matt you are overreacting there a bit. I think it is not such a bad twist.

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